Saturday, October 22, 2011

Elenin checklists

        For once Richard Hoagland has a certain amount of right on his side. To those who've been taunting him with "Boo, Elenin's passed us and the world didn't come to an end, there weren't even any fireworks!" he's been retorting that he never made prophecies of doom. On the contrary, he's been publicly mocking doom prophecies as "fear porn." And that is in fact perfectly true. However, his disclaimer went a little too far on FaceBOO late yesterday...

"I NEVER said "something" was going to happen!
My analysis has been TOTALLY about what the "numbers" tell us ... about what Elenin IS!"

        That's a definite lie. Many, many times he has said and written, quoting Arthur C. Clarke, "Something wonderful is coming." So here's my something-wonderful Elenin checklist:

Nothing at perihelion, 10th Sept.

Nothing at closest approach to Earth, 16th Oct.

Nothing on 20th Oct., when Hoagland proclaimed Elenin was at 90° to the Earth/Sun radius. Unless you count Linsday Lohan failing to turn up for community service. Funny how that young lady keeps popping up in connection with Hoagland's failures.

Nothing on 21st Oct., Hoagland's bullshit day just to give him a better chance of being right.

        As for "the numbers," this blog has already shown that they are completely spurious and without useful meaning. Stuart Robbins of Exposing PseudoAstronomy agrees.

The 99%

        Please, don't talk to me about the assassination of Ghaddafi, Richter scale 7 earthquakes in Tonga or announcements of the ending of a war (however much I may personally delight in the latter.) By definition, any event brought on by an astronomical phenomenon must be global in scope.

        That brings me to Hoagland's other Elenin hobby-horse, "consciousness raising." I don't really know what he means by that, but I assume it's close in meaning to "increased awareness." Here he is on FaceBOO again:

"You know VERY well I'm talking about "Occupy Wall Street" -- which BEGAN in New York City, Sunday, September 17, 2001, and has now -- in four SHORT weeks -- has spread to over 2000 CITIES around the world ... to say nothing of the countless "town, villages and hamlets" inbetween ....

EXACTLY when Elenin was 19.5 degrees to the Earth/sun line ...." (to be continued)

I hate to insert another checklist, but...

Anything going on in South America?
Anything going on in Russia?
Anything going on in China?
Anything going on in Mongolia?
Anything going on in Indonesia or Malaysia?

That's a mighty large piece of the planet, there.

        No, Richard Hoagland's motives are all too plain when you look at how that last quote continued...

"....The signficance[sic] of which, in the model, you would KNOW--

IF you "bothered" to actually SEE the "Awake and Aware" presentation ... and knew WHAT I have been saying about Elenin!

        Only $10, folks, put your money right here... ka-CHINGGGGG!!

        And this, I sincerely hope, will be the last time I write the word Elenin. Now it's on to YU55, which Hoagland lied about on C2C-AM last night (no, Richard, it's not rotating once every 19.5 hours.)

        He's a craven, money-grubbing liar.


Chris Lopes said...

That "I NEVER said "something" was going to happen!" line is a killer. He's spent that past few months saying just the opposite. Not only was he CONSTANTLY quoting that line ("something wonderful is going to happen"), he was pushing the Rendezvous With Rama idea so much, Arthur C. Clarke's estate owes him a thank you note.

The consciousness raising comet idea was a last ditch effort kind of thing, something he'd use when all else failed. In this case, it's really lame because the the bigger story of people rising up was in the Arab world before Elenin hit any of those "magic numbers" he loves so much. I mean what takes more effort, rising up against a brutal dictatorship, or expressing anger against Goldman Sachs? So yeah, it's a weak horse but Hoagland has to keep riding it to sell that presentation video.

One last thing, apparently Robin is going to NY to (among other things) offer the OWS folks "medical advice". While some of those people look dumb enough to buy homeopathic cures for Dysentery, I'm not sure offering such things without a real medical license is strictly legal.

strahlungsamt said...

Robin's site is called:


as in the right to sell any kind of homeopathic dog poo I want to without fascist pig interference from big government.

Sounds like the perfect partner for RCH.

Hopefully they will never have kids.

strahlungsamt said...

Oh God! She's an even bigger wack-job than I thought.


Chris Lopes said...

So she's anti-vaccine too. Why does that not surprise me?

strahlungsamt said...

Hey, I think Hoagland would do well to team up with Harold Camping. His second date for the Rapture just came and went like Comet Elenin leaving no trace behind.

Chris Lopes said...

Actually I think she should have the right to sell sugar pills made from "magic" water, as long as the people buying them understand that is exactly what they are getting. What I have a problem with (and perhaps so too would The State of New York) is her insistence in acting like a medical doctor when she isn't one. That kind of hubris can do serious harm.

Those non-cures she is peddling are harmless unless they are used as a substitute for real medical treatment. Which is exactly what she seems to be recommending. When you con people (by pretending to be a medical doctor) into avoiding real medicine so you can sell them placebos, you are harming them. In some states, you might actually be breaking the law.

Chris Lopes said...

Actually Hoagland has (as Expat suggests) been making fun of people like Camping. The irony is pretty rich (if you'll pardon the pun) of course, as Hoagland has no more evidence (and just as bad a track record) for his claims as Camping. That Camping finally fell silent (Hoagland claims TPTB told him to "stand down") is a sign that (unlike Hoagland) Camping knows when enough is enough. Either that, or he has a following that is less gullible than Hoagland's.

Biological_Unit said...

Robin is saying you can use Religion as a cheap excuse to get out of vaccinations for the rugrats.
She is telling people to lie! I know that vaccinations are somewhat risky, but lying is lying...

Chris Lopes said...

She's been with Hoagland for quite some time, of course she has no problem with lying. It's the magic that keeps them together.

