Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A fugitive from justice pops up on the internet

        Sean David Morton, the self-described "America's psychic," "Legal scholar," and "Ph.D theologian," is on the lam, having failed to appear for sentencing on 19 June 2017 in  Federal District Court, Los Angeles. On 4 April Morton and his wife Melissa were found guilty on one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States, two counts of filing false claims against the United States, and 26 counts of passing false or fictitious financial instruments.

        In a fairly amazing display of chutzpah, Morton showed his face on the net yesterday for a two-hour live interview with Kerry Cassidy, streamed onto her web portal. The background was very different from that before which he appeared when interviewed by Cassidy on June 12th, so he almost certainly wasn't