Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hoagland's high-tech hustle

     It's been noticeable that, in his many appearances on the Coast to Coast AM overnight radio show, Richard Hoagland the pseudo-scientist has not recently been begging for cash as he once used to. I surmise that even the producers of that show, as unprincipled and as contemptuous of their audience as they are, found it a bit embarrassing for their "science adviser" to be ending each segment with "Here's the PO Box number for donations to enable us to continue THIS IMPORTANT RESEARCH." Come to think of it, the time when the begging stopped more or less coincided with the time they started calling him science adviser. Could there be a quid pro quo by which they agreed to pay him a consultancy fee if he'd just please stop with the begging? I merely ask...

     Yesterday on his FB page, in answer to a question from somebody posing as John Smith, Hoagland gave us all some pseudo-information about HAARP — that Alaskan ionosphere research facility jointly run by the US Navy, USAF and Univ. Alaska. Here's Hoagland's complete text:

HAARP uses a few BEAMED kilowatts of radio energy, from a phased antenna array ... which enormously enhances its "effective radiated power" to manipulate the Earth's ionosphere -- an ionized "plasma."

Plasmas, when excited (by a radio... mechanisms or other means ...) generate TORSION Field waves ....
Which can a) manipulate weather, b) generate earthquakes, c) render nuclear weapons inert, d) influence mass consciousness, e) affect biological systems, etc. etc. ....

In other words, HAARP -- as a "trigger technology" -- is a LOT more than "merely a means to probe the physics of the Earth's upper atmosphere."

Hope this is helpful.

Your "suspicions" re Haiti (and a lot of OTHER "anomalous events" occuring recently ...) are absolutely correct!

As I've said many times earlier, we are AT WAR ... with "someone."

And, the weapons are NOT "roadside mines and suicide bombs"; those are merely the DISTRACTIONS from a far more serious conflict, currently going on in space ... and (selectively) here on Earth ....

And Haiti was only ONE of many, many other examples now occurring.

     Well now. Oh dear. I'm no expert in ionospheric excitations (or excitations of other kinds, these days — must be getting old) but I do know the following:

% HAARP's power is 3.6 MW
% There is no such thing as a "torsion field wave." Hoagland refers to torsion fields regularly, and he hammers home the point that they are caused by "rotation, rotation, rotation." He's wrong about that, too.
% The dire effects he cites, including incapacitation of nuclear weapons and influence over mass consciousness, are imaginary with the exception of influence over weather. Even that is highly localized and at least one order of magnitude less than the effects of solar storms that occur routinely without any conspiratorial effort on the part of DARPA.
% I'm no more an expert in psychiatry than ionospherology, but surely, isn't "We are AT WAR -- with ''someone''" a plain symptom of paranoia?

     Well, I wrote that I quoted RCH's complete text. I lied. The kicker was an afterthought below:

Details will be presented in Arizona, at the Greer "Transformation" Conference.

     That was followed by a hyperlink to enable his disciples to register for this conference. I simply can't bear to reproduce it here — the mere thought induces waves of nausea. Why? The registration fee is a stonking FOUR HUNDRED AND NINETY FIVE UNITED STATES DOLLARS.

So the begging hasn't really stopped, just gotten more brazen.

     My remaining question is: WHAT THE FUCK has this junk science got to do with SETI?


Biological_Unit said...

RCH: NASA does NOT officially admit that such structures even exist!

They term them "sand dunes."

Dunes formed laterally in a large ditch

These structures are Fused Sand from colossal lightning!
These dunes end in nothing, not even rubble from the fantastic civilization that is supposed (by Hoagies) to exist.

Chris Lopes said...

Yeah, I was taken aback by the HAARP thing too. His post was so full of technobable that the BS meter went way off the scale. I guess it's hard to argue with a guy if you (and he) have no idea what he is talking about.

The Greer connection was a mystery too. Greer does not really cover the same territory as Hoagland, so it doesn't make sense unless he is getting desperate for an audience and a speaking fee. Hoagland claims it is part of an "outreach", yeah whatever.

As far as the fee goes, I don't have a problem with it. The people paying the fee are getting exactly what they are paying for, a more detailed description of Hoaglandia. To you and me, that isn't worth much, but for some it is worth $500 bucks. So far, he isn't claiming to cure cancer or make his followers rich and famous. He is just giving them his view of the "truth".

Would it be better if they saved their money and looked at real science? Sure, but that isn't likely to happen. These people are too gullible and hungry for easy answers. If it weren't Hoagie, it'd be some other equally useless (and more dangerous) "savior" separating them from their money. Maybe I'm just too cynical about my fellow human beings.

