Sunday, March 29, 2020

"No epidemic in Seattle" says Mike Bara

        Mike Bara just posted this mini-video [NOW REMOVED FOR VIOLATION OF YT GUIDELINES: i.e. BLATANTLY UNTRUE] of him walking through the Emergency Room at the Auburn Medical Center south of Seattle.

        There are no lines of panicked patients, no dead bodies on gurneys. Bara concludes by saying "There is no COVID-19 epidemic whatsoever in Seattle."

        The Seattle Times would disagree. Yesterday the paper published these maps of the trend:

        Auburn and Seattle are both in King County, where 136 of the 2,077 confirmed cases have died.  The trend histogram clearly shows exponential growth.

        The Medical Center's web site makes it plain that visitor restrictions are in effect, and patients who believe they may have the symptoms of coronavirus infection are advised to call before coming to the facility. Visitors are being screened (surely Bara must have noticed this??), and those with symptoms are not being allowed to enter the premises.

I think Mike Bara is looking in the wrong place for victims.

I never said they were on the streets, did I?
        Mike Bara's followers (see YouTube comments) clearly think he's proved that the entire COVID-19 scare is a hoax perpetrated by the New World Order to facilitate their global takeover. But there's a deeper level of paranoia even than that. Last week Kerry Cassidy tweeted TANKS SEEN IN DOWNTOWN L.A. She then showed a picture of tanks loaded on train cars.


Two Percent said...

OOooooosh! One ugly SOB. He looks positively unwell, all those lines around his eyes, and the dark shadows... If I had to guess, I'd say he continually eats crap food and has significant food intolerances.

Anyway, expat, I agree with you 100%.

He has no clue.

The ER is reserved for Emergencies. People who are injured or suffering heart attacks, strokes and the like. You don't want that area infected with COVid-19, to give them a double-whammy when they arrive.

So, of course, Covid victims go to a different entrance, into secure, negative pressure rooms, where idiots like Bara can't just wander in and infect their stupid selves, or take worthless videos that only prove how retarded they are. That's why Covid victims have to phone ahead, so they don't go blundering in to the ER area, but are directed to the place that can handle their contagiousness. No doubt, they are received by staff already wearing full hazmat outfits. Didn't see any of those in the stoopid video.

purpleivan said...

It's a huge price to pay for it, but the more the likes of Bara push their nonsense and the greater the number of infected and dead rise, the more likely that that these click hungry hucksters and charlatans are revealed for what they are.


They're not "revealers of the truther" that those in power would hide from you, that's the domain of serious journalism. The likes of Bara are simply feeding their income, notoriety and in some cases mental health issues, that comes at the expense of other's misfortune.

In the case of Covid-19, literaly grave misfortune for far too many.

Anonymous said...

Bara is a twat.

Both my wife and son work at hospitals. My son is a paramedic in the ER.

Trust me, not fake. Covid-19 are treated elsewhere in specialized conditions. And you don't even want to know the steps we take for them just to come inside and social distance around the house.

This is the definition "stupid will get you killed."

By the way, given Mike's age and physical condition, he better be real careful where he goes walkabout.

expat said...

Anon: Thanks for the comment. May your wife and son stay safe.

Two Percent said...

Mikey, go video in New York:

They are lining up reefer trucks to store bodies.

Anonymous said...

2 weeks ago I tried telling my parents we'd have at least 180,000-200,000 cases by the end of the month and they thought I was crazy. They're not in the Bara group of crazy but are freshly retired Trump supporters. They told me I was nuts. I also told them 5-8 million cases in the US by Easter. I think the only thing that might stop that is the lack of testing.

Chris Lopes said...

Not even Bara's hero Trump thinks this stuff is a hoax, not now anyway. I personally wish Bara was right about this, but wishing doesn't make it so. So everyone stay home if you can, be safe, and don't listen to dipshits like Mike Bara.

Trekker said...

As if he'd be allowed anywhere within shouting distance, never mind filming distance, of a hectic ICU ward! What a moron!

purpleivan said...

A departure from the OP, but at the other end of the scale from the "nothing to see here" types such as Bara, we have one who are spouting other dangerous ideas.

This was highlighted to me by the case in the UK of two 5G towers being set on fire and thought likely to be a result of ideas being promoted online and on local radio. These being that 5G is somehow responsible for the virus, or that it reduced the efficacy of the immune system.

There have even been reports in the UK press of telecom engineers being threatened in the course of their work due to this, at a time when relicable telecomunications are more critical than normal.

Dee said...

Seems like the video, like so many similar ones, has now been removed by Youtube. Good riddance! Although I generally don't agree with the policy of shaping thought and ideas by censuring what's considered "bad" from the public discourse. Perhaps people should simply learn not to use social media as their main filter on the world as to know what's "really going on". Even the major news agencies should not be seen like that really. But why distrust mainstream reporting and then continue assuming your lone freelancer or small scale blog is going to be without big, fatal, insulting mistakes? That's plain nativity.

In any case, I've seen many similar video's of the coughing straw man argument that there should be come chaos or sign of disorganization if there was really a crisis going on. The only defense that I can think of is that there was some colorful language referring to war zones and other apolitical imagery which some media exposure amplified, creating this idea that this zone would be somehow visible on the streets and main halls of the hospital. I guess it depends where you expect the trenches to be! Generally they might be overlooked.

expat said...

Thanks for checking, Dee. I kinda knew YouTube wouldn't let it stand and checked for a few days, but then forgot.

"nativity" = "naïvety" surely

expat said...

...or, actually, naïveté.