Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Solution to the year-end acrostic

"Following the political tumult and excitement of the first successful lunar landings, the White House and NASA dramatically changed the direction of the entire space program under the excuse of a lack of public interest and insufficient funding."
--Richard Hoagland, Dark Mission

A. Ruffians
B. Ice-T
C. Cupped
D. Hellhole
E. Acceded
F. Ratline
G. Duffle
H. Hexadecimal
I. Oberg
J. Accutron
K. George Noory
L. Lustful
M. Aching
N. Nuffield
O. Diffidence
P. Dwelt
Q. Atticum
R. Rosh Hashannah
S. Kitten paws
T. Morningstar
U. Institute
V. Space station
W. Staunch
X. Illuminati
Y. Often
Z.  Netsex

For reference, the acrostic is here:

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expat said...

By the way, that's a typically erroneous sentence. They pretty much stuck to the plan for Apollo until January 1970, when 20 was cancelled.