Monday, August 28, 2017

Mike Bara comments on a former "best pal" who's now a convicted felon and in jail

       For any readers totally unfamiliar with the world of conspiracy, here are briefings on the two personalities involved:
Mike Bara
Sean David Morton

        Mike Bara started a Youtube channel about eight years ago--a mixture of his public utteringsnote 1 and diary-type material spoken straight to camera. He really does have a gift for talking to a video camera in a natural and engaging way--such a pity that most of what he actually says is garbage. Well, lately he seems to  have moved the vlog material to the Book of Farces. Yesterday he posted a vlog of general chit-chat, including this:
"In other news, erm; Sean David Morton was picked up this week ..[??] .er,  I don't know if you guys know who Sean was, but he was a very famous...erm, psychic... guest... big star on Coast to Coast in the 90s. Er, he was a close friend of mine for a few years in the 2000s and early 2010s, and erm, kind-of went down a road I couldn't follow him, and I ended up splitting with he and his wife Melissa, and they both got arrested this week. Sean had skipped out on bail.. er, that he was up for... for various different charges by the Government. Ummm, I'm skeptical of the case against him, from what I understand about it--however, I do know that he invited this upon himself, that he fought everything from a very... um, unfortunate perspective, and he.. you know, he basically made things, erm... [unintelligible] ....and kind of got himself into trouble. And got himself arrested this week. As I understand it the cats are fine. um... Melissa raises Norwegian forest cats. Last time I checked, there were several people coming over to the house to take care of them, to move them to other homes. They will eventually find good homes for all of them--I don't think she'll be getting out of jail any time soon. And, um.. I will say this: I am very resentful of the people who are taking great joy in this. Sean could be a bit of a dick, and he's invited this conflict in his life, um.. and I... you know, I'm... I'm sorry that he chose this path, I think he has probably some lessons that he needs to learn, but I don't take any great joy in, erm... in this happening to him and I don't think anybody else should either. I think it's, er.. I think it's I think it's an unfortunate thing for um.. he and... and his family and Melissa, and I wish that they both could have found a way to learn their lessons in a different manner. It's really too bad. So. And I'm not going to take any joy over him going to jail, like some people are in the UFO community. Some people in the UFO community are dicks, and that's just the way they are. So. Um.. You know my other comments about that are that... that I think that, again, for me truth is more important than unity. And I don't think that there is unity in the UFO community, there's a lot of rivalry... I think it's unfortunate that some people chose this moment to take it out on Sean. Sean was, er,  probably as well known as Georgio [Tsoukalos] is today. Although he didn't really have a TV gig -- So. It's a shame. Erm..And, you know, I mean, Sean's going to have to deal with what he's going to have to deal with. When I get back to California I'll probably ..??? And I hope that.. I hope he survives. I hope he makes it through his.. er, his jail time. And I would encourage him to... to co-operate. Um.. Take his punishment, and... er, try to move on with his life after this. To me it just shows you.. it just shows me that.. that being in conflict with the world does not gain you anything. I've been in conflict.. all the time, I've been in conflict with people telling everyone how bad Mayweather was going to destroy McGregornote 2 Um, So, you know, it just doesn't ultimately in the long term [...???...]
        At least he did say that SDM brought this upon himself, and that he "could be a bit of a dick," but where, I wondered, was the acknowledgement that Morton and his wife had literally cheated their clients out of millions of dollars? Where was the sense that Morton's astounding legal incompetence and hubris had exacerbated his situation instead of alleviating it? (see prior blogging). If Bara remains, as he says, "skeptical" about the case against Morton, it's because he just doesn't want to know. The blog ufowatchdog has all the deets.

        Sentencing is now set for Sept. 18th at 11AM with an 87 month prison term requested by the prosecution. I freely admit that I'm one of those who is "taking great joy in this." Screw you, Sean, you arrogant bastard--and especially screw you Melissa, with your "I'm not in prison and never will be."note 3

Update 30 August:

        What's the betting the Feds popped a tracer on Melissa's car, that's how they found the crims at Desert Hot Springs so easily?
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[1] Interestingly, the channel includes a set of four lectures jointly delivered by Bara and Morton in 2012.

[2] Refers to a boxing match dubbed "The Biggest Fight in Combat Sports History" which had happened the previous day. Mayweather won by a 10th round TKO.

[3] Comment on a Youtube video, quite quickly deleted. The full text was "Screw you. I'm NOT in prison and never will be. You are a jerk just like ALL MEN!! You lie to women, cheat on them and use them. I hope YOU die a very slow and painful death."


Erickson said...

I expect that Morton will be liable for time in addition to the 87 month recommendation, since there is that matter of becoming a fugitive to consider.

