Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Kerry Cassidy has a theory

        Kerry Cassidy just released the audio of an interview she sat down for with some flaky outfit called Above Duality. There's some indication that the interview was actually recorded a week earlier, but it was clearly in the thick of the current COVID-19 pandemic, because that was Kerry's first topic.

        She explained that the entire population is infected by the SARS-CoV-2, but symptoms only show when the virus is "activated" by 5G transmissions. Well, that should be easy to check. As we all know, Italy and Spain have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic (deaths 16,523 and 13,897 respectively as of today).

        Vodaphone has launched 5G in the following cities in Italy: Milan, Turin, Bologna, Rome and Naples.  Are SARS-CoV-2 infections clustered in those cities? No, they are not. No part of Italy is unaffected.

        Here are the top 12 regions/cities in Spain affected by COVID-19:

       Ten of those regions have 5G available to some extent. 5G has not been implemented in either Toledo (Castile-La Mancha) or León, the third and fourth regions on that list. 5G is, however, rolled out in Màlaga, Gijon (Asturias) and Santander (Cantabria)—cities/regions that have, so far, so few cases of infection that they are not even on that list.

       I might just add that many countries such as Iceland and Brazil, that have no 5G yet, have not been spared from the symptoms, and the deaths. Far from it. 5G is in 40 countries world-wide, COVID is in 190.

A unique interviewer
        Kerry reviewed the years she has spent interviewing what she calles "whistleblowers," claiming that she was the first to do this. She said she is enormously helped in her interpretations of the information she gets by her superior intuition. She also praised her particular technique:
48:08 KC: I'm a very unique interviewer, and I challenge my witnesses. I also tend to kind-of play a cat-and-mouse game with them, to get them to tell the truth. And I'm also, I'm able to discern when someone is falling into what is kind of a... a recording in their head, that they then speak from. And so they get ... their tone tends to get very monotonous. There are tell-tale signs of programming. And I tend to break them out of it by asking ..and interrupting them, and asking them questions, sometimes completely what appears to be off topic. And I also have help during these interviews from ETs. ... that are tapping into me and giving me information.
        I've only heard a tiny fraction of Kerry's interviews, so I can't say how true that is generally. However, at one point I did listen to the whole of her interview with Ken Johnston in February 2016. She utterly failed to challenge Ken's often-told story about seeing NASA technicians airbrushing out stars in the Apollo photographs, and let other allegations slide right on by, too. As I blogged at the time, she went off on a tangent about Brian O'Leary that was patently untrue. So on that basis, my opinion of Kerry Cassidy as an interviewer is that she's useless.

Update 13th April
        Kerry C. now has a new page in which she lays the entire blame for COVID-19 on George Soros. It's so disgracefully anti-semitic that I'm not even going to link to it.

Update June
        On 8th June the government of New Zealand announced that there were no longer any active cases of COVID-19 on the islands. Well done the Kiwis.

Meanwhile the deployment of 5G continued....


Two Percent said...

At such an "unprecedented" time, we have Kerry Cassidy... yawn

How about some more C-19 talk?

I see New Zealand, of all places, got a rave in the Washington Post. What BS.

The C-19 growth rate in the US is currently running at about 8% per day. Official figures will surpass 400,000 in the next few hours. Infection rate 1 in 980. Meanwhile, Spain has about 1 in 330. Which country is deeper in the doggee?

A couple of weeks ago, New Zealand was recording a phenomenal 38% per day growth. No wonder they crapped themselves and slammed the country into lockdown. But they have nothing to boast about yet. Looking at the Johns Hopkins graphs, Australia is the country that's now crushing its growth curve, while NZ's exponential curve is barely turning yet. And NZ is fudging its figures by not even testing to its daily capacity, and there are many reports of people being denied tests, but are later found to have been positive for a week or more. Happily spreading it to family and friends...

What's your take on Trump's handling of the C-19 situation, ep?

Is the US turning into a disaster zone?

2% said...

Correction: US infection ratio now 1 in 828. Apologies, spreadsheeting error.

expat said...

« What's your take on Trump's handling of the C-19 situation, ep? »

1. He was massively too late to understand what a threat the virus is.
2. His boast "The USA will be back in business by Easter" was irresponsible.
3. His promotion of hydroxychloroquine is also irresponsible and very likely corrupt. The Rational wiki says " Trump as well as several of Trump's associates, including Wilbur Ross and Ken Fisher, are directly or indirectly invested in companies that manufacture hydroxychloroquine." [1]

« Is the US turning into a disaster zone? »
New York is. It's still to early to say the whole country is.