Biological_Unit said...

The astronauts that influenced our cave men and our Mayans and
Eygptians were probably the lingering time travellers. Their great race of Atlantis and Mu were destroyed because either they self-destructed
intentionally or had to move to a ne...w hyperspace. There is a chance that advanced humans from our future who travelled the distant past and had tremendous ability visited Mars and teleported without the
aid of conventional spaceships.

Just kidding! I just posted a Hoagie cultist's insane raving because it's fun to look into a crazy person's head!

Biological_Unit said...

RCH: It will backfire ... because the Physics IS changing. :)

What? Physical Constants may be changing in extremely low amounts. Is the smiley an indication of nervous LYING?

Every New Ager I have ever met holds stubbornly to the belief that if they think happy thoughts and wish hard enough, their invisible “mental energy” will change their surroundings for them. “If only everyone was blindly optimistic about everything,” they think to themselves, “our society would be perfect…”

Biological_Unit said...

HAARP is not always Junk Science. That does not mean Hoagster has a grip on the situation of what HAARP is used for.

[Note: During the "Navy Deep-Sea Communication" operational mode, the shortwave radio pulses are all, with military precision, exactly 6.25 seconds long with either exactly 15 or 30 second spaces between pulses. Those long and short binary spaces in between the pulses are actually the coded message. Something like the dits and dahs of very slow Morse code. In this mode, the power is usually at maximum. Unlike the research mode, which mostly runs at night, the US Navy communication mode can be at any time of the day or night, any month of the year. The transmissions may run continuously for about 10 to 30 hours, or from one to several days.

Following the 9-11 World Trade Center attack, and just minutes after the President declared the highest Defense Condition Four (DefCon4), HAARP began transmitting at highest power for 18 hours in "deep-sea communication" mode. This is the only way to communicate the DefCon4 condition and updated battle commands to the US nuclear submarines on station miles deep in the ocean.]

The various transmission ranges of HAARP are important to note, this report says, as “immediately prior” to Senator Stevens plane going down Russian satellites orbiting over the Arctic detected a “powerful” 3.39 megahertz signal emanating from HAARP’s Copper Valley Area, Gakona, Alaska base and “directed” over the region this tragedy occurred in.

Biological_Unit said...

Hoagie's facebook:

Because, there are Rules ....

This is a MUCH higher level "game" than most are willing to believe ....

Everything Hoagie writes hints at hidden things - that he will give details about for $499.95 cash!
Does he offer a guarantee? People who are stupid enough to drop that kinda dough will slurp up any nitwit nonsense!

Chris Lopes said...

BU, good point. Hoagland always says "stay tuned" as if the rest of the story is just around the corner. The problem is, it never gets here.

For instance, in a C2C appearance where he was talking about his infamous "Von Braun accidentally discovers anti-gravity and free energy" papers, Hoagland claimed that part 3 would tell people how they too could use this new physics to get free energy too. Of course that part never came (nor did the corrections for the rocket equations mentioned, but that's another story), nor is it ever likely to.

Hoagland has a gift for going from subject to subject, starting a thesis, then moving on before anyone notices what he was saying is nonsense. For instance, the oil spill filled pages and pages of his FB page for weeks on end, with no real result. The paper promised is not likely to be presented anytime soon, because Hoagie really doesn't have anything coherent to say about it. He tried to force the news event into his mythology and it really doesn't fit. So his only hope now is to find something else to dangle in front of his followers and hope they forget about the spill. That something appears to be (drum roll please) "The Secret Space War"(tm). I guess that's why he is hanging out with Greer these days.

Chris Lopes said...

Ex Pat, just giving you a heads up here. Apparently "the next big thing" (for this week anyway) in Hoaglandia is going to be Hurricane Earl as a weapon in some secret space war. Can the guy just leave the frakking weather alone?

expat said...

More paranoia, perhaps -- although I really do hesitate to use the terminology of a discipline in which I have no training.

Chris Lopes said...

Not so much paranoia as a useful diversion. It will keep the faithful occupied for the next week or so and give him some room to maneuver.

Interestingly enough, I would not have said that a few months ago. Back then, I would have given Hoagie the benefit of the doubt that he really believes this stuff. Now, not so much.

expat said...

Yet another completely inaccurate Hoagland prediction, as Earl fizzles without ever threatening Washington DC.

Chris Lopes said...

It bought him a week of not having to answer questions about all the other stuff he claimed to know about. Mission Accomplished! :)