Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The buried city on Mars

        On January 20th 2009 Mike Bara, posting on the "official" Dark Mission blog, treated the world to yet another "This of course confirms what we wrote x years ago" performance, this time in response to a NASA release about underground glaciers on Mars.

        Although the location of the newly-detected glaciers does not include Cydonia, Bara was not shy about claiming triumph in respect of one of Richard Hoagland's wildest speculations, from Chapter 10 of his error-riddled book. He says a false-color IR image from the THEMIS instrument on Mars Odyssey represents a buried city, encased in ice and covered with what he calls "poof dust." Here's a link to the image.

        Exercising his privilege as moderator, Mike Bara censored this rather mild enquiry:

Could we please have additional data on this image? Does it represent a 20x20 kM ground area, as standard THEMIS images do?

If so, your "city" has surprisingly long blocks, don't you think?

Do you have reasons for asserting that this is a city other than the fact that its general layout reminds you of an aerial photo of a city? Or is this perhaps like the "face," the "crinoid," the "crashed spacecraft," the "robot head," or the "machine parts" — purely in the imagination of Richard Hoagland?

This is NOT science, Mike.