Monday, March 7, 2011

Mike Bara recovered -- physically, at least. Mentally, we'll have to see

        This just in, by exclusive video-blog[1]: Mike Bara declares himself cured — regrets having had to cancel his appearance on the Spiritual Cruise into 2012.

        The ship sailed on Saturday, bearing a cargo of what were billed as "the world’s greatest spiritual teachers, authors, visionaries, and experts"[2]. Did Mike Bara really take a look at that billing and self-disqualify? Just kidding. Actually, he probably made a wise decision. The last thing that ship of fools needs is a few million Bara-viruses. Faced with an outbreak, Robin Falkov would undertake to cure them all with homeopathy, then they'd really be in trouble.

        In his video-blog [at 11:27], Mike re-iterates his well-known position that people only point out his colossal errors because they're scared. That joke never seems to get old.

        I posted this welcoming message to his blog, but I doubt if I'll get a response:

I'm glad to know you've recovered. Perhaps now you'd be willing to say how many Space Shuttle launches and landings fit your "ritual alignment model."

Also, are the astrologically favorable alignments timed for the originally-announced launch/landing times, or the actual times?

Please recall that you are on record as saying "NASA always seems to want to land or launch when the stars are in favorable positions, at least according to their mythology."

        Anybody not already familiar with this so-called ritual alignment model, and its many failures, can brush up on it here, here, and here.



Chris Lopes said...

And he recovered just as the ship set sail, what an amazing coincidence! Actually I think not being associated with that cruise is probably the best stroke of luck he's had in quite a while. If the thing goes belly up financially, no one can blame good ole Mike for it.

I am curious though why Hoagland (outside of his private FB page) didn't promote the cruise much. He didn't even manage to provide a link on the EM site for it. I'd have thought the finance people would have insisted on some cross-promotion. Anyway, I hope they have fun and the backers take a bath. :)

Anonymous said...

This may need your attention:
Gordon James Gianninoto on C2C re Planet X.

expat said...

Thanks, anon. Anyone who cites Nancy Leider in support of a theory of anything can be discounted immediately.

Chris Lopes said...

Why can't some people understand that a shift in magnetic poles is not the same as a shift in geographic poles? I've seen this a lot lately, even Hoagland pushes this nonsense in his NASA, Obama and Kennedy DVD. I just don't get it.

Biological_Unit said...

We just had a 10 cm shift in the Axis of Rotation, and Honshu moved more than 2 meters.
That was the Ring of Fire doing it's regular nastiness. I cannot say why the tectonic plates do this, we can only guess!