LAST NIGHT'S COAST-TO-COAST AM, featuring Jon Rappoport [2], was disgusting. Rappoport said the COVID-19 pandemic is an illusion and a fake, concocted by supra-national organizations as a quick way to bring on the "New World Order". He urged listeners to disobey the new rules of behavior and get the nation back to work. George Noory agreed. At this point it's hard to imagine anything more irresponsible.

[1] https://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Trump-s-Aggressive-Advocacy-of-Malaria-Drug-for-15183833.php
[2] https://nomorefakenews.com/

Two Percent said...

"At this point it's hard to imagine anything more irresponsible."

Of course, I beg to differ, just a little.

Trump's utterances must be about 10 million times more influential than anything broadcast on Coast-to-Coast AM. C-C AM is obviously a fringe operation which interviews all kinds of loonies and fruitcakes. People must recognise that much.

Trump, arguably the leader of the "Free World", is the person most people take notice of. He is the one who is truly, reprehensibly irresponsible. And, evidently, corrupt. Not to mention, pretty much clueless. How he is still alive beats me.

Anyway, now the UK Media has jumped on the New Zealand fantasy as well. If only they knew the truth. New Zealand, a small island nation far away in the South Pacific, had the perfect opportunity to stay entirely virus-free. But they squandered it, with non-existent border checking, no questioning or recording of arriving tourists plans and travel histories, utterly lax monitoring for infections, and simply stood by and let thousands of "Wuhan escapees" from every infected country on the planet, pour through the Arrivals gates unchecked.

No wonder the virus was going rampant down there. The Government was doing nothing, it was the science and business leaders of the country behind the scenes who screamed so loud the PM got scared and had to do something. Now she is being lauded as some kind of decisive heroine leader.

That's the power of fake news!

Two Percent said...


Will you forgive me if I say something utterly outlandish?

I might have been wrong, earlier. SARS-COV-2 is not really about population reduction.

Thinking a bit more about all this, I believe we are now in World War III. Silent, undeclared, but war all the same. There will be winners and losers...

It's not hard to see who the currently most likely winners are.

Obviously, the losers are the weaker countries, especially those liberal, democratic countries, who have such difficulty controlling their own populations.

Time will tell, I guess.

expat said...

« SARS-COV-2 is not really about population reduction. »

It's good to read that from you. There will be population reduction, of course, as a side effect, but not very much. To avoid a Malthusian solution some time in our granchildren's lifetimes we really need a reduction of 2-3 billion, not evenly spread but predominantly African/Asian. The virus won't get that done, but climate change might.

Two Percent said...

Hi expat,

You're welcome. Nice to be in agreement, for a change!

It's impossible to be right all the time, so better in my mind to admit one's mistakes and correct them, than to perpetuate errors. That can be fatal. Like pulling out and starting to overtake, realising later that you're not gonna make it, but refusing to hit the brakes and sliding back in behind.

Not sure about your race-based comment though. Someone might take you up on it, but not me. Some I'm sure would say it's the white Americans who create the most inequity, the most wars, bloodshed, pollution, etc, so they should go, but it all depends on your criteria. Anyway, your wish might be coming partly true:

"NYT today Thursday, April 9, 2020, headline: New York’s Daily Toll of 779 Is Highest Yet

The virus is killing black and Latino people in New York City at twice the rate that it is killing white people, preliminary data shows."

Haven't read the article, but I guess the headline is all I need. Can't figure why one group is called "black" and the other "Latino", but I guess that's a historical thing.

Do you consider Indians Asians, by any chance? Looks like the situation in India is going to spin wildly out of control, far worse than the US, but perhaps equally due to poor leadership decisions.

Anonymous said...

New Zealand has had ONE coronavirus death. ONE.

Chris Lopes said...

"To avoid a Malthusian solution some time in our granchildren's lifetimes we really need a reduction of 2-3 billion, not evenly spread but predominantly African/Asian"

So you're one of those. Good to know.

expat said...

I merely point out that the so-called "First World" — USA + Europe — has declining population, so it isn't the problem.

Chris Lopes said...

I'm not sure I would call the mere existence of my follow human beings a problem. Not even if they are (as you Brits once called them) wogs.

expat said...

Yes, "wogs begin at Calais" some people used to say (maybe still do). I'm not advocating any action to reduce world population, just pointing out that it's a problem.

Chris Lopes said...

The alt-right also sees their existence as a problem. Their issue is they don't see either the race or the culture of such people as legitimate. I don't think this is something we can agree on.

Two Percent said...

New Zealand has had ONE coronavirus death. ONE.

