Monday, April 23, 2012

Index of this blog 2010

Certain strings are not indexed. Hoagland, Bara, Dark Mission, NASA are examples. Dates are American-style mm/dd/yyyy.

2012 Apocalypse nonsense10/10/2010
33, Masonic significance of12/8/2010
Accretion and re-accretion of moons9/22/2010
Aldrin, Buzz6/16/2010, 9/10/2010, 9/15/2010
"Alien Event" lecture series7/7/2010, 12/8/2010
Allen, Adm. Thad7/13/2010, 7/16/2010, 7/21/2010
Alpha Centauri10/10/2010
Amazon book rankings11/11/2010
Ammonia pumps on ISS8/16/2010
Annular eclipse (Mike's misunderstanding of)10/10/2010, 12/1/2010
Apollo program12/8/2010
Apollo 129/10/2010, 12/8/2010
Armageddon (movie)12/20/2010
Armstrong, Neil6/16/2010
Arsenic substitution, in GFAJ-112/3/2010
Astrology10/10/2010, 11/29/2010, 12/1/2010, 12/8/2010
Berkeley (UC)11/5/2010
"Blithering idiot" (Mike Bara's other insult)8/6/2010
Bloom, Howard9/15/2010
Bluehost (RCH's web hosting svc)4/6/2010
"Bonnie" (tropical storm)7/16/2010
Bradley, Alex12/3/2010
Brookings Report10/10/2010, 12/1/2010
Burch, Chris9/15/2010
Byrne, Rhonda (The Secret)10/10/2010
California gold rush12/3/2010
Capping stack (on Macondo well)7/16/2010, 7/21/2010
Carville, James7/5/2010
Celente, Gerald8/16/2010
Centrifugal force, Mike's misunderstanding of10/10/2010, 12/1/2010
Cities in the rings of Saturn9/21/2010
Coast-to-Coast AM4/6/2010, 6/16/2010, 7/5/2010, 7/13/2010, 7/16/2010, 7/21/2010, 8/16/2010, 8/26/2010, 9/15/2010, 11/12/2010, 11/17/2010
Communion ceremony on the Moon9/10/2010, 9/15/2010
Concannon, James9/10/2010, 11/5/2010, 11/17/2010
Conference registration fees (exorbitant)8/26/2010
Cougars (in Las Vegas)10/10/2010
Cruise into 201211/29/2010
Cydonia8/6/2010, 12/20/2010
DART (tsunami warning system)7/21/2010
Davis, Don (a Hoagland copyvio victim)4/6/2010
Deepwater Horizon disaster5/20/2010, 6/16/2010, 7/5/2010, 7/13/2010, 7/16/2010, 7/21/2010, 9/21/2010, 11/5/2010
Definition of Life12/3/2010
Disclosure "imminent"4/6/2010, 7/21/2010
DNA backbone12/3/2010
Douchebag (Mike Bara's favorite insult)7/7/2010
Dyson, Tracy Caldwell8/16/2010
Edwards AFB12/20/2010
Egyptian culture, ancient10/10/2010
Egyptian God worship by NASA12/8/2010
Einstein, Albert10/10/2010, 12/1/2010
El-Baz, Farouk9/10/2010
Encke (comet)12/8/2010
Enterprise Mission5/20/2010, 11/17/2010
EPOXI Mission11/5/2010
Erenrich, Daniel5/13/2010
Error-of-the-Month The Choice calendar12/1/2010
European Planetary Science Congress 20109/5/2010, 9/21/2010, 11/5/2010
Explorer 110/10/2010
Face on Mars6/16/2010, 7/21/2010, 9/22/2010
Falk, Peter5/13/2010
Falkov, Robin7/5/2010
Faraday cages, Mike's misunderstanding of10/10/2010, 12/1/2010
Final Frontier FB page5/13/2010, 9/10/2010, 11/12/2010
Florida Today5/13/2010
Fox News8/6/2010
Gates, Bill10/31/2010
Gemini program12/8/2010
Geodetic vs. Geocentric latitude1/26/2010
GFAJ-1 (extremophile bacterium)12/3/2010
Giza pyramids5/20/2010
Glass domes on the Moon9/15/2010
Gravitational constant9/15/2010, 10/10/2010
Gravitational fields10/10/2010
Greer Transformation Conference8/26/2010, 9/22/2010
Griffith, Virgil5/13/2010
Guardian newspaper7/13/2010
HAARP7/16/2010, 8/26/2010, 10/10/2010
Hartley 2 (comet)11/5/2010
Hexagonal storms on Saturn9/15/2010
HiRISE telescope on MRO7/21/2010, 8/6/2010
Holdren, John9/15/2010
Human Exploration Framework Team (HEFT)9/15/2010
Human visual perception11/5/2010
Hydrogen sulphide7/5/2010
Hyperdimensional energy1/26/2010, 5/20/2010, 9/15/2010, 11/11/2010, 11/29/2010
Indo-Aryan Hindu culture10/10/2010
Io, volcanoes on10/10/2010
Isis10/10/2010, 12/1/2010, 12/8/2010
ISS8/16/2010, 10/10/2010, 12/1/2010
Johnson Spacecraft Center12/20/2010
Jupiter, Great Red Spot of1/26/2010, 10/10/2010
Keneipp, Rev. Brian7/7/2010
Kennedy Spacecraft Center12/20/2010
Kiejzik, Max9/15/2010
Landing site selection9/10/2010
