Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Another open letter to Richard Hoagland (re: procrastination)

Dear Mr. Hoagland,

You are fond of saying--especially when you promise something and then don't deliver--"Make no wine before its time." Well, Richard, there's some wine you're supposed to be making that is now SIX MONTHS PAST its time. I refer to your book The Hidden History of Mars: A War In Heaven. Last March you characterized this book as "just recently completed," and you promised a free copy to Club 19.5 members. You also posted this on 24th March:
"Club 19.5 Members!! You've been patient, you've been faithful, and now - the GIFTS will begin! There is a broadcast coming up in the next few days that to even KNOW about you need to be in Club 19.5."
The broadcast you cited was simply another interview with Howard Hughes on talkradio.co.uk. An interview in which you said nothing new at all, but re-iterated the history of the so-called "Face" on Mars, and dropped the names of  Cronkite (3 times,) Roddenberry (twice,) and Sagan (once.) Do you seriously think that knowledge of this up-coming interview was an adequate gift for people who, at that point, had been paying you five bucks a month for NOTHING since October 2016?

It is now August. Where is this book? Where are these gifts? Are you content to be seen as dishonest?



Chris Lopes said...

Don't worry, the book will be out sometime before the heat death of the universe. Like maybe the day before, but no sooner.

Anonymous said...

The line that Orson Wells says in the Paul Masson Wine, commercials is:
"We willsell no wine, before it's time."

Alienmojo said...

In response to your question on whether Hoagy is comfortable with being dishonest.... I'd say that's a big fat "Yes."

Anonymous said...

The line that Orson Wells says in the Paul Masson Wine, commercials is:
"We will sell no wine, before it's time."

It isn't surprising he got the quote wrong. Hoagland's quotations are on a par with his mathematical ability where accuracy is concerned:

He [Hoagland] even used (yet again) a quote from 2001: A Space Odyssey (another "what did Stanley know and when did he know it?" moment) to prove that the something is HD related. BTW, he got the quote wrong. In the movie the lady Russian scientist says her husband is doing "underwater research" in the Baltic not "underwater archaeology". In any case, it was a throw-away line used to show (by inference) the kind of social circles Heywood Floyd travels in.


You would think Hoagland could get a simple quote from his "good friend" Arthur C. Clarke's watershed film correct, but no, he couldn't. Hoagland got it wrong five years ago and he continues to get quotes wrong all the time.

Yet another reason not to take Hoagland seriously.


cenaculum said...

I gave up on Hoagland years ago... just got tired of waiting for updates, etc. Like part 2 of the White Crow thing.... did he ever publish that? I Won't be checking....

expat said...

Oh heavens no!! There are at least ten loose threads in the Hoagland quilt of nonsense. Not even counting the projects he's just walked away from, leaving other people in the lurch.

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

I didn't know where else to post this Patrick, and I'd like your take, please, if you're interested. This is hot fusion; not cold. It's supposedly based upon a successful experiment at UC Berkeley.


The DeLuze Fusion Reactors

Approved Patent

The Implications of Controlled Hot Hydrogen Fusion

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

Project of a 300 Watt Prototype Fusion Reactor