Two now, but Yes, it makes no sense. Both elderly ladies. NZ must have a different strain, or maybe there’s a major, unrecognized environmental factor.

Prince Charles’ (71) case is another odd one. Better in about a week, without evidently, any hospital assistance.

OTOH, the New York death rate is huge. Could it be due to air pollution?

2% said...

the mere existence of

is not the problem, of course.

It’s the tax on the planet to support them that’s the problem. The planet is finite. The folly of humans seemingly is not.

Chris Lopes said...

They are no more a tax on the planet than you or I. They have just as much right to those resources as we do. This is beginning to smell like the early 20th century "progressive" infatuation with eugenics and racial hygiene.

Two Percent said...

@Lopes Chris,

Now you are trying to put words in my mouth, and smell odours of your own choosing.

They are no more a tax on the planet than you or I.

Where do I suggest otherwise? I don’t exclude myself and I certainly don’t exclude you. I was using your reference to your fellow humans.

But FWIW, I disagree. Are you saying that someone who lives in a slum in a cardboard and tin shack, who has no means to support his/her children, has the right to have 6, 8 or 10 children? Most of whom will die young of disease and malnutrition. Especially when the world is so obviously over-populated.

They have just as much right to those resources as we do.

Really, Chris? REALLY?

As a Computer Programmer, I’m sure you earn a good income. I guess you own your own house, maybe some land to go with it.

Well, by your own admission, those younger than you, slum dwelling late arrivals are now entitled to their share of it. Lead the way. Hand it Over. Send photos.

Or are you a hypocrite?

Two Percent said...


Let me make your day again!

Did I say the SARS-COV-2 / C-19 virus was man-made? Maybe I was wrong. Looks like a woman might be responsible.

This Doco is quite plausible, even convincing, and I recommend it to EVERYONE interested in this virus. It's fully worth the time to watch.

Produced by The Epoch Times, part of the Falun Gong organisation. They might be in the best position of anyone to do this.


expat said...

Looks good, I'll try to find time for it tomorrow.

expat said...

OK, I reviewed it. That spike protein is obviously a crucial key to understanding the true origins of SARS-CoV-2. Unfortunately I just don't know enough to make a judgement between those experts who say "This is obviously manufactured" and those who say "This is obviously not manufactured".

I will say that, in the narration script, the word "China" is almost always qualified with the adjective "Communist." Robert Morningstar does the same thing and it reminds me of his propaganda.

The statement "This is an offensive military weapon" is pretty laughable. A military weapon that kills tens of thousands of your own citizens?

Anonymous said...

@Chris Lopes, please clarify ‘alt-right’. I am very conservative politically, fiscally and socially; which includes a recognition of the sanctity of all life, and, a deep moral conviction to help those most fragile in the world; the young, the sick, the poor, the handicapped, the disabled, the elderly and the unborn. The capstone to my worldview, however, is that every individual must assume personal responsibility for our human family.

“Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.” ~Mother Teresa

Two Percent said...
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expat said...

« anyone who says "This is obviously not manufactured" is talking shit. »

You'll have to explain that to the authors of this article. Let us know how they react.

expat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chrisl said...

Here's infectious disease epidemiologist, Michael Osterholm, explaining that it's not a bioweapon.


Here's biologist and professor of genetics, David Sinclair, talking about how this virus mutates and spreads. It mutates quite often and most of the changes are in places in the virus which have no effect.


Crutch Clargo said...

Well, I never did find where she is blaming Soros; do be careful about screaming any sort of "ism" or "ist" unless she flat out right claimed it is a Jewish plot.

As far as her site, I find it useful only to keep up with SDM and his never ending blather about how he is innocent and the BOP is hard balling him. Then again he has spent a good deal of time bad mouthing the BOP so it is no wonder they are not letting him out on the First Step Act.

As for the CV matter, certainly not man made; more likely a accidental animal release by a research lab or believe it or not, a natural occurrence due to the wet market conditions in China and poor sanitary conditions.

expat said...

« Well, I never did find where she is blaming Soros »

Hint: Look for "BACKGROUND AND KEY INFO..." Then look for "George Soros owns WuXi Pharma Biotech Laboratory,... he has invested at least 100 million dollars .... It will be manufacturing the vaccine for profit... The pandemic was started...by Soros, NATO and the “deep state”. ... the “deep state” is a network of people in and out of government, especially in the CIA, FBI, DOJ, US Military, Congress, and the US State Department who are loyal to, and looking out for the interests of the people who own the big Jewish banks and their international financial system."

Two Percent said...

