Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hoagland's high-tech hustle

     It's been noticeable that, in his many appearances on the Coast to Coast AM overnight radio show, Richard Hoagland the pseudo-scientist has not recently been begging for cash as he once used to. I surmise that even the producers of that show, as unprincipled and as contemptuous of their audience as they are, found it a bit embarrassing for their "science adviser" to be ending each segment with "Here's the PO Box number for donations to enable us to continue THIS IMPORTANT RESEARCH." Come to think of it, the time when the begging stopped more or less coincided with the time they started calling him science adviser. Could there be a quid pro quo by which they agreed to pay him a consultancy fee if he'd just please stop with the begging? I merely ask...

     Yesterday on his FB page, in answer to a question from somebody posing as John Smith, Hoagland gave us all some pseudo-information about HAARP — that Alaskan ionosphere research facility jointly run by the US Navy, USAF and Univ. Alaska. Here's Hoagland's complete text:

HAARP uses a few BEAMED kilowatts of radio energy, from a phased antenna array ... which enormously enhances its "effective radiated power" to manipulate the Earth's ionosphere -- an ionized "plasma."

Plasmas, when excited (by a radio... mechanisms or other means ...) generate TORSION Field waves ....
Which can a) manipulate weather, b) generate earthquakes, c) render nuclear weapons inert, d) influence mass consciousness, e) affect biological systems, etc. etc. ....

In other words, HAARP -- as a "trigger technology" -- is a LOT more than "merely a means to probe the physics of the Earth's upper atmosphere."

Hope this is helpful.

Your "suspicions" re Haiti (and a lot of OTHER "anomalous events" occuring recently ...) are absolutely correct!

As I've said many times earlier, we are AT WAR ... with "someone."

And, the weapons are NOT "roadside mines and suicide bombs"; those are merely the DISTRACTIONS from a far more serious conflict, currently going on in space ... and (selectively) here on Earth ....

And Haiti was only ONE of many, many other examples now occurring.

     Well now. Oh dear. I'm no expert in ionospheric excitations (or excitations of other kinds, these days — must be getting old) but I do know the following:

% HAARP's power is 3.6 MW
% There is no such thing as a "torsion field wave." Hoagland refers to torsion fields regularly, and he hammers home the point that they are caused by "rotation, rotation, rotation." He's wrong about that, too.
% The dire effects he cites, including incapacitation of nuclear weapons and influence over mass consciousness, are imaginary with the exception of influence over weather. Even that is highly localized and at least one order of magnitude less than the effects of solar storms that occur routinely without any conspiratorial effort on the part of DARPA.
% I'm no more an expert in psychiatry than ionospherology, but surely, isn't "We are AT WAR -- with ''someone''" a plain symptom of paranoia?

     Well, I wrote that I quoted RCH's complete text. I lied. The kicker was an afterthought below:

Details will be presented in Arizona, at the Greer "Transformation" Conference.

     That was followed by a hyperlink to enable his disciples to register for this conference. I simply can't bear to reproduce it here — the mere thought induces waves of nausea. Why? The registration fee is a stonking FOUR HUNDRED AND NINETY FIVE UNITED STATES DOLLARS.

So the begging hasn't really stopped, just gotten more brazen.

     My remaining question is: WHAT THE FUCK has this junk science got to do with SETI?

Monday, August 16, 2010

The pornography of pessimism

     Somebody invented that expression to describe the appeal of Gerald Celente, whose economic forecasts run the gamut from dire to catastrophic. It might equally apply to Richard Hoagland's forecasts of just about anything.

     Fresh from his abject failures on the topic of Gulf oil, Hoagland popped up on Coast to Coast AM briefly soon after the failure of one of two ammonia pumps on ISS. Pornographically, he announced that this could spell the end of the entire US manned space program — and he couldn't resist pretending that he had "inside information" to reinforce that piece of nonsense. "We're not being told the true seriousness of this," he announced.

     After three heroic EVAs, most recently on August 16th, Douglas Wheelock and Tracy Caldwell Dyson successfully replaced the failed unit with a backup. For three solid weeks, full information has been available from many sources, not least NASA PA itself. The EVAs have been on live NASA TV. Will Hoagland be on C2C-AM soon to apologize for misleading the audience?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Mike Bara chimes in

     Mike Bara got in on the act Aug 3rd, posting on his new blog (that doesn't allow comments, he-he) the same inaccuracies as Hoagland about the newly colored HiRISE image. His angle was just a little bit different, citing a piece:

Usually, these linds[sic] of articles pop-up when NASA is about to release something new and interesting about Mars. It serves as a warning to anyone in science and academia not to start asking too many uncomfortable questions because they will be subsequently ridiculed.

So, the real issue here is; what’s coming up about Mars that NASA is worried about? We’ll see.

     Oh please. This was just one of HUNDREDS of images released by the Univ Ariz HiRISE lab last month. It was simply labelled 'Popular Landform in Cydonia Region.' Links were prominently provided to other treatments of the basic acquired swath, including the "Full Mona." Warning-schwarning, Mike. Do you really believe is at NASA's beck and call to post sinister warnings to scientists? Aren't there far more direct ways for NASA/JPL/Univ Ariz to get messages to the academic community? Do real scientists (as opposed to fake ones, like Hoagland & Bara) even read foxnews?

     This is exactly the kind of speculative, unsupported, alarmist, thoroughly unscientific analysis we've learned to expect from these two clowns. But at least Bara didn't claim any inside info.

Update: The Scientist Speaks - Aug 27th
     Now that Mike Bara's blog does allow comments, I made some of these points in comment today. The eminent scientist Prof. Michael Bara pronounced as follows:

As if I needed any more proof that you are a complete blithering idiot, the fact that you are obviously a democrat confirms it. Enjoy November.