Biological_Unit said...

I was banned from the TEM forum by that Ginger.
She told me everything I ever posted was going to be deleted! How would that even work? Many threads were going to be unreadable after this because I posted a lot!
I have trolled others as well, see the horrible and the troll who he is BAWWWING over is Me. I'm proud of it of course!

Chris Lopes said...

I tried reading that mess, but it was too incoherent for even someone who's read Hoagland's stuff to follow.

Biological_Unit said...

swArd got pissed that his retarded comments were being re-posted by schizo-mars-revealer at an extremely obscure website attached to a tiny radio station in Souf Carolina.
Bottom line, the 1000 watt radio station should have NEVER booked Mars Revealer. It amounts to Schizo-enabling.

Biological_Unit said...

I will not tolerate copy/paste posting from a blogger who puts up nothing but links!
Don't you know there is a lot of fake science being done on a deceased blogg!!


Chris Lopes said...

For those interested in Hoagland's Elenin presentation, but not willing to help him pay for a hair stylist, the presentation is now (for the moment) on YouTube. It's in 13 parts.

strahlungsamt said...

Remember that Pink Floyd poppycock from a few posts back?

When I first saw this, I thought it was a response to that.

Instead, I'm waiting for one of Hoagie's disciples to spot it and see what the Master comes up with.

Chris Lopes said...

That's a very cool cartoon. I doubt the question of what Hoagland thinks about it will ever come up though. The Venn diagram of Hoagland fans and xkcd fans is likely to be 2 separate circles with not a shared pixel between them.

Biological_Unit said...

It are fact

strahlungsamt said...

Actually, I think Camping made his money (or scammed his flock) and knew when it was time to GTFO.

Hoagland, on the other hand, is probably up to his eyeballs in debt (remember that "Spiritual Cruise" that didn't do too well?) and needs to squeeze every last drop of cash out of his failing empire to pay the bills. At least, that's the impression I get right now.
Every other "Spiritual Teacher" I can think of would be living in the Bahamas by now, living off the proceeds from his books and the odd public appearance.

Mike is OK though. He still has his fast cars and hookers in Vegas.

expat said...

Oh, was the "Crooz into 2012" a bust? I wondered about that.

Mike's finances are hard to guess. I can't imagine he made much more than fourpence three-farthings on 'The Choice,' and the 'Dark Mission' money may well be running out. He's had some medical bills lately, too.

Biological_Unit said...

Sword's lying is driving me full crazy insane!

Don't forget my favorite radio personality and future partner who can discuss just about whatever we throw at him -

SwArd will never have anything to do with Neil deGrasse Tyson, of course!

At least with our cheap to operate - yet deemed laughable by people with absolutely no creditable education in ANY science - method of orbital launch.

Ahh yes, the famous Roller Coaster launch system. This would work for solid payloads that could survive the over 9000 G acceleration. Humans? NO - Delicate Cargo? NO!

Biological_Unit said...

"Inertial Dampeners" and "Gravity Plating" exist as CONCEPTS in STAR TREK, A FICTIONAL CREATION!!

Chris Lopes said...

The true believer who posted his latest presentation on Youtube hasn't helped Hoagland's finances any. He was really pushing it before it escaped out into the wild. Every other response he gave was a link to the damn thing. Now, not so much.

The reason Hoagland can't retire like every other guru is because he's just too damn lazy to create a sizable enough body of work to retire on. In the 4 decades he's been playing this game, he's written 2 books (one with a coauthor who probably did most of the work), done a dozen or so videos (most on Youtube), created a website he hasn't done anything with in well over a year, and wasted countless hours of radio time with Art Bell and George Noory. While all that may have given him some name recognition (in the limited world of pseudo-science), it's not enough to allow him to sip rum and cokes on the beach while surrounded by topless native girls.

strahlungsamt said...

The website is another reason I think he's bankrupt. I mean, he needs to pay an artist to produce those fancy images. No pay = no more images.

(Also, what's with the f***ed up HTML? Dead links at the bottom of the page that are there since 1997 - 15 years ago???)

Also, there have been no more STUNNING CONFIRMATION images of Martian cities or Lunar colonies lately either. No more rocks that look like skulls and ancient technology. Maybe the same guy did both and hasn't been paid in a while.

Or maybe NASA got terrified and rubbed him out so he wouldn't do what the Brookings Report warned them about.

Chris Lopes said...

The dead website is a bit of a mystery. It's got the body of his "work" on it, yet he refuses to go near the thing. He can't even manage an ad for his latest bit of hokum there.

He's spent the last year or so (longer even) complaining about "guvmint hackers" keeping him from editing the thing, yet the host service is able to access it any time they change ads. So he's lying about something, we just don't know what.

Part of it may just be plain laziness. As in he just doesn't have it in him any more to write long form work. He is getting on in years after all, burn out happens to us all.

He may also be afraid of being called out on the numerous factual errors that his papers tend to contain. Keeping his material in a less accessible form (videos behind pay walls, radio interviews, and easily edited FB page posts) may be his way of preventing people like Expat from exposing him as the fraud he is. (Yeah, that worked out well didn't it?)

Or it could just be that he not only can't afford an artist (though that hasn't stopped him in the past, he's stolen graphics from other people), he can't afford (as was suggested by others) to pay his host service either. They're willing to keep his site up and running (he generates traffic for the ads they place there), but they won't let him access it. The big meanies are just part of the vast conspiracy against him.

expat said...

The free version of Awake & Aware has been ripped from Youtube for copyvio.

Chris Lopes said...

Only part 1 has been removed. The other parts are still there, and the whole thing can be found elsewhere. Hoagland will be chasing this one for as long as there is interest in it.

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expat said...

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