Large Hadron Collider10/10/2010
Libraries on the Moon & Mars10/31/2010
Lutetia (asteroid)7/21/2010
Malin, Michael6/16/2010
Markey, Ed7/16/2010, 7/21/2010
Mars, eccentricity of orbit10/10/2010, 11/12/2010, 12/1/2010
Mars Express (ESA)4/6/2010, 9/5/2010
Mars Global Surveyor6/16/2010
MARSIS radar4/6/2010
Mars Society9/15/2010
Masonic cospiracy12/3/2010
Mauna Kea10/10/2010, 12/1/2010
Mauna Loa1/26/2010, 10/10/2010
Mayan cuture10/10/2010
Men from Earth (Aldrin's book)9/10/2010
Mercury program12/8/2010
100,000 psi Methane bubble6/16/2010, 7/13/2010, 7/16/2010, 7/21/2010
Miami (in danger from tsunami)6/16/2010
Mona Lisa's lip7/21/2010
Mono lake12/3/2010
Moody Blues5/13/2010
Mud logs6/16/2010, 7/5/2010, 7/13/2010, 7/16/2010, 7/21/2010, 7/21/2010
"MUFON-LA" lectures7/7/2010
Musk, Elon9/15/2010
Mustard gas7/5/2010
Myers, Walter (a Hoagland copyvio victim)4/6/2010
NASA "censorship"5/13/2010
Neptune, Great Dark Spot10/10/2010
New Orleans7/21/2010
New Page Books (Mike's publisher)10/10/2010
Newton's laws10/10/2010, 12/1/2010
Noise-reduction in images4/6/2010
Noory, George; ignorance of1/26/2010, 7/5/2010, 7/21/2010, 7/21/2010
Nuclear weapons8/26/2010
Numerology7/16/2010, 12/3/2010, 12/8/2010
NYT Best-seller lists7/7/2010
Obama, Pres. Barack5/20/2010, 6/16/2010, 9/15/2010
Ocean Energy Institute7/16/2010
Olympus Mons1/26/2010, 10/10/2010
Orion (belt stars of)9/10/2010, 12/8/2010, 12/20/2010
Orion (Spacecraft design)9/15/2010
Osiris7/7/2010, 12/8/2010
Phobos4/6/2010, 7/21/2010, 7/21/2010, 9/5/2010, 9/15/2010, 9/21/2010, 9/22/2010
Planetary astronomy11/12/2010
Point-by-point crit. Dark Mission9/24/2009
Point-by-point crit. The Choice10/10/2010
Pornography of pessimism8/16/2010
Porsche (Mike's desire for)10/10/2010
Port-au-Prince earthquake1/26/2010, 8/26/2010
Powerpoint lectures7/7/2010
Princeton GCP experiment11/12/2010
Pseudo-psych10/10/2010, 11/11/2010
Radio waves10/10/2010
Ranger program (Moon impact)12/8/2010
Red Shift software9/10/2010, 12/8/2010
Redfield, Rosie12/3/2010
Regulus9/10/2010, 9/15/2010
Ritual Alignment Model12/8/2010
Roche, Edouard (Roche Limit)9/22/2010
Roo Reindeer7/5/2010
Rowland, Keith11/17/2010
Sabotage5/20/2010, 7/16/2010
Sagan, Carl (misquoted by RCH)12/3/2010
Sarasota, FL7/21/2010
Saturn (as example of Roche Limit)9/22/2010
Semi-major axis (of an orbit)11/12/2010
Sidereal period11/12/2010
Simmons, Matthew7/13/2010, 7/16/2010
Smith, John (pseudonym)8/26/2010
SOHO solar observatory12/20/2010
Solid fuel rocketry10/10/2010
Space X9/15/2010
Spin stabilization of satellites10/10/2010
Sputnik 1 (wrong date of)10/10/2010, 12/1/2010
St. Petersburg, FL7/21/2010
Sumerian civilization10/31/2010
Surveyor program (Moon landers)12/8/2010
"Table of Coincidence"12/8/2010, 12/20/2010
Tetrahedron1/26/2010, 5/20/2010
TDRS (Tracking & Data Relay Satellites)5/13/2010
Thomas Jefferson, NOAA research ship7/13/2010
Tidal forces (on moons)9/22/2010
Top kill7/21/2010, 7/21/2010
Torsion weapons/fields7/5/2010, 8/26/2010
Tsunami6/16/2010, 7/13/2010, 7/21/2010
Univ. Alaska8/26/2010
US Navy8/26/2010
Uwira, Peter11/12/2010
Viking 1 orbiter12/20/2010
Viking biology12/3/2010
Von Braun, Wernher10/10/2010
Ward, Peter6/16/2010
Weather manipulation8/26/2010
Wheelock, Douglas8/16/2010
White Sands missile range12/20/2010
Wolfe-Simon, Felisa12/3/2010
"World in Crisis" lecture series7/7/2010
Young Ones, The5/13/2010
Zubrin, Robert9/15/2010


Chris Lopes said...

Lots of good stuff in this list too Expat. BTW, did you ever review the 4 hour C2C show Hoagland and Farrel were on? It's the one where he promises part 3 of the Von Braun thing, and claimed that Von Bran used anti-grav tech on Apollo.

expat said...

8/23/08, but it was combined with the online version.

Jiminy Oddbird said...

What, no mention of Pay Pal?