Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Open letter to Richard Hoagland (bcc: Mike Bara)

        On your FB page today you wrote "And, the NUMBERS associated with Elenin were overwhelmingly arificial [sic]; science is determined by NUMBERS ... not "opinion." "

         The pseudo-statistical analysis you presented at Leeds and Awake & Aware has been adequately falsified.

  1. You say the probability of a comet having any given orbital inclination is 1 in 360 divided by the inclination in degrees. What, then, is the probability of an inclination of zero? Comets with zero inclination do occur, but by your reckoning they are impossible.
  2. The probability of a comet having an orbital inclination of 360° is, by your calculation, a certainty. Why do all comets not have this inclination?
  3. What would be the actual meaning of an inclination of 360°? The same as zero degrees?
  4. You say that the probability of a comet arriving at perihelion on the anniversary of a world-shaking event is 1 in (the anniversary year.) It follows that the probability of a comet arriving at perihelion on the FIRST anniversary of a world-shaking event is 1 in 1, or a certainty. Why do all comets not arrive on first anniversaries?
  5. You will say that the repeated occurrence of the number 19.5 is a certain indication that Elenin was under intelligent control. I point out, first, that the number 195 IS NOT THE SAME as the number 19.5; and second, that we only have your word for some of those occurrences, and you have not said how they were measured.
        You are a highly unreliable source of such angular information. You lied about the latitude of the Port-au-Prince earthquake and about the longitude of the Tōhoku event. You said that the April 7th tremor proved that the original earthquake was artificially generated, because it was in the exact same place as the original seism. Everyone except you realizes that aftershocks are entirely normal after such a huge quake.

        I would have posted these observations to Facebook if you had not banned me for telling the truth.

Regards, expat


Chris Lopes said...

The Elenin statistics game Hoagie played has been pointed out by several people in several venues. Hoagland can't possibly NOT know his math is bogus by now. That means he is deliberately lying, and about an issue you'd think he'd want to be silent about.

Anonymous said...

Dick hasn't got a F**KING CLUE what he is talking about and will do ANYTHING to make "the numbers" fit with his theories - and with thousands of loyal sheep to confirm his reality, if only in his own mind, nothing else matters... as I have said time and time again, if you point out the glaring holes / errors / lies, then you are a "troll" or "a CIA disinformation agent" or you are "too dumb to get it"...

...but hey - who cares about Elenin that is [quietly forgotten] old news: we have John Carter to focus on - the TRUTH about our Martian history told 100 years ago... and then Iron Sky... and then barry's re-election... let's not focus on the past, but "stay tuned" to the future, yeah?!...

Chris Lopes said...

Given the "Charlie Foxtrot" that Elenin/YU55 turned out to be for him (even some of his fellow pseudo-science "researchers" see it as a big fail), I'd not want talk about the past either if I were him. In fact, I'd think seriously about either retiring completely the field, or turning the 4 decades of "research" into admitted fiction. The paying market for his "nonfiction" work is getting limited.

expat said...

Anon: YES, well said. I might have added to this post that his "I never said Elenin was a spaceship" on C2C was a particularly egregious example of what is generally known as A FUCKING LIE.

I thought I'd stay with "the numbers," however.

Chris Lopes said...

FYI, Hoagie will be on C2C tonight (for a few minutes) to discuss the Planetary Resources announcement. Apparently it has something to do with private companies wanting to find the artifacts that NASA won't admit exist. It will be fun to hear Hoagland speak on yet another topic (New Space) he knows nothing about.

Jiminy Oddbird said...

Actually, I don't believe that Hoagland ever did exactly say that Elenin was a "Spaceship". What he did say is that Elenin is under intelligent control.

Jiminy Oddbird said...

Richard C. Hoagland
about an hour ago

I've had a lot of private messages and e-mails over the last couple days, all asking--

"What do you REALLY want for your birthday?"

It's simple:

I want to be able to go to Egypt, the first week in June, to measure first hand the extraordinary Hyperdimensional/Torsion Field Physics of the Pyramids ... during the LAST Transit of Venus across the Sun, on June 6, 2012--

For the next ~120 YEARS!

Validating this intensely controversial Physics -- with actual, reproducible EXPERIMENTS -- is the only way we are going to, ultimately, create a better, fairer world -- as I will be describing in great detail in a new piece on Enterprise, coming soon, devoted to this incredibly rare scientific opportunity and all its many benefits.

