Monday, January 21, 2013

Spot the deliberate mistake

        Promotional copy is not known for scrupulous accuracy, to be sure. Perhaps lies are to be expected, and we should pretend not to notice.

        But since Mike Bara often says that all his critics (including me) are liars, I hold him to a stricter standard than your run-of-the-mill conference lecturer. So I'm not inclined to give a free pass to this puff-piece promoting his Powerpoint show at Conscious Life Expo (that's the 'spo Richard Hoagland was dropped from because he failed to provide required materials in time).

        Please note: Dark Mission was #21 on the NYT list for paperback non-fiction for one week in 2007. Technically not a best-seller, since the best-seller list is by definition the top 20. The book led the "Also Selling" list that week.

        The Choice never came remotely close to best-seller status. IT'S A LIE.


Anonymous said...

Just to be a little picky, the lecture time of "Sunday, February 10 4pm - 5pm" is already vague... 4pm - 5pm: is that GMT (UTC) or CET or some other time zone; and "Century C", is that century 12 (hexadecimal, correct) and if so which year?
Okay, a little more serious, this Evidence of an Ancient Alien presence with images of bases (marine? "air" force? naval?), artifacts (image processing artifacts / effects?), devices (stone chisels perhaps?), other relics (maybe from even earlier earthling lunar landing craft?) - how can such imagery be considered as 'evidence' by any sensible, sane human being especially given the (provable and almost laughable) major flaws in his previous efforts? I'd suggest anyone sitting to listen to this 'lecture' be prepared for some bad farce, along the lines of a 'comedy of errors'. (F.C. Trevor Gale.)

astroguy said...

An apostrophe is needed in "Earths" in "...roamed Earths [sic] nearest..." and "a" is needed between "Mike Bara is" and "New York Times." Well, perhaps "not a" needs to be inserted.

Unknown said...

The misspelling is in "Conscious Life Expo".
It should read "Conscious Lie Expo".

Anonymous said...

I don't suppose a right thinkiing person could happen along amongst the guilible influenced on mind altering substances, to stand up and take Bara to task during his seminar? I wonder how long before he mentions Turkish prisons and medical devices to evacuate bodily fluids?
Yorkshire Pud

expat said...

Anon: That would be a thing of profound beauty. I'll provide the questions, but I'm not volunteering to be the soldier for truth.

Tara Jordan said...

There is an underlying & cruel reality that Bara & Hoagland are hiding from their followers,Most of the UFO buffs & researchers consider them as frauds or cuckoos. You have to understand that the individuals who are predisposed to take them seriously are the least educated among the scientifically illiterate crowd.Couple of years ago, I had exchanges with Jack Sarfatti(one fascinating character) & once I brought up Hoagland`s name.Sarfatti told me " Hoagland doesn't even believe his own crap...". Like I told Bara,I almost feel sorry for him, he is incapable of producing anything remotely original, he is that underdog character who endlessly has to deal & play with Hoagland left overs...

Anonymous said...

Is there any source which defines the NYT as the top 15 and/or 20 only, excluding the additional mentioned titles? I'd think that it's on the list or it's not.

By the way, Amazon "best-seller" (top 100) ranks were for Dark Mission, according to

#45 in Books > Religion & Spirituality > New Age > Reference
#84 in Books > Professional & Technical > Professional Science > Astronomy & Space Science > Aeronautics & Astronautics
#91 in Books > Professional & Technical > Professional Science > Astronomy & Space Science > Astrophysics & Space Science

Nothing there about The Choice though.

expat said...

Wikipedia says that:

This page is supposed to give you the lists for Nov 18 2007 but I can't make them load.

Anonymous said...

How is his Ancient BS On The Moon book coming along? I'd use that book as a doorstop, but I respect my doors too much.

expat said...

Time was, you could get some sales figs from publisher's weekly. That practice seems to have ceased. But it's Amazon kindle ranking is 141,052

Anonymous said...

expat: "Wikipedia says that"

But it also says "Expanded lists that show additional titles are available online through the Book Review website".

If a list would be expanded it's still the same list but showed in expanded form. Nitpicking I know but what can I do?

From Hoagland's wiki page footnote here's
the archived list for NYT.


Chris Lopes said...

I think that part of the reason Bara has so much hate for Expat and Dr. Robbins is that their exposure of the Ziggy fraud killed a lot of potential sales of the book. If the book had done well, Bara would be laughing all the way to the bank.

Chris said...

Bara will likely be waiting for some more schoolchildren to be murdered so he can plug his book again.

Nothing like a school shooting all over the news to get the SEO keywords going. Shame to let it go to waste eh?