Thursday, January 7, 2021

Time to assess Jerome Corsi's prediction

         Jerome Corsi is the author of this, among other worthless pieces of self-published trash:

        He's very fond of writing and saying "Donald Trump always looks like he’s going to lose just before he wins", and on 3rd December he said, on Coast to Coast AM, "I'm 100% certain Trump will win the election" (note that that was exactly a month after Trump had decisively lost the election). Well, I don't think we need to wait for the inauguration. Today, as the mob assault on the Capitol is shameful history, and Congress has duly certified Joe Biden's win, I can say I'm 100% certain that Jerome Corsi was wrong.

        He's not a particularly interesting character this Corsi fellow. Just like his InfoWars colleague Alex Jones, he gives himself permission to write anything, regardless of the truth. The only purpose of his writing and speaking is to promote Republicans with lies and denigrate Democrats with innuendo (example: Obama was married to his male Pakistani roommate before Michellenote 1). Yesterday's diatribe, headed "Trump Will Continue the Fight", included this lead:
« It is up to VP Mike Pence today to ... take action to preserve the greatest nation on God’s green earth from a takeover by the CCP division of the Army of Darkness. Pence presides over the joint session of Congress at 1pm Eastern, and has the power and responsibility to declare the fraudulent pre-certification of state electoral college delegates pledged to the #bidencrimefamily invalid. The battleground states must decertify their Biden electors and certify Trump electors.»
        Shows how much Corsi knows about constitutional law. Trump himself tried the same idea on Pence, and to his credit Pence replied "Sorry squire, no can do" (or an Americanised version thereof).

        Corsi was invited to the news segment of C2C-AM last night, as the joint session of Congress was reconvened and debating a trimmed-down list of ridiculous objections to the electoral collge voting. He made no comments about Trump's chances at all, instead wailing that he was being "de-platformed", that there is no freedom of speech, and that this will probably be his last appearance on the radio show because he'll soon be arrested.

         Well, I had a look round this morning and I don't know what he's talking about. His web site is still up. His YouTube and Vimeo channels are live. His Twitter and Farcebook accounts seem OK.note 2

         Shame, really. I rejoice in the decision of Twitter and Facebook's to nix Trump's accounts and I wish they'd do the same to Corsi. Somebody who is that wrong has nothing useful to contribute.

Update 10th Jan now contains a notice, all tagged h1-strong, beginning:
« Due to the rampant censorship of the past few hours, our videos have been de-platformed. Because of this, none of the videos on the website currently play. »
        But wait... this is his own web site, the domain name bought by proxy in June 2018 and not due to expire until 2029. And his vids play perfectly well on the Tube that is You.

So Corsi's lying for some damn reason. Also he doesn't understand CSS.

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[1] Source :

[2] His YouTube channel has 70,000 subscribers. His Twitter and FB presences have 131,000 and 22,000 followers respectively. These people must be the most naive, credulous people on the face of the Earth.


THE said...

Media reports as if the majority of Americans are aching for civil war, which they are not. Venezuelan, Dominion and Smartmatic voting machines, have been around and known to be rigged for more than a decade already. VP Pence was tasked with election fraud investigation during his firs week in office. Why then wait until the eleventh hour to bring accusations? The people are being played, to demand a police state. Ain't gonn'a happen. Folks just stay in and defend their homes.

expat said...

1. Fox News, Newsmax and Rudy Giuliani are all being sued for defamation by Dominion Voting Systems.

2. Fox News and Newsmax have already retracted allegations they made on-air about Smartmatic machines.

3. Your information, as usual, is hopelessly wrong.

THE said...

Let them sue.

expat said...

Well, they are. That's exactly my point. Your information is WRONG.

Two Percent said...


Are you so sure!?

Eric Coomer is not the company, his suit is personal.

"This story was updated on Jan. 4, 2020, to correct that neither Fox News Channel or[sic] Newsmax retracted stories about the companies Dominion Voting Systems or Smartmatic. The story was updated on Jan. 5, 2020, with Newsmax’s statement responding to the lawsuit, which came after the original story was published.

So, where did you get your "facts" from?

Or, would you care to retract?

2% said...

Also here:

expat said...