During the first Venus Transit of this Century (in June, 2004 -- of the pair that always occur, 8 years apart, every ~120 years ...), Robin and I were only able to afford a trip to Coral Castle, located in South Florida; this ~1000 tons of piled up limestone blocks -- similar (in the Physics) to the expected "amplifying effects" of the Pyramids themselves -- was mysteriously constructed in the early 1950's by ONE man -- Ed Leedskalnin; Ed always claimed he built Coral Castle the way he did because ... he "learned the secrets of the Egyptian pyramids ..."

The stunning "torsion effects" we actually recorded at Coral Castle (below), as Venus transited ("eclipsed") the Sun ~25 MILLION miles away the morning of June 8, 2004, demonstrated overwhelmingly that a) this Physics is REAL, b) that Ed definitely "KNEW something ..." and c) that massive, piled up limestone "somehow, dramatically ENHANCES the effects of the Torsion Physics of an earth-sized planet ... crossing the disc of the Sun ... even 25 MILLION miles away!"

The next step in this "scientific process" logically involves GOING to Giza, during the next "VEnus Transit" (in early June, THIS year) to a) CONFIRM the Physics readings that we got at Coral Castle in 2004, and b) to probe the true "torsion amplifier nature" of the Pyramids themselves--

Which feed into an entirely DIFFERENT model of "why" the Pyramids were built thousands of years ago ... if not "what" their purpose REALLY was/is ....

So, we need your help.

If only ten percent (!) of the ~40,000 folks who frequent both these Facebook pages, following our research, chipped in an average of $25 each ... we could not only afford the Venus Transit Expedition to the Pyramids--

We could also afford to take a professional television camera crew with us ... to record the entire Expedition for all the REST of you! :)

Here (below) is what some of the readings of the FIRST 21st Century Venus Transit looked like, from Coral Castle.

NOTHING like these readings are even possible -- let alone reproducible -- according to ALL conventional Physics, including that of Einstein's Relativity ... AND Newton Laws!

So, please make it possible for Enterprise to finally PROVE that what we recorded 8 years ago at Coral Castle ... was really NOT a "fluke."

Please help -- and "make" my birthday.

Either donate to our "Paypal" botton on Enterprise, at--

Or, send a check to Enterprise itself:

Enterprise Mission
P.O. Boc 22008
Albuquerque, NM 87154

Thanks. :)

Jiminy Oddbird said...

Hoagland said on Coast that IF he DIDN"T get his book ADVANCE, that he might pass the hat amongst the audience.

Where did he get the money to fix his website if he didn't get the advance?

You don't suppose he's trying to double dip, do you?

Jiminy Oddbird said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris Lopes said...

The advance might have been just enough to pay his ISP bill, keep the lights on, and buy some food. His publisher may be waiting for more than an outline (a smart move I would think) from him before releasing any serious money. He's not quite on his feet yet, so he needs to beg to get to Egypt.

Chris Lopes said...

Good catch on the begging thread. :)

Anonymous said...

@Misti - in the Project Camelot library portal there is a YU55 interview with Dick who not only says Elenin/YU55 might be spaceships, but even says they may have secretly landed in the desert and it's occupants met with the president.

@Chris - Hoagie has been getting very excited about private companies venturing out into space and doing asteroid mining; he says it as if it's the end of lying governments in space and the start of a new age by corporations who'd never ever lie and would magically fix the world economy instead of exploiting space for their own profits and interests.

expat said...

Misti: In "Awake & Aware", at 09:52 in Part 5 -- "So we've got a spacecraft...."

jourget said...


Come now, surely all comets must appear on the first anniversary of SOMETHING.

For example, Giacobini-Zinner's 1998 perihelion coincided almost precisely with the one-year anniversary of Hoagland screwing up so badly on predicting that Mars Pathfinder would disappear, then reappear and land at Cydonia.

Well, within four months or so, anyway. When you're dealing with a physics this stunning, expecting precise dates is foolish. We're talking about a range here. Science!

Trekker said...

It seems some of the fans are already shelling out over and above the recommended $25.

The question now arises: what if the contributions fall far short of the cost of two round trip tickets to Cairo, meaning he and Robin can't afford to go? What does he do with the cash he's collected? Will he refund it to the donors?

Trekker said...

It seems some of the fans are already shelling out over and above the recommended $25.

The question now arises: what if the contributions fall far short of the cost of two round trip tickets to Cairo, meaning he and Robin can't afford to go? What does he do with the cash he's collected? Will he refund it to the donors?

expat said...

Of course he won't refund donor dollars if he can't use them. Did he refund subscriptions to the newsletter-that-never-was?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking that very same thing myself, Trekker.

