Wednesday, January 6, 2021

False information on Coast to Coast AM

        It's not exactly hot news that what a few million late-night listeners heard on C2C-AM last night was nonsense. That program's respect for truth is hardly better than that of some of our favorite liars and propagandists—Robert Morningstar, Mike Bara to name but two.

        But it's particularly egregious of the producers (Lisa Lyon, Tom Danheiser) to be trotting out Ben Fuchs at a time when the hospital systems of the USA are tottering on the brink of collapse due to the flood of COVID-19 victims. In the Los Angeles area, several hospitals are now turning away ambulances because they have nowhere to put the patients they bring. One hospital in that area has been treating patients in the gift shop. Surely the time for accurate information is now.

ICU at Loma Linda University Medical Center.(Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times)

        Ben Fuchs and Joel Wallach are regulars on C2C, pretending to be doctors giving useful advice. In fact, they are pill-pushers whose most frequent advice is "BUY OUR SUPPLEMENTS". Fuchs is a cosmetic pharmacist by training and Wallach is a vet who often advises his audience to eat a dozen eggs a day.

GMO humans
        Last night Fuchs handed out bullshit on the topic of the vaccination programs now under way in many parts of the world. He said that the vaccines are scary because they enter every cell in your body and take over the cell's genetic machinery. They permanently alter cellular DNA such that for the rest of a recipient's life he is "a GMO human being".

        Some of that erroneous information is merely a repeat of what George Noory himself stated on the show on 20th December. The fact is that a vaccine, just like a virus, does possess a "key" allowing entry to a cell, but the key is only useful if there's a corresponding lock into which it fits. Such locks are only present on a class of cells called antigen-presenting. Dendritic cells and macrophages are two common examples. I emphasize that the cells the vaccine has the key to are exactly the same as the cells the virus can get into. That's really the whole point. The vaccine gets in ahead of the virus and creates antibodies that are as effective against the virus as they are against the vaccine itself.

        The new vaccines are essentially just single strands of messenger RNA, a few thousand nucleotides long. They need to be decoded just like the cell's indigenous mRNA, and for that purpose they seek out a ribosome. So yes, it's true to say that they make use of the cell's genetic machinery, but "take it over" is a useless exaggeration. If that were true the cell would soon die.

        The worst boo-boo dropped by both Fuchs and Noory was the nonsense about GMO humans. mRNA, being single-stranded, cannot possibly graft itself into double-stranded DNA. There's a biochemical incompatability, too—where DNA uses thymine RNA uses uracil. There is an interesting exception to this precept— HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, finds an enzyme called reverse transcriptase and turns itself into valid DNA. But, mercifully, that's not a trick that the SARS-CoV-2 virus has learned, and certainly that is not what the vaccines are designed to do.

        In my opinion, it is the height of irresponsibility for a popular radio show to be telling its listeners to be suspicious of the vaccine now. There are three ways this pandemic can end: the virus undergoes a suicidal mutation, which is more or less what happened to the flu pandemic of 1918-20, it kills the majority of the world's population, or we all get vaccinated.


THE said...

I'm no medical doctor, and despite my DrH, I don't play one on TV, but supposedly a virus can't live in an alkaline environment. What could it hurt to drink a quart of Fiji water or such, in between lunch and dinner on an empty stomach? Also, Turmeric is a damn near panacea. You won't find one source that lists all the ailments that Turmeric can successfully treat, but Google Turmeric and any single malady, and odds are you will see that Turmeric is a strong remedy for it. There is a study which finds that Turmeric with Melatonin defends against Covid. Get lots of sleep, too.

expat said...

Theadora, you're simply piling false information on top of fslse information.

I will not accept any further comment from you on this post.

Two Percent said...

Hi expat,

What happened to the story on Trump's Concession speech???

Seems to have disappeared...

expat said...

I deleted it. Joke over now that he's come so very close to conceding.

Anonymous said...

"There are three ways this pandemic can end: the virus undergoes a suicidal mutation, which is more or less what happened to the flu pandemic of 1918-20, it kills the majority of the world's population, or we all get vaccinated."

Myocarditis, sudden athlete death, sudden child death...there are a lot of ways for the planned genocide by the WHO and WEF to 'end', aren't there?