Monday, April 30, 2012

No, this blog is not hosted by NASA

        ...neither am I a NASA shill. The closest I've ever been to NASA has been as accredited media, exactly as Richard Hoagland was many times (until he pissed them off so badly he was blackballed.)

Peter Uwira, who is certainly no fool, posted this on the Final Frontier FB page last Saturday:
[Y]ou know what's funny? Someone recommended a program to me with which you can check out, if sites that you visit attempt to collect data from you (as most commercial sites do). I gave it a try with Expat's blog and guess who showed up as the source of a hidden info-request to my computer: NASA! So NASA servers host Expat's private anti-Hoagland blog?
       No, that's not what it means. Here's the page content, as listed by Firefox 'View Page Info > Media':

       See that second item? It's the image of the WISE infra-red survey—currently the very first in-line image in the page. Certainly, Peter Uwira and anyone else who visits the page enters into a transaction with a NASA server. If they didn't, they couldn't see the image.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The WISE and wherefores of dark planets

Remember this?
Once again, you prove you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground.

I’d have more sympathy, but you’re too pathetic to even feel sorry for. Hopefully you didn’t reproduce.

Once again DouchePat, all you prove is how little you know about everything...

The WISE search hasn’t really even begun, will take years, and won’t even release its 1st snippett [sic] of data until April.
         That was Mike Bara, early February 2011, giving us his version of a scientific debate about the results of the WISE infra-red sky survey. Recall that the entire tottering edifice of hyperdimensional physics absolutely depends on a very large new planet being discovered in the outer reaches of the solar system.

        Well, in my opinion nothing could excuse Bara's junior high school playground debating style, but he may have had a point that it was premature, at that time, to declare that all hope of finding the missing planet was lost. John Matese and Daniel Whitmire—actual scientists instead of wannabees like Hoagland & Bara—were still betting on Tyche at that time. It took until just over a month ago for the WISE catalog to be released. NOT years, as Mike Bara confidently declared.

Image credit: JPL
 You can't prove a negative, but if that survey missed a huge planet out there in Oortville I'll eat my keyboard. Key quotes:
"The WISE catalog of the entire sky meets the mission's fundamental objective. The individual WISE exposures have been combined into an atlas of more than 18,000 images covering the sky and a catalog listing the infrared properties of more than 560 million individual objects found in the images." --NASA office

"Today, WISE delivers the fruit of 14 years of effort to the astronomical community." --Edward Wright, WISE principal investigator.
        Case closed. Hyperdimensional physics is a myth. I assume Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara will now admit they were wrong, apologize for the naughty-schoolboy language, and shut up about it. They're honest scientists—right?

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