But does this make me happy? I am glad that the limits of both his psychic powers and his constitutional pseudo-law skills have been shown. I am glad that it will be harder for Sean to find people who are willing to give their money to him. I am glad that I do not have to cross the street if I see him coming – he has probably done more harm than most of the people who engender that reaction with others. I am glad that if Kerry does another interview with him, it will be from prison. And that various new age or ufo cons will have to find another speaker.

But I also do not doubt that there will be those who will continue to see him as a victim or a courageous purveyor of truth. Perhaps Sean will write a prison memoir about what it is like to be another fish. And when he gets out, the lecture circuit may welcome him back. It's all part of the Sands of Time.

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

When he gets out of prison, just how old will you be, Patrick?

G-Zeus said...

Ultimate Fighting Championship? That is Mixed Martial Arts. Mayweather won a Boxing Match against McGregor.

Two Percent said...

Jeez xp@!

You're keen. That was a lot of painful drivel to listen to. You could have told me the SDM bit was in the last 1/4!

Just to clarify a couple of points for you:

"Sean was, er, probably as well known as George [..?..] is today."

Try: "Giorgio" [Tsoukalos]?

"For what he did for the..[??] So."

Try: "Although he didn't really have a TV gig - So."


expat said...

Thanks a lot, 0.02

Two Percent said...

Jail will be good for him.

He's quite short...

BMI = 38.39 kg/m2 (Obese Class II)

Two Percent said...

Well, well, shake, shake!

What are we, two or three days past Full Moon? Crack! Smack in the Window!

M8.1 off Mexico. On a different platelet. But part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, I guess?

Of course, it's statistical heresy to say there's any correlation...

Interesting though. Two weeks after one exciting syzygy, another, the "opposite" kind, and this time, a major quake.

Woe, woe, the sky is definitely falling!

A story, xp?

expat said...

That was a huge swarm, indeed. But connecting it to syzygy is still problematic as far as I'm concerned.

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

Even though I'm an advocate of Jim Berkland, I'm certainly no expert on his methodology. However, if the Mexico quake had been a 9.2 or greater, I might be tempted to assert that to be high enough magnitude to coincide in the seismic window with the recent eclipse.

What good is advance warning, anyway? Where is there to go?

As somewhat of an aside, a recent news article states that Pyongyang has been evacuated. Another article suggests that gas shortages are preventing people from evacuating Florida.

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

I would like to add, and this is just an opinion, but I think that Jim Berkland would have predicted a devastating Earthquake for the eclipse. I don't think that this quake in Mexico is due to that, but I do believe that Berkland would have predicted it, accurately. He made more than a few predictions each month, with about a 70% accuracy.

Two Percent said...

I guess no one in Mexico places adverts for missing cats, and in this case, it would be fish, and they probably don't worry much about such things as earth tremors. The fishermen might have noticed smaller pre-quake catches in the area, but that's just fishing...

Orbs, I don't see what significance magnitude 9.2 has to do with anything. The fact that an 8.1 occurred is good enough for me. ALL we could expect would be a statistically demonstrable increase in the number, magnitude or total energy release of earthquakes somehow relating to syzygies. I don't believe 9.2 has any particular relevance.

For all I know, this week's M8.1 off Mexico was "cracked" by the eclipse syzygy, and broken by the latest Full Moon. The force changes are in opposing directions, and if something is "almost" ready to break, then it's that little bit extra that makes the difference. You know the old saying - "It's the last straw that breaks the camel's back"?

Anyway, increasing 'quakes and the wilder weather are all just consequences of Global Warming. It's all coming home to roost. Enjoy!

Two Percent said...

Far more interesting than SDM or Earthquakes:

If the USGS data is believable, this test was on the surface...

Who cares about the possible nuclear destruction of life on Mars at a time like this?

M 6.3 Explosion - 22km ENE of Sungjibaegam, North Korea
2017-09-03 03:30:01 UTC 41.343°N 129.036°E 0.0 km depth

Possible explosion, located near the site where North Korea has detonated nuclear explosions in the past. If this event was an explosion, the USGS National Earthquake Information Center cannot determine its type, whether nuclear or any other possible type. The Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC) is the sole organization in the federal government whose mission is to detect and report technical data from foreign nuclear explosions.

xp@, you must have better sources...

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

Why am I continually having to overcome mischaracterizations made by 2%?

A basic tenant of Jim Berkland's methodology is that the greater the magnitude, the longer the delay, but I don't recall him ever attributing a quake to a celestial event, beyond plus or minus ten days.

Could Syzygy coinciding with near Perigee during the Eclipse have caused the recent quake in Mexico? Perhaps, but unless 2% has data to substantiate that claim, his accedence is notwithstanding.

James Concannon said...

\\Could Syzygy coinciding with near Perigee during the Eclipse have caused the recent quake in Mexico?//


THE Orbs Whiperer said...

