Thursday, April 26, 2012

The WISE and wherefores of dark planets

Remember this?
Once again, you prove you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground.

I’d have more sympathy, but you’re too pathetic to even feel sorry for. Hopefully you didn’t reproduce.

Once again DouchePat, all you prove is how little you know about everything...

The WISE search hasn’t really even begun, will take years, and won’t even release its 1st snippett [sic] of data until April.
         That was Mike Bara, early February 2011, giving us his version of a scientific debate about the results of the WISE infra-red sky survey. Recall that the entire tottering edifice of hyperdimensional physics absolutely depends on a very large new planet being discovered in the outer reaches of the solar system.

        Well, in my opinion nothing could excuse Bara's junior high school playground debating style, but he may have had a point that it was premature, at that time, to declare that all hope of finding the missing planet was lost. John Matese and Daniel Whitmire—actual scientists instead of wannabees like Hoagland & Bara—were still betting on Tyche at that time. It took until just over a month ago for the WISE catalog to be released. NOT years, as Mike Bara confidently declared.

Image credit: JPL
 You can't prove a negative, but if that survey missed a huge planet out there in Oortville I'll eat my keyboard. Key quotes:
"The WISE catalog of the entire sky meets the mission's fundamental objective. The individual WISE exposures have been combined into an atlas of more than 18,000 images covering the sky and a catalog listing the infrared properties of more than 560 million individual objects found in the images." --NASA office

"Today, WISE delivers the fruit of 14 years of effort to the astronomical community." --Edward Wright, WISE principal investigator.
        Case closed. Hyperdimensional physics is a myth. I assume Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara will now admit they were wrong, apologize for the naughty-schoolboy language, and shut up about it. They're honest scientists—right?


jourget said...

Bara showcases his level of maturity in nearly every venue; it's more prominent when he's challenged, but is still apparent when he's on an even footing.

During the interminable "Road to Dark Mission" presentations, when he briefly related the Luxor in Las Vegas to Egyptian architecture, he mentioned in passing, apropros of nothing, that he didn't notice too much about the architecture because he was "pretty buzzed. I'd been drinking and gambling all night".

Part 16, about 6:05

He seems to be stuck in the juvenile "check it out, I got trashed" mentality. I knew guys like him in high school and college, and for anyone who did it often enough, mentioning that you drank a lot just to impress someone got old when you got to be about 24.

Not being a psychologist, I can't speak to Mike's personal immaturity, but I get the feeling that he wasn't the social animal in college that he gives the impression of being, and is now trying to make himself seem "cool" to adults who don't use the same yardstick. Hence the sports cars and strippers comments and the well-indexed insults. What a sad little man.

Chris Lopes said...

Bara isn't serious about any of this, that's why his debating technique never gets beyond "you're an asshole!" He knows he can't possibly defend his BS against logical arguments, so he doesn't even try. That's the diffeence between him and Hoagland. Hoagland believes he can defend even the most obvious nonsense with the brilliance that is him.

strahlungsamt said...

Was that conversation with Bara a lost Monty Python sketch? I can just picture John Cleese and Graham Chapman dressed as cleaning ladies discussing dead parrots while reading it.

I thought I heard the Looney Toons music playing in the background.

Esteban Navarro said...

11 hours ago

Update on the Enterprise Mission Venus Transit Expedition

Last night (below), I posted an urgent request for financial support from the ~40,000 Facebook "friends and fans" who freely follow our work here ....

The funds are going toward allowing Enterprise to go to Egypt early this June, to measure the "Hyperdimensional/Torsion Physics Effects" of the upcoming, LAST "Venus Transit of the Sun" ... for the next ~120 years--

Using the Pyramids as "massive torsion amplifiers" (details in my original post - below).

In just the last ~24 hours, almost $800 has beeen donated to Enterprise for this crucial expedition from those who "get it" -- an EXCELLENT beginning!

Please ... keep going!


Jiminy Oddbird said...

I tell you trolling Hoagland is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Robin Falkov: Evacuate Tokyo And All US Forces From Japan!

Robin Falkov

Evacuate Tokyo And All US Forces From Japan! (Veterans Today): ‘Tokyo Radiation Level 25 Times The F

“Well there seems to be a kind of plate glass barrier between the people and governments now, all over the world. The governments do one thing, and the people are kept in the dark. And nowhere is this more obvious than in Japan where people are now being sacrificed to the “god of nuclear pow...

Like · · Share · 5 hours ago near Albuquerque, NM

Arthur Von Delay likes this.

Seriss van Areal Are the Japanese going berserk over this? Or not so much?

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Andrew Rage Fear porn. Richard says that the radiation from Fukushima has all been mitigated with Hyper Dimensional Physics.

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Robin Falkov Andrew -- the radiation is real. This is not fear porn. Richard did not say that.

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Andrew Rage He did too, did too!!! Scroll down!!!

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Andrew Rage Ask anybody here!!!

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Robin Falkov Oooooooops!!! Just fed a troll :>(

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Andrew Rage Don't bite Dick's head off, butt ask him!!

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Hoagland 1997 Demonstration on Good Morning America

Jiminy Oddbird said...

Richard C. Hoagland FB -
Japanese Radiation

Posted by Wynne Palmer on March 26, 2011 at 10:09pm

With Richard C. Hoagland's permission, I am providing a part of an ongoing very active 90+ thread on his FB today. This is NOT the whole thread and I tried to expand all of Richard's comments. The discussion is very interesting and I learned a lot about physics today! This is how it started with a post by Richard:

"Here (attached) is a composite graphic (from the ABC network television program "Good Morning America") -- revealing an "impossible" nuclear remediation technology ... demonstrated LIVE to the entire country on network television--

In 1997!

The graphic shows two views of the SAME radiation meter -- from "before" and "after" the 1-hour, 42 minute run -- unequivocally demonstrating that HALF of the radiation from the constantly fissioning U-235--


The natural half-life of U-235 -- the same fuel that is in the Fukushima reactors -- is:

~700 MILLION years ...."

Esteban Navarro said...

I know, Misti, but I was amused, as I wanted to know how was trolling a High Troll,Anyway I did not waste more than ten minutes of my time ..: You've seen: he deletes the cuestions even if they´re not insulting or unnaceptable, and do not answer."Never a straight answer"

How do you call that sort of behavior in America? ¿Chicken?