Dick has 31,990 "fans" (he says 40,000 - but hey, we all know Dick is near enough right when it comes to numbers and calculations), and if "only" 10% of the lesser number give their $25, there's almost $80,000 right there (unless my math is as bad as Hoagies, and I've checked it on two calculators)... EIGHTY GRAND!!! To get to Egypt!!!!... WHA??!?!?

Is he planning on renting his own fighter jet to get there, or have airline luggage fees really rocketed since my last summer vacation?!... I had no idea "acutron-ometers" and measuring solar ecoplasms-n-what-not where so expensive... obviously I'm sure he and the doctor wont need fancy hotels and luxuries whilst they are there for their 2/3/4/10/20/30 day "scientific expedition" or however long it takes to get a tetrahedral tan...

Oh - I forgot, he wants to take a professional film crew along... would then all the donators get a free dvd in return for their helping hand??... Perhaps he might charge "only" $20 for it so he can go and measure something else during his next summer vacation (or discounted $19.50 for those who pre-order the new book).

It's a genuine question about the refund if the total is not reached - perhaps it is why he doesn't have a donations graphic bar so everyone can see where the pennies are stacking against a specific requested amount... although we ALL know he'll pocket the cash one way or another, in the name of "funding vital scientific research at this unique time in history and human evolution" or "compensation for decades of material given out" etc etc.

Hopefully he gets called on it during his next C2C appearance, as I doubt such a question could possibly be allowed to be publicly asked on his FB page.

And yet... if he didn't have scores of sheep who are more than willing to give away money, he wouldn't be able to pass the hat around. His mindless disciples are just as bad as Captain Enterprise - one person even commented "I have donated my $25 and thank you for letting me be a part of the research"... they give him money for a holiday AND they thank him for the chance to give it... WHA??!?!?... Madness!!!!... I'm starting to think Dick just might be a genius after all.

Anonymous said...

Actually, part of me would like him to book the trip, only to miss his flights due to being detained by Amerika's airport rubber-glove force, after his hyper-dimensional gadgets interfered with the naked radiation photobooth... that would be comedy gold I'd pay $25 to see!

(I wonder how many 'barry 2012' bumper stickers he could buy with eighty grand?!...)

Trekker said...

Good points, Anonymous. Someone should indeed call him out on it on C2C, if the funds aren't sufficient and he can't go. Holding onto it under false pretences would amount to nothing less than fraud, wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

@Trekker - morally yes, it would be "fraud" on some level (but then, Dick has hardly cared much for such things over the last few years) but as it's technically a donation for a possible trip (unless Dick says money will be used for other things), I doubt it would constitute 'legal fraud' - but I'm not a lawyer, so it would be good to know the definitive answer to the question.

The average joe might complain if he donated to a charity under a certain pretense that never came to be, but we are dealing with icon-worshipers without an independent thought between them; Dick could say he needs money for a 195 ft self-portrait painting and people would probably still donate to him.

I'd really love to see someone throw that question at him on C2C, live and without warning, as I doubt it would be asked on FB.

Even if he "only" raises $3,200 from 32,000 fans, (let alone $5k or $10k) that would probably cover flights and a few days stay, maybe - where does the rest of the money go???

Trekker said...

@Anonymous: Well, in his latest post, he's saying that donations are at 25%. I'm not sure what he means by that - I find it hard to believe it's already at 25% of your original calculation of $80,000!

Anonymous said...

@Trekker - Dick said [in his original 'birthday wish' post] he has 40,000 fans (aprox) and if only 10% gave $25, then 4,000 * 25 = $100k... or $80k if you go off 10% of 32,000 fans - but that detail aside, I wonder if he has REALLY generated $20-25k in one day already... I find this hard to believe - he has thousands of fapping sheeple, sure... but not all 32,000 fawn over him, and I doubt if 32,000-ish gave $25 straight away... let alone 20% in one day... would they??...

Perhaps he has a minimum figure in mind ($4-8k) that would cover only his cheapest-possible flight cost and a few nights in a basic hotel as bare minimum - perhaps he has 25% of this, sure, I could go with that.

I personally have NO DOUBT Dick will be in Giza for the Venus transition - whether he pays for it himself (it does NOT cost $80k to get to Egypt!), whether he gets a few grand donations and/or a sizeable chunk from his publisher as an advance (which I think is possible, considering we know the book will sell)... however unless he hits big numbers of donations it may not be luxury hotels for him and "doctor" robin [why does she need to be there again? does she have a PHD in astro-ectoplasm?] and his professional film crew.

