Monday, January 14, 2013

The wisdom of Youtube commenters (2013)

        As Chris Lopes correctly pointed out recently, Richard Hoagland has given up on selling DVDs of his Powerpointathons ("he can't sell them as coasters" was Chris's comment, I believe.) So he no longer protests when they turn up on Youtube. It amuses me no end that his credibility in that scatological school-playground environment is now as non-existent as it has been at JPL since the mid-70s.

        Here's a selection of comments on Curiosity's Stealth Mission, the interminable "Nike sneaker" talk from last October's Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles.

(from Tara Jordan, who sometimes comments here too) "Somehow you have to give credit to 2 bit crook Richard Hoagland tenacity & audacity, & the gullibility of the mental midgets who swallow his intestinal dejection's. Hoagland doesnt give up.he always comes with new insanities."

"is this retard really going on about mini coops? wtf. i knew this video was gonna be BS, but i figured i would gain some perspective at least, but it hard to pay attention when this retart keeps talking about what hotel he stayed at and fucking mini coops."

"a 65 million year old childs shoe and glider..... Hoagland, please spend 10 minutes on a how to video, the economy is rough, people are hurting, they need insight into your special alchemy of turning pure unadulterated bullshit into cash. And for an extra fiver you could teach them how one piles it so high but manages to get out of the way before it all falls, only to start up the next pile, remember Elenin?"

"A building has eroded to fuck but there is a child's shoe lying about still. Continue to eat your own shit sir."

"This man is such an idiot,or he's smart,and making money off of dumb,naive,gullible people who want so much for all this to be true.I will bet his credentials DO NOT add up to what he claims they are.I will go as far as to say that most people in the field of science have no clue who this fraud is."


"This guy is a plagiarist, a bullshit artist and a snake oil salesman. he should have been a woman so he could prostitute himself. He's a total bullshit artist and keeps coming out with these bullshit theories and tries to cash in on it by charging gullible people heaps of cash to sit though this shit. ass hole...."

"This guy is pathetic. What's more pathetic is that idiots actually believe this."

"i think there is a reason he is no longer working for nasa.why in the world would anybody listen to this nutter?"

"Richard Hoagland drinking game; whenever he name drops one of his friends, drink. Whenever he says, "rectalinear geometry," chug."
"Richard Hoagland is th reason people laugh at UFO believers.
He's the reason we'll never get full disclosure.
He's part of the fucking problem, cashing in on the UFO controversy by telling lies in order to make money.
What a piece of shit he is."


Chris Lopes said...

Judging from the comments on some of the other Hoagland videos there, I'd say whoever posted them was not doing Hoagland any favors. The more people hear what he is really saying, the less sane he appears. Funny how that works.

FlightSuit said...

I heart Tara Jordan!

Jiminy Oddbird said...

You fucking morons hate Hoagland so much, that you fool yourselves because you want so much to believe that he is failing to make money.

Trekker said...

I see that Mike is having another go at Stuart Robbins, over his claims of Hoagland's manipulation of the red 'stripe' on the upper lip of the 'Data's head' rock on the moon:

Chris Lopes said...

The good folks at NASA Flix (aka UFO TV) might be making a few pennies of ad revenue off of this thing, but that doesn't mean Hoagland is. Of course it's possible he sold out to them (after spending the past decade or so complaining about how such videos were stealing money from his research) in an effort to pay his bar tab. I just don't think this is the path to riches that Hoagland intended his "research" to be.

expat said...

I'm on it, Trekker...

FlightSuit said...

Misti says we're the morons, yet she doesn't quite understand how little money YouTube monetization actually provides.

I guess NASA Flix probably has Hoagland's approval to be hosting that video, though, 'cause otherwise he could file a DMCA takedown request, and YouTube doesn't tend to allow users to monetize videos they've stolen from other sources.

Anonymous said...

Misti, have you seen Hoagland's fiscal records? If not, you have no idea how much he makes or if he makes anything at all.