One thing I agree with 2% about, is that you hypocritical armchair debunkers make unsubstantiated claims, just as you accuse your targets of doing.

This recent occurrence of Syzygy & Perigee might well have moved enough tidal water to have disrupted tectonic plates sufficiently enough so that the more recent full Moon could have been the last straw. This is the sort of speculation that Jim Berkland might make talking to Art Bell when exploring hypothetical possibilities.

What hypotheses or theories have either Patrick, Stuart Robbins, James Oberg, or James Concannon ever made, what experiments have they conducted, and what were the results?

expat said...

I'm a media type with science & technology expertise. I'm well-informed though I sez it meself. Both Jameses are engineers. We have created no hypotheses, carried out no experiments. Dr. Stuart Robbins is the scientist--scratch around a bit and you'll find his list of publications.

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

I don't find anywhere, Stuart Robbins ever having conducted an empirical experiment, and proving any original theory, or having verified any other theory, by peer review.

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

Another weird thing about Stuart Robbins, is that there are no accurate images of him; just a couple of digitally touched up snaps that make him look baby faced. I wonder if he's even real, at all? His website claims all sorts of professional and social activities, but no independent, third party is ever seen to interact with him. No pictures of him at symposiums, making presentations, receiving awards, kissing babies, eating rubber chicken, or the like. No students gushing all over him, or anything.

Two Percent said...

"Why am I continually having to overcome mischaracterizations made by 2%?"

I'll get back to you on that, but not tonight Josephine - err, Orbs.

expat said...

More disparagement of Stuart Robbins (guess who from?) disallowed

Two Percent said...


I should have asked last night which "mischaracterizations" you were objecting to, because from my point of view, I'm not guilty.

If you are referring to my comments about M9.2 'quakes, I can certainly explain.

I would not regard that as a mischaracterization at all. I've been trying to make a point to you, but so far, you haven't spotted it.

As I'm sure you are very well aware, predicting earthquakes of significant magnitude is notoriously difficult. However, by voluntarily restricting the magnitude to M9.2, which is an EXTREMELY rare earthquake, you are multiplying / magnifying / amplifying the already very difficult problem to the point of impossibility. You are, in fact, setting yourself up, almost perfectly, to fail. Why would you want to do that?

Further, you are guilty of another scientific "sin" - that of the Logical Fallacy of False Precision, which goes by a plethora of alternative labels, such as over-precision, misplaced precision, spurious accuracy, etc. I'm sure you can find plenty of articles on it.

As I'm sure you will have noticed, the USGS and other Earthquake reporting agencies have enough trouble accurately measuring earthquake magnitudes AFTER the event. Often, you'll see the first quoted Mag number upgraded or downgraded by one or two points in the days following a 'quake.

So, to my mind, and I'm sure many others, suggesting that an M9.2 'quake is "likely" within a certain time window will immediately be regarded as ridiculous. No one can predict these things THAT accurately, simply because there are so many unknown, hidden variables.

If you were more circumspect, you'd have a much easier time. If you must make predictions, instead of saying M9.2, which demonstrates truly Magical Thinking (Yes, look that up too) why not be realistic, and say, >M8? No decimal points, no suggestion of false accuracy, just an approximate number. If it's 8.1 or 8.3 or even 9, who cares? Your "prediction" will have been satisfied. So, why not play to win?

Two Percent

Two Percent said...

Sorry xp@,

I can't let you off this one:

"I'm well-informed though I sez it meself."

Yes, you are "well-informed" that the Lunar Landings were real. I call that misinformed! Oh, but I suppose "well-informed" does not imply "accurately-informed". I might have to let you off after all. ;-)

Anyway, if you like a bit a 'umour, I watched an 'ilarious, if somewhat disjointed Utube video the other day which includes "footage" of one of the 'nauts riding around on the Lunar Rover. SOOOO obviously fake. It was pretty funny, especially when the slightly nutty-sounding commentator explained certain features of the Lander - like the 2 of 3 fabric? deflector chutes mounted under the positioning thrusters to stop the jets from toasting parts of the Lander. He didn't ponder why there are downward pointing thrusters at all, and why they were enabled, but I do. I guess that the "Universal" (Or was it the "Luniversal"?) 4-way model was cheaper, since multi-directional rocket thrusters were available at any corner store, back then.

The video is mainly about the bizarre "finish" features of the Lander, including the placement of the gold foil - on the legs, on the feet, but not on the body. He raises the obvious question - Why?

The Rover-tainment clip begins at about 24:43. I especially love the Pan&Tilt movement of the cameras, but most amusing perhaps is the 'nauts left arm position. Now THAT is what I'd call a Precious Lunar Pose!