« So, where did you get your "facts" from? »

Two Percent said...

Sorry, expat,

I couldn't spot this "fact":

1. Fox News, Newsmax and Rudy Giuliani are all being sued for defamation by Dominion Voting Systems.

The closest I can find is:

"... has also issued legal demands..."

which is NOT the same as your 'sued'.

That's the beauty of Fake News. It takes far less effort, and the results are much more FUN! Thea deserves an apology!

prof wackadoodle-doo, MD said...

So, did Fox News and Newsmax retract the statement or not? I keep finding conflicting information. If they haven't I'm sure that the companies will follow up their legal demands with a lawsuit.

According to USA today, Dominion did file against Sydney Powell "Dominion seeks compensatory damages of $651,735,000, punitive damages of $651,735,000 and reimbursement for its legal costs...The company sent Powell a retraction demand in December, prompting her to tweet she was "retracting nothing." Dominion sent similar demands to numerous people and news media companies, including Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, White House Counsel Pat Cipollone, Fox News and attorney L. Lin Wood – who told the Washington Post he was representing Powell in the defamation case. "

So perhaps more lawsuits will be pending.

This is playing out in real time, so facts today will be fake news tomorrow. Let the legal system (and time) handle this. When I read the suggested articles and many more, I also got the impression that Fox News and Newsmax were going to be sued (legal action)if they didn't retract.

prof wackadoodle-doo, MD said...

Side not...the letter to Sydnee Powell was sent a week before the other 21 legal demands.

the Prof Wackadoo

expat said...

Thanks for the further research, but all this info about lawsuits does not, IMO, get to the heart of the question.

If, as alleged, these machines are "known to be rigged", who did the rigging? It seems to me that it would have to have been done at the factory in Denver. Local election officials would not have the technical knowledge to make the machines give false data. I can't think of any reason why that would happen. Too many technicians would have to have been involved for it to have been the work of a pro-Trump saboteur.

Dominion itself points out that "A hand recount of all paper ballots in the State of Georgia completed on November 19 verified that machine vote totals were reliable and accurate."


In short, I see this allegation as just one of a whole suite of lies dreamed up by an ego-bruised maniac. I have no respect for the gullible people who choose to believe him despite the technical facts.

prof wackadoodle-doo, MD said...

I want to (and do) believe that the machines worked as advertised. I was an communications/electronics tech in my past life. Also, after retiring, I was a slot machine tech for a short while. I can say with 100% certainty, that changing the protocols and programming of a machine is NOT easy to do. You need training, access and time. It's not as simple as putting in a thumb drive and clicking download.

Now, to me, the way the numbers were released was bit weird, and that is fueled a lot of the animosity (IMHO). Large dumps of votes for one candidate and vise versa. I still don't believe anything illegal happened. This is being litigated, investigated and recounts have been done (and redone). So far, nothing untoward has been shown. Just like the 2000 and 2016 elections.

To assume and pontificate otherwise is irresponsible, and as we plainly see, the crazies on both sides are just looking for an excuse to riotest (protest/riot depending on who you are listening to at the time :P). There is no conspiracy in plain site, or behind the scenes. No false flags and no NWO.

expat said...

Thanks for a very useful comment.

expat said...

This just in: Dominion has now sued Sidney Powell for $1.3 billion, claiming that her "viral disinformation campaign" has destroyed the value of the business.

Two Percent said...

Hi expat!

metabunk... Pfff. Let's go Mainstream!

(Love the photo of her...)

Ground Ed said...

Now I'm confused again. I thought that the purpose of a law suit was to prove a pointy. I had no idea that all you had to do was file suit and be declared the winner before trial. Do you get paid up front, and have to refund the judgement if you lose?

expat said...

OK, fair point. The fact that Dominion is $1.3 billion-worth of pissed off doesn't prove they're innocent. My original comment was by way of refuting Theadora's ridiculous "Dominion ... voting machines have been around and known to be rigged for more than a decade already."

THE said...

Is there still time to sue Smartmatic for cheating Hugo Chavez into office?

Unknown said...

None of the above has aged well.....LIVE: Audit Report Released To AZ Senate in Phoenix, AZ 9/24/21 -