Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pay up or else

        As if Richard Hoagland's little corner of Facebookistan weren't entertaining enough this holiday season (see comments on the previous post here,) yesterday we got this priceless piece of pure comedy in response to somebody who asked when Moon With a View Part 7 would be forthcoming:

[W]e get many requests about this. Here is your answer. These articles have been published for free. If you want special attention focused on a particular area of research, you are welcome to fund the length of time necessary to complete the paper. Please write to if you are interested. If not, please be patient.
         The response was written by Robin Falkov the homeopathist (who also wrote, recently, "Measles does not kill" in defiance of extremely well-established medical knowledge.) However, I think we can safely assume that it has the approval of "The Big Man," as Hoagland once described himself on that very page.

        The Moon With a View series was started back in 2005, as a kind of homage to "my long-time friend, Arthur C. Clarke"(he probably worked in a reference to "my dear friend Carl Sagan" somewhere, too.) It concerns Iapetus, the moon of Saturn, and very predictably Hoagland comes up with a pseudo-argument that Iapetus's extraordinary equatorial ridge is the deliberate construction of a prior civilization. In way more words than necessary, Hoagland tells us that Iapetus, like Phobos, Hartley-2, Tempel-1, Vesta, Elenin, and YU55, is a spaceship. Yet even more words were promised, as Part 7 "coming shortly."

        So Hoagland wants to be paid up front to tie up some loose ends on that web site, of which it has been said "The 1980s called. They want their HTML back." There's plenty to do and I suggest the following scale:

Moon With a View Part 7 : $12
Correcting the math in Von Braun's Secret Part 1: $2
Writing Von Braun's Secret Part3: $4
Writing The Bees' Needs Part 2: $4
Junking the whole site: $200


Chris Lopes said...

Yeah I caught that one too, very funny. It's as if Tolkien had only bothered to write the 2/3 of The Lord of the Rings and told his audience "Now of you want to know what happens to Frodo and his friends, you'll have to pay for the time it'll take me to finish the story." The sane response to such things is "it can't be that interesting, thanks."

I also noticed that the Enterprise email address is a Yahoo account, rather than the website domain. Sounds like his hosting service won't let him have access to it for some reason. No wonder Robin is soliciting piecework for the guy.

Anonymous said...

I bet you $19.50 there will be some buyers from planet facebook for this BS... (in fact, I bet you another $19.50 the password to his email account is "nineteenpointfive")

expat said...

Very likely. Mike Bara's Youtube ID is osiris19533.

Chris Lopes said...

Oh I'm sure there might be takers for this stuff, but I foresee a little problem if Hoagland actually goes this route. People who pay for a specific bit of writing, expect the writing to be done. They won't accept excuses like "government hackers" or "I'm moving to a new server." And the longer it takes for the writing, the more anxious (and noisy) they get. So Hoagland will have to do what he hasn't been able to do for the past year and a half (at least); really sit down and write one of his mind numbingly awful papers. I don't think he can handle that kind of performance pressure anymore.

Anonymous said...

You've got a point there Chris!... Unless of course said buyer is happy to wait and wait and wait because "interesting things are about to happen" (but its certainly an avenue that could cause more problems than raise him a few bucks here and there).

Stay tuned to this one!...

Trekker said...

The fans are still waiting for the paper on Elenin, if you've noticed. I wonder if that will ever appear.

Chris Lopes said...

Without a reason to put it out, I don't think so. Hoagland has spent close to two years now promising papers that never show up, and yet he still has a fan base. He doesn't do anything he doesn't have to do, and the Elenin paper has no urgency.

jourget said...

I actually found Hoagland's comments to be quite dignified and befitting a scientist of his eminence. It reminds me of Darwin's famous quote "Any being, if it vary however slightly in any manner profitable to itself...will have a better chance of paying me a large amount to read the conclusion of these investigations. For a greater potential for survival is accorded to those with greater income, and my house is entirely too small". My, Hoagland is truly among the giants. I am looking forward to his lecture at the Royal Society in the spring.

His business model is based around keeping the flock's attention by incorporating current developments in space news into his overall cosmology. Now that the Mars Express Phobos encounter and the close Cassini Iapetus flyby are in the past, he wants cash to brainstorm up some new "revelations". This is why we probably won't see any more free stuff about YU55 and Elenin (not that there was much anyway).

Biological_Unit said...

Can you feel the fake excitement over U-NOT swArd's fake roller-coaster launch system?

I wonder if the Feds have anything about that - if they do - they are not being very public about it. My thoughts are that if the rest of the world wants to have access to our not very secret for long launch method...
... I will let you guys connect those dots ...

Expect a short blogg on or a day after X-mas.


I will die of shock if this were true in any fashion.

Chris Lopes said...

We probably won't see any (long form) free stuff period. Even the paid stuff is thin gruel these days. Hoagland hasn't managed anything beyond (incredibly boring) Power Point presentations (which mostly contain material from other presentations) for almost 2 years now. He pretty much phones this stuff in now, even when he's being paid.

strahlungsamt said...

Have you guys seen this? Neil Armstron and Buzz Aldrin in the 2 missing hours of Apollo 11 (that nobody I know remembers missing - must have had their memories erased) inside an alien base.
Note the spacesuits (totally wrong), the panning camera (Apollo 11 only had fixed cameras) and graphics that (no way) look like they were made with an XBox.

IT'S A CONSPIRACY FOLKS (just ignore pesky reality n stuff).

It's in Spanish but I think you guys will understand it.

Chris Lopes said...

Here is a taste of Hoagland's latest nonsense:

"Richard C. Hoagland: Eddie,

In stark contrast to Robert's opinion, I definitely think -- based on all the OTHER "signs and symbols" we have analyzed -- that this COULD be--

The Hopi Blue Star.

Stay tuned .... :)"

This is not to be confused with Hoagland's past nonsense. Note the tone of certitude in both pronouncements. This is one of the reasons (another being he's just too damn lazy) you won't see a paper on Elenin.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Elenin supposed to be the Hopi Blue Star? No wait, wasn't it YU55 (the "real one" I mean, that is still in our orbit observing us, not the fake one NASA secretly launched to sail safely out of the solar system)? No wait, I'm pretty sure Lovejoy is the Hopi Blue Star... (or maybe I'm getting confused with Vesta, or Phobos or whichever ice rock is closet to 19.5 degrees away from the sun about a month before the next speakers conference)