You'll have to ignore the ridiculous interspersed clips and comments about the Earth's rotational speed, and just focus on the sun illumination and shadow angles... Obviously a lousy science advisor, but every good movie has its flaws, right xp@?

Questions I have xp@, are:
Is that Rover clip the Real McCoy (official NASA footage), or is it really fake?

Which Mission is it from, if it is "real"?

And, perhaps more perplexing, how did they shoot the film, especially when it appears, when viewing the jiggling cameras, and the frozen arm, to be from (or somewhere very close to) the Rover itself, as it was rockin' along over the rough, dusty Lunar surface? Like, there was a cameraman riding shotgun, or on a Jeep running alongside...

If you do get a look at it, tell me if that gold-coloured object in the distance is supposed to be the Lander, and why is shape all wrong, and the gold foil now in different positions?

The link is here:

Further, I understand that you are well-informed that 9/11 was the result of a conspiracy involving al-Qaeda or some similar terrorist group. I say that makes you a Conspiracy Theorist, since there is, on the basis of some sound Scientific and Engineering Analysis, very little doubt that it was professional, controlled demolition.

By definition, conspiracy theorists are not supposed to be well-informed!

Anyway, I do accept that you are well-connected, and at the end of the day, that's much more important. ;-)

expat said...

The rover footage is from Apollo 16. Note the behavior of the dust kicked up, in 1/6 g.

Innumerable photos exist showing the coverage of the LM Descent Stage with mylar insulation. The Ascent Stage is less covered.

« He didn't ponder why there are downward pointing thrusters at all, and why they were enabled, but I do. »

Imagine the LM, not on the surface, but in orbit RVing and docking with the CM. Obviously you need 3-axis manoeuvring.

« Like, there was a cameraman riding shotgun, or on a Jeep running alongside... »

Both astronauts were on the LRV.

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

Once again, I qualify my statements, 2%, but you seem to fail to notice that fact.

Two Percent said...

Obviously, you need 3-axis manoeuvring!

Yes, you kinda missed my point there, about the Luniversal, off-the-shelf, non-customised thruster modules. Those chutes would have had a very bad effect on manoeuvrability - certainly, on controllability, especially after one of them fell off. Even with all four in place, we know that in a vacuum, rocket gases spread out rapidly in all directions, so those chutes would have created significant lateral forces. Worse still, they would almost certainly have flapped, waved and billowed (under thrust) a bit like that flag did, which would have created four hellishly variable thrust profiles. We saw just how controllable the flying bedstead was. And I doubt it had side chutes. If they had just made custom thrusters and angled those reverse thrusters out a few degrees, they could have eliminated the chutes and saved the weight (mass). And the laughs!

Speaking of mass, they obviously didn't need to worry about that, as the crane would have been easily capable. Which is why they installed four sets of thrusters when three would have been lighter and easier to plumb up, not to mention, control.

As for the Rover, and the rooster tails and all that... Yeah, the dust. Yeah, yeah... Yeah, right! A billion years in the direct sun, baking at 250 degrees for days on end, in a vacuum. Yeah, I'm sure there were absolute truckloads of dust all over that 'Moon', back then in the late '60's & early '70's. You can tell by the huge numbers of recent microcraters we saw, in the film footage, that there must have been on-going clouds of dust, quietly settling, in a vacuum... onto the moon for bloody ages!

Very hard to tell, not knowing if it was a 1/20th scale model or a 1/10th, or what, what the "rooster tails" from that fine, soft, loose dust should have looked like. And not knowing what film speed was used, well, even harder to figure. But I'm sure I saw some evidence of air involvement in those rooster tails. I'll have to go back and have a few more looks.

Actually, the more I look at it, the more it looks like, by the end, they were treating the whole thing as a comedy. Oh, let's see what ridiculous stunt we can perform next? The footage of the "falling over" and "bouncing back up" 'nauts is classic. No worries about tearing our suits, or bursting our back zipper-seals, out there in the scorching hot desert, on the far away, airless Moon...

"Innumerable photos" - too many to count? Now, you're exaggerating! ;-)

You know, xp@, it's fortunate you're not a scientist. The mental tensions would be unbearable! They might drive you to oenology!

Erickson said...

The government is now recommending that "the Court sentence defendant to a term of imprisonment of 109 months, followed by 5 years of supervised release, and further order that defendant pay $480,322.55 in restitution to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and a special assessment of $2,900."

We'll see on the 18th, but Sean's adventure was somewhat costly in the extra time it warrants - althoughhe undoubtedly foresaw that with all of his powers

Erickson said...

On the other hand the prosecution is sticking with a 78 month request for Melissa. That she was arrested while meeting with Sean and. Isolating the terms of her release does not appear to have hurt her

expat said...

Thanks for the info. I'm betting the judge will jack up Melissa's sentence. Flagrant violation of terms of conditional release... Oh yeah.