Monday, March 28, 2011


        Secret! Richard Hoagland's second favorite word, after "stunning" (usually followed by "...confirmation of my brilliant ideas".)

        It's definitely a high-value word for him. First because it allows his disciples to get the thrill of believing that they're "in on" something that was not intended to be known. Even more important, it forestalls any critical review—any attempt at analysis can be answered with "of course you can't confirm this. THEY have made it impossible to find the information!"

        Accordingly, we've had "Von Braun's Secret" which, as we've seen, is utter balderdash. While Hoagland's web site has been lying idle and un-updated all these many months, it's been stuck on promo for his DVD of a Secrets Conference. Next week the Big Man[1] himself will be appearing at an international conference on "The Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization."

        It's been a while since he pontificated about the Secret Space Program. If I recall right, the gist of it is that there's a space program run by the supra-national SECRET government. Its capabilities are very impressive, including the ability to destroy a comet. However, it has no manufacturing facilities, no personnel and no launch sites. Cute, huh? NO OF COURSE THERE'S NO EVIDENCE!! DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?? IT'S SECRET!!!!


[1] Hoagland actually referred to himself in those words, on his FB page last weekend. The man's arrogance is .... STUNNING.


Chris Lopes said...

My guess is he'll use the same Power Point presentation (with some updates) that he used at the Greer conference last year. That seems to be the limit of his abilities these days.

Anonymous said...

I saw him delete a ton of posts this past weekend. Outta tell ya how open to scientific discussion he is. Balderdash indeed.

Biological_Unit said...

You're supposed to just believe him! It's a Faith-Based Goofy New-Age Religion. He provides hope for the losers who hate having to think for themselves.

Chris Lopes said...

BU, It's all a wonderful ego game for him. Right now, he's opened a thread to discuss the---wait for it---SECRET MESSAGES Obama sent with his speech tonight. I think it's just an exercise to see how much BS his followers will accept without any evidence at all. The cult leader is seeing how obedient the cult is. :)

Biological_Unit said...

John has a long moustache, repeat John has a long moustache

Biological_Unit said...

SECRET MESSAGES - Mars Revealer is all about that, yet he is shunned as an obvious Schizophrenic.
Message to Hoagies: You'll be left at the side of the road for whatever whim the Cult Leader has.
I wouldn't mind if Mars Revealer wanted to do a Podcast with me.

Biological_Unit said...

Correction - RCH has called MR an Extortionist.

Chris Lopes said...

BU, he calls anyone who disagrees with him that. This weekend we had a great example of that whole mindset. A woman named Suzanne came in on the "super science that will remove radiation" thread. She mentioned that you really can't measure radioactivity with a voltmeter. Hoagland's first response was ridicule. He didn't actually refute her claim of course, he just made it plain he didn't take her seriously. He then spent the rest of the weekend and Monday making the woman feel (by randomly deleting posts in her threads) as unwelcome as possible. When she finally had enough, he made it clear to all he was quite glad to see her go. The creepiness of the thing was both beyond the pale and beyond his followers comprehension. They responded with the appropriate level of adulation.

In the end, that's what it's all about for Hoagland. His page is more than just a way to sell himself (though he does that a lot), it's also an ego enhancement for a man who has nothing left but his imagination. That's why he tries so hard to prune the tree of page goers to only those who recognized his greatness. I don't know what is sadder, Hoagland or those who follow him.

Biological_Unit said...

He fulfills a need for someone to "riff" about Science. It's nasty for a lot of people when you remind them that progress in Physics involves a lot of hard slogging in complicated Math theorems. There is no wasted effort however, some young whipper-snapper could rewrite the textbooks tomorrow. Discoveries like Super-Conductivity come out of nowhere or from "left field".

The people who were wronged by RCH have to keep things in perspective. It's not the worst thing that was being said on the Internet at the time, and sensitive types i.e. 13 year old girls don't frequent that sort of Forum.

Chris Lopes said...

BU, I don't think Suzanne was a shrinking violet by any means. I think she was just someone who wanted to talk openly and honestly about things and ran into the wrong person to do that with. My guess is she finally figured out that wasn't going to happen with Hoagie, so she decided to get on with her life. Still, you'd think some of the fans would have had the decency to be bothered by his treatment of her, since he is just as likely to turn against them once the stop stroking his ego.

Anonymous said...

"verwundet mein herz mit eintoennige matischkeit"
And; "The chair is against the wall"

Any other secret messages, Richard??

Do you guys think he is for real, or just making this up for money??


Chris Lopes said...

At one time I thought he believed this stuff (and he might have at one time), but I'm convinced (based on his constant "string them along" methodology) that he's in it for the money and the ego. Oh I'm sure he sometimes buys into his own BS, every good salesman does. For the most part though, he's playing to the crowd while he waits for the next conference. If he really believed, we'd be reading about this stuff on the EM website. That he doesn't post there tells me he no longer really believes it.

Biological_Unit said...

We could offer Scientific hardware that RCH could quietly sell for Pot.

Look out for Photoshopped images of the Glass Domes on the Moon to come out soon.

expat said...

Anonymous: I seriously think Hoagland is insane. Many of the things he comes up with don't have the ghost of a chance of being right. His paranoia leaps from every page of "Dark Mission."

He's very very articulate -- eloquent, even -- but so was the Marquis de Sade.

I'm using "insane" and "paranoia" in a loose vernacular sense. I'm not qualified to apply them in a strictly psychiatric sense.

Chris Lopes said...

Expat, I'm going to have to disagree. If he were truly insane, he'd have the kind of mental discipline it takes to produce more than Power Point presentations. That site of his has been dormant for almost a year. An insane person who believed what Hoagland would have to believe (secret messages in a Presidential address?) would be compulsively posting to it and writing books about his madness.

Hoagland, in the entirety of his 40+ year career, has managed 2 or 3 (depending on how you count) books, a few DVD's, and an all but dead Website. That's not a very productive output for a madman, especially if you compare him to others in the field like Bara or Farrell. No, Richard doesn't believe his BS, but he does need others to believe it and believe in him.

Biological_Unit said...

Everyone has a dark side.

<><><><><><><> muuhaaa haaa

The Most important things are invisible.

- Edgar Allen Poe

Chris Lopes said...

BU, I guess the "cat" just couldn't stay away. Even in Amsterdam, he can't resist the urge see what those nasty disinfo agents are saying about him and delete their evil words. LOL