Monday, April 11, 2011

Numerology? Or is this dog poo?

        Richard Hoagland was in breathless form yesterday in Facebookistan, explaining to the faithful that ritualism was ruling the day. He built his case on pure numerology, featuring his favorite number 19.5.

Congress and the White House FINALLY agreed on "$39 billion dollars" (39 = 2 X 19.5!) in budget cuts.
The full Congressional vote is set for April 14, 2011.
195 DAYS From the beginning of "the 2011 Fiscal Year" -- October 1, 2010!

...a "budget agreement" that STARTED at $33 BILLION ....
And, ended at $39 BILLION ... at ~11:04 PM (President Obama is the 44th President of the United States )... on 4/8/11 = 23 = SIRIUS!! :)

        Don't ask me why 23 = Sirius. At some point he also confused Syria with Sirius, predicting dramatic events in Damascus (a fairly safe prediction, one might think.)

        There was more insanity to come...

Encoded now, in the events of Friday night -- at 11:04; Saturday's "surprise visit" to the Lincoln Memorial by Obama; and his repeated references to "George Washington" (3 times!) ... while standing in front of an Open Window in the Blue Room, at 11:04 PM ("his" Number" -- 44) ... to SPECIFICALLY show off the WASHINGTON MONUMENT behind him!

Which represents-
On a day when "women" were extraordinarily "attacked" -- only to be "rescued" by--
Obama's "Horus Forces" .... :)
At 11:00 PM ("Code" for "19.5) ... announced in a budget agreement of--
39 billion (2 X "19.5")!

        Don't ask me why 11:04 = 44. To show how willingly the faithful swallow Hoagland's Kool-Aid, a disciple named Abby Hudgins chimed in:

When I viewed this it had 19 "likes" and 39 comments. I will be the 20th, right in between 19 and 20, to "like" it. :-)

        No, Abby, 20 is not right between 19 and 20. Hoagland was delighted, naturally:

Ah ... then you're "19.5" .... :)
This developing "Obama Symbology"--

        Only if you read him closely could the true motive be discerned. Guess what -- selling books.

The background to all this is in "Dark Mission." :)

        So, it was numerology in the service of base commerce.

        I always loved a comment by an editor called "Cromulent Kwyjibo" on the wikipedia discussion page for numerology (this was back in September 2005, it's now archived.) Crom wrote that the hierarchy of mathematical disciplines, in descending order of rigor, is

advanced math
legitimate math
recreational math
dog poo


Chris Lopes said...

Expat, this one is really too easy. Obviously, believing that the President is sending out secret messages is smack dab in the middle of tin foil hat territory. It's a sign of desperation from a guy who can no longer come up with anything that even smells of originality. Instead, he grasps at anything major happening in the news and tries to fit it to his mythology. He can't really compete against the more productive members (like Bara, Farrell, and Dr. Wood) of the nonsense business, so he has to get nuttier. I must admit it's fun watching him go bat shit crazy. :)

Biological_Unit said...

He did have important gossip that Tesla bragged about some powerful tricks.

I assert that these events are simple underground Nuclear demolitions.

I can't make any money asserting this, and if I come back with the Jet fuel plus stone-age Arab tribesman silly "conspiracy theory", I may join a bankrupt old media faceless corporate insider liar's club.

Chris Lopes said...

Expat, any plans to go through Hoagie's C2C visit from last night?

expat said...

Just posted -- but I'm not willing to do the research that would be needed to take on the technical details.

Chris Lopes said...

Actually your take is as complete as the material deserves. :)

Anonymous said...

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