Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Proposal for an experiment to test "hyperdimensional physics"

Open letter to Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara, cc: Derek Eunson


        As I wrote to you on 13th March, the theory of what you have called "hyperdimensional physics" is now falsified because of the definitive failure of the WISE mission to find the large trans-Neptunian solar system bodies that you have writtennote 1 are an essential prediction of the theory.

        I commiserate. It must be hard to be so comprehensively proved wrong—especially in light of the fact that I have also falsified Von Braun's Secret and The Table of Coincidence. You boys don't really have a whole lot left to pontificate about, do you?

Proposal for an experiment
        Let us, however, be optimistic. It is still possible that some truth may be sifted from the ashes of your work over the years. I hereby propose a test of your (MB's) expository statementnote 2 about the theory:

"There is overwhelming proof of a new, little understood theory of physics, Hyperdimensional physics ... [I]f you take a sphere—like ... a planet—and you rotate it, then you will pull energy from the higher state of the planet (the hyper-sphere) and that energy will preferentially upwell from inside the planet according to the geometry of a tetrahedron encased in a sphere, and appear at or around 19.5 degrees."

Solid aluminum sphere, diameter 50cm. Mounted on robust bearings and capable of being rotated at up to 1,000 rpm about a vertical axis by a rheostat-controlled electric motor.

volume 4/3 π x 253 = 65,449 cm3
density of Al 2.70 g cm-3
mass 176.7 kg

NOTE: This equipment will need very careful balancing, lest it become a missile.

360 sensitive thermocouples are to be embedded in this sphere at intervals of 0.5° latitude between its poles, the signals from these to be led to a display/recording rack via a commutator. A tachometer continuously records the rotation rate.

Ambient temperature of the laboratory to be controlled at 20°C ± 1°.
Baseline recording to be obtained for a period of two hours without rotation.
Active recordings to be obtained as the equipment is spun up in steps of 200rpm, n minutes at each step.
Experiment to be repeated 24h later.

Per your written text, we expect to detect a significant rise in temperature over bands of latitude centered on 19.5° N and S, as the hyperdimensional energy dissipates as heat.

NOTE: In your other writings on this topic you have cited Olympus Mons (18.5°N) and the Giant Red Spot on Jupiter (22°S) as manifestations of hyperdimensional energy upwelling, therefore we should presumably anticipate bands of energy spreading over at least 3.5°.

Questions for you:
1] Is this a fair test of your theory?
2] What should the value of n be? How long do you estimate we need to wait for hyperdimensional energy to appear?
3] Please provide an equation, using Maxwell's quaternionsnote 3, describing the mathematical relationship between speed of rotation  and energy access from the "higher state".

I will happily participate in such an experiment but I regret that I am unable to contribute to its (considerable) cost. Perhaps you might allocate some portion of the royalties from your published works promoting this idea to the public?

I have copied this to Dr Derek Eunson, a systems engineer in Scotland. Not only would his comments on the protocol be obviously welcome, but he is also in touch with Irene Gardner who may possibly agree to sponsor all or part of the cost. As you will recall, in May 2012 Ms. Gardner made a generous offer to sponsor Hoagland & Falkov's proposed expedition to Egypt for the Venus transit that year.note 4

Please respond.

1] Dark Mission chapter 2
2] The Choice chapter 3
3] You have written (Dark Mission chapter 2) that Maxwell's quaternions are the basis of "hyperdimensional physics".
4] An offer you (RCH) surprisingly refused, on the grounds that it would require handing over  "totally unreasonable quantities of raw, propriority [sic] data to turned over to TOTAL styrangers [sic], and far ahead of its planned formal publication." By the way, when will that data be published?

Monday, March 17, 2014

"Evolution is a crock of shit" --Mike Bara, tweeting today

        The full quote was "We do believe science is real. That's why we conclude evolution is a crock of shit."

        So this is Mike Bara, world-famous jetliner designer, citing SCIENCE to make one of the most profoundly anti-scientific statements I can imagine.

        I wonder how Mike explains the extremely well documented phenomenon of rapid evolution of resistance to antibiotics. Or even more rapid evolution of the Lambda virus, directly observed in the laboratory, mutation by mutation?

        How does he explain endogenous retroviral insertions? These are randomly-inserted DNA sequences that no longer have a function. Therefore, finding them in exactly the same place in many different animals strongly indicates common descent.

        How about cytochrome-C divergence?

        Perhaps it's expecting too much for a designer of jetliners to understand such things. Especially since there is such ample evidence that Mike Bara really hasn't grasped some fundamental scientific ideas, such as simple orbital mechanics. What he also hasn't grasped is his own ignorance. If he had, he'd abstain from tweeting rubbish.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Three years since Richard Hoagland showed his abject ignorance

  • Magnitude 9.0
  • Epicenter 142° 22' E 38° 19' N
  • Time 05:46 UTC 11 March 2011
  • 5,884 deaths
  • 6,148 injured
  • 2,633 people missing
  • 127,290 buildings totally collapsed
  • 272,788 buildings half collapsed
  • 747,989 buildings partially damaged
  • Level 7 meltdown, three reactors, Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant
        Those are the facts about the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. The pseudoscientist Richard Hoagland saw past the human tragedy and economic catastrophe, to an opportunity for promoting himself and his bankrupt, discredited, ideas. On the Book of Faces, and on Coast-to-Coast AM (24th March) he proclaimed that this was not a natural event but an attack, contrived by "somebody." His "evidence" was that the longitude of the epicenter was 120° East of the Great Pyramid at Giza. As I blogged at the time, he was out by  8° 46', or 765 km. Not that this pseudo-fact would have had any actual meaning even if he'd been spot on.

        His follow-up, a few days after the main event, left us all in no doubt of his ignorance of geophysics. It was this:

That "Fukushima" was a Planned Event -- by "someone" -- is almost a certainty now; I mean, what are the odds of ANOTHER major quake (the 7.1 a couple days ago) -- complete with similar tsunami warnings -- with an epicenter (and depth!) only a few miles different from the earlier, devestating [sic] 9.0 quake ... and all, by "acident [sic]?!"

The man is incompetent. No further comment needed.