Ironically, this will be worth "staying tuned" to - he has many loyal followers who are happy to pay for his vacation and will believe any rubbish he gives them about transitional hyper-dimensional goings-on during eclipses etc etc, but UNLESS he gets called out on the fine details of how much he wants / gets / has and uses or refunds, it's very much candy from a baby in return for whatever his sheep wanna hear...

Anonymous said...

And I don't wish to get TOO ahead of ourselves, but........ WHAT IF.......

Dick was absent from FBland for weeks on end recently because he was working on his new book, so whose to say he doesn't pocket some cash and just say he went to Giza??... Obviously, if he makes enough in donations to take a professional film crew along and there is photo/video evidence, then fair enough, but if he does not and the only "evidence" is the kind of readings he's already reported from other "hot spots" he's visited with various graphs and charts, who is to REALLY KNOW if he left the country or not?!?...

As much as I dislike Hoagland for the ego he has and contempt he treats people with and the delusions he manifests, I very much doubt even he would stoop to pretending to go........ would he?!

expat said...

Maybe his "25%" means 25% of what he thinks the trip will cost.

Chris Lopes said...

Anyway you look at it, he's playing with fire. Sure, some of the people giving him money will be satisfied knowing they were part of his research. Others may not be so forgiving if they don't see lots of pics and day to day commentary. If they think they've been taken (and they have), there may be hell to pay.

On the book thing, I still think it's vaporware, and won't believe it until I see it. I'm convinced the reason Hoagland is begging is because the publisher won't pay him any more money until there is a book to edit, a book Hoagland isn't capable of writing. ISP difficulties aside, Hoagland hasn't been able to put anything together in 2 years.

Chris Lopes said...

Update: unless I missed it, Hoagland wasn't even in the news segment of C2C last night. Did anyone hear him?

strahlungsamt said...

You guys just proved what I've been saying all along - Hoagie's broke.

How come the scientific genius who discovered a theory that debunked Einstein can't afford a cheap ticket + hotel in Egypt (I haven't looked but I'd imagine after all that Tahrir Square stuff they'd be delighted with any tourists at the moment. There's got to be some great bargains there right now).

Then again, maybe $80,000 is about as much debt as he owes the Mob. He should get into money laundering sometime. I hear a lot of Indie films get made that way. Should work for hyperdimensional cruises too.

Jiminy Oddbird said...

The copy of the letter I posted of Hoagland's begging for money was taken from his Facbook page without permission. Are we now in violation of copyright violation here, Chris?

Jiminy Oddbird said...

Richard C. Hoagland
21 hours ago
Update on the Enterprise Mission Venus Transit Expedition

Last night (below), I posted an urgent request for financial support from the ~40,000 Facebook "friends and fans" who freely follow our work here ....

The funds are going toward allowing Enterprise to go to Egypt early this June, to measure the "Hyperdimensional/Torsion Physics Effects" of the upcoming, LAST "Venus Transit of the Sun" ... for the next ~120 years--

Using the Pyramids as "massive torsion amplifiers" (details in my original post - below).

In just the last ~24 hours, almost $800 has beeen donated to Enterprise for this crucial expedition from those who "get it" -- an EXCELLENT beginning!

Please ... keep going!

For those who are not familiar with how to do this, just go to "Enterprise" and hit the Paypal button (still on the lower right of the Main Page -- just scroll WAY down ...).

If you want to send a check instead, please make it payable to:

The Enterprise Mission

P.O. Box 22008
Albuquerque, NM 87154

And, many, many thanks. :)

This IS "doable" ....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jiminy Oddbird said...

A friend of mine knew a chic who worked for the IRS. Her job was to drive around all day and make note of all the personalized license plates, presuming that anyone who could afford such frivolity deserves to be audited.

Considering that Hoagy's a spook, and facebook is hacked by NSA, what do you want to bet, that donors to Hoagland get audited?

Chris Lopes said...

Using Hoagland's own logic (in dealing with Dr. Wood's material), the minute he posted it on his FB page, it became public domain. So we can use any of his Web "published" material any way we wish. That seems to be his understanding of copyright law anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hoagie has received $800 - only $79,200 more to go, and I'm sure he'll reach it... just in time for the transition... in 120 years, I mean! (so much for 25% already in)

Gotta love how the only ones who "get it" are the ones who donate money - lucky for the rest of us clueless ones, we can become enlightened simply by opening our wallets (who knew it was so easy?!)... Maybe the more I donate, the more smarterer I can gets??