On Michael Osterholm:

The old plausible deniablity weasel words; our courts use that phrase all the time, even in the face of what to most people is plain evidence. But the courts have the power to decide black is white, so they do, when they want to.

1:30: "... there is no evidence whatsoever..."

Oh-ohh. Watered down a bit, second time around.

2:09: "I don't believe there's any evidence..."

Notice how the "no evidence" is followed immediately by narrow limits - which as yet, are not certain, and may never be, just to make it "plausible". That doesn't really mean there's no evidence, but it sounds good, and Oh, so easy to minterpret. Just, we choose to ignore or disregard what may be genuine evidence.

On David Sinclair:

Didn't bother. Viruses mutate all the time. That SARS-CoV-2 also does proves what? Nothing.

expat said...

I've done a bit of housekeeping this morning. I won't allow this blog to become a venue for debates about "9/11 truth". It's off topic and very silly.

chrisl said...

I kind of knew that 2% would be unable to understand, or bother to try to, the information from experts on this coronavirus. Once we get to the stage of "well he *would* say that wouldn't he?", as evidence of how the opposite must be true, it's game-over for reason or an ability to learn.

It doesn't take any talent to play that game, as the likes of Cassidy, Hoagland and Bara have shown. You can probably do better than that, 2%. And yeah, leave 9/11 out of it, that's so dull it actually makes Cassidy et al sound interesting.


Two Percent said...


[I attempted to post this (now edited) reply yesterday, but I guess the entire comment was subject to your housekeeping. Therefore I have removed all references to the WTC, and I presume that chrisl's "reply" relates to this, so I'll re-post it so others can see for themselves what he is dissing, and equally, judge for themselves...]

Haven't we discussed this article already, in an earlier thread? Of course, I won't have to explain anything to them, because they don't actually say the virus "is obviously not manufactured".

Here's the strongest they get:

"Our analyses clearly show that SARS-CoV-2 is not a laboratory construct or a purposefully manipulated virus."

The biggest problem is, it's impossible to prove a negative. Besides, they don't (clearly show), but the statement itself would probably throw most casual readers off. At best, they suggest, and even then, the suggestions often contradict their own evidence.

The second section is titled:

"Theories of SARS-CoV-2 origins"

Theories! Only theories.

"It is improbable that SARS-CoV-2 emerged through laboratory manipulation of a related SARS-CoV-like coronavirus."

Improbable is the key word there. Again, it's not definitive, leaves open an unknown margin for laboratory manipulation. At best, it's an opinion, without any real (e.g. numerical) substantiation, and it's not definitive. What else do I need to say?

Oh, why not!? Notice the weasel wording:

"... improbable that SARS-CoV-2 emerged through laboratory manipulation ..."

That statement, as written, may well be true. The virus probably emerged from the laboratory by absolute fuckin' carelessness or stupidity. The statement doesn't actually say what you want it to say, but most people are not attuned to see through authoritative-sounding misinformation.

If this is not enough, try this on for size:

"Furthermore, if genetic manipulation had been performed, one of the several reverse-genetic systems available for betacoronaviruses would probably have been used."

Probably - NOT! If it was genetically modified in China, why could they, would they, not use their own, purposefully developed system? This proves nothing.

"However, the genetic data irrefutably show that SARS-CoV-2 is not derived from any previously used virus backbone."

WELL! How about that? "Irrefutably!" That warrants a little more explanation than was provided.

And WTF does "previously used" mean? As in, for Bio-Engineering purposes? For Bio-Weapons experimentation and/or development? But Bio-Weapons Engineering doesn't exist, anywhere, right? Therefore, it could not have been Bio-Weapons Engineered in China.

I'm not wasting any more time on this argument. Believe what you will.

PS: @chrisl, are you one and the same as Chris Lopes? I guess so, but that would be a wild supposition.

Two Percent said...


"the information from experts on this coronavirus."

There ARE no experts on this coronavirus. Not yet. Everyone is still grasping and groping for information and "expertise." There are virologists and epidemiologists, experts on the subject of viruses in general, but you're overreaching there.

"Once we get to the stage of "well he *would* say that wouldn't he?", as evidence of how the opposite must be true..."

Please, justify. Or, can I say, Put up or Shut up?

Chris Lopes said...

To set the record straight, chrissl is not me. I have no problem expressing my opinions using my real name.

purpleivan said...

"The biggest problem is, it's impossible to prove a negative."

The bigger problem is that argument can be twisted to support any position, especially as many forget that a lack of a negative is no evidence of a positive. Additionally to say that there are no experts on the Coronavirus could be applied to any partially understood phenomena, in a much larger, generally well understood field of enquiry, so doesn't really add much of value.

