Saturday, July 4, 2009

The moon-walkers had their memories "selectively edited"

        This is one of the more outrageous claims made in "Dark Mission" (and elsewhere) by the error-prone and scientifically-unqualified Mr. Hoagland. He uses it to explain why none of the twelve moon-walkers noticed the mile-high glass domes he says are on the Moon.

        The only conceivable micro-justification for this ludicrous claim is an offhand remark by Apollo 14 LMP Ed Mitchell, saying in effect that he sometimes has a hard time recalling exactly what his feelings were while on the Moon (Note that not even Ed Mitchell has ever said or even hinted that he has any difficulty remembering what he saw on the Moon.)

        Perhaps now that Buzz Aldrin's new book[1] is out, Hoagland and Bara will read it and think again. I'm not holding my breath, however -- demonstrable facts appear to make no impact on those two clowns.

[1] "Magnificent Desolation": Aldrin with Ken Abraham, Harmony 2009. ISBN 978-0307463456. Aldrin has no difficulty describing his feelings when on the Moon (page 57).