The question is how do the experts in the fields that relate to the study of a virus and it's spread in a population compare with the self proclaimed "experts", who's only qualifications are that they can use Goolge and jump to ridiculous conclusions with no real evidence.

It's like saying we have no experts in building 1km tall skyscrapers, because none have yet been built, therefore no-one knows how you would build one, ignoring all the experince we have in constructing ones well over half that size.

If I was going to put my life on the line (and many of us are) regarding matters related to the Coronavirus and it's spread, I'd put it in the hands of real experts and not conspiracy theorists out for notoriety or to make an opportunist buck.

Equally if I was going to step foot in a 1km high building, I'd sure as hell want it to be designed by a qualified architect.

chrisl said...

2%, when I wrote "the information from experts on this coronavirus" I meant it as "(the information from experts) on this coronavirus" less so "the information from (experts on this coronavirus)". Not that it makes any difference – Osterholm's expertise is varied and well-established.


David Sinclair is a biologist and professor of genetics. His expertise is also well-established.


There's also nothing special about this coronavirus. It has its own properties which makes it more or less able to spread, and those properties are well-understood; all that changes are the values of the variables.

For a change try listening to what experts have to say rather than what your mate-who-reckons-it's-defo-a-bioweapon has to say.

The frustration with your (and Cassidy, etc) knee-jerk conspiracy attitude to everything is you lessen the effect of genuine unresolved concerns, because people can point to those concerns and then point to you as an example of how they're just conspiracy and nothing to worry about. Genuine unresolved concerns which require a scientific and evidence-led analysis, but which almost seem conspiracy related and can be co-opted by clowns, include:

- The method by which this coronavirus found its way into general population, whether that be through filthy live animal markets or careless lab work or something else
- China's initial response and how their government handled it
- The role and politics of the WHO and their actions
- The way in which various countries responded and their prepardness for a pandemic
- The possible use of this pandemic as a means to introduce liberty-eroding measures by the backdoor
- The introduction of hurried and poorly worded legislation and ropey implementations from police and authorities
- The lasting economic effects and who will feel them

There's no global elite masterplan at work here. It's the usual story of humans being hit with a disaster and this testing their planning, capabilities, economics, healthcare, technology, tribalism, politics and egos. It's messy, but as an explanation for global events I'll take messy human failings over insanely clever watertight secret projects any day. And in doing that I'll defer to people who've demonstrated that they know what the fuck they're talking about.

Two Percent said...


There's also nothing special about this coronavirus.

... and those properties are well-understood ...

There's no global elite masterplan at work here.

Check ‘hypocrite’ in a dictionary.

The Truth, I believe, regarding this virus, as I’ve said before, is that The Truth will never out. But it’s fun arguing about it. 🤪

As for Experts, I guess you just haven’t studied enough of them.

X is the unknown quantity. Spurt is a drip under pressure. Basically says enough.

Why don’t you simply explain where my points of analysis of “the article” (https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-020-0820-9) are just plain wrong? Should be pretty easy!?

Two Percent said...



Two Percent said...

chrisl said:

"There's also nothing special about this coronavirus. It has its own properties which makes it more or less able to spread, and those properties are well-understood;

Indeed!! We already know all there is to know about this evil creation...


These are apparently "the deadliest type of stroke. Known as large vessel occlusions, or LVOs, they can obliterate large parts of the brain responsible for movement, speech and decision-making in one blow..."

"The frustration with your [...] attitude to everything is you lessen the effect of genuine unresolved concerns, because people can point to those concerns and then point to you as an example of how they're [...] nothing to worry about.

Two Percent said...



Headline: (No unique article link as yet)

"Live updates: WHO says no evidence recovery prevents second infection as coronavirus deaths surpass 200,000 worldwide"

expat, I think your wishes have been granted!

WHo knows where this is gonna end?

Two Percent said...

Ok expat,

Is this for real!?

"By Monday, more than 10,000 strains had been sequenced by scientists around the globe, containing more than 4,300 mutations, according to the China National Centre for Bioinformation."


expat said...

It would make sense that NYC has the deadliest strain.

2% said...

Just curious - sense, in which sense?

Because NYC is a city of extremes, or because it's hitting so hard there, or...?

expat said...

The latter.

Two Percent said...


What do you say?


Duplicated here if any issues with msn


expat said...

I say what I already said. I don't know enough molecular biology to arbitrate between the experts who insist that SARS-CoV-2 is man-made and those who insist the contrary.

The Scripps Research Institute is known to me personally as a highly prestigious source. I've never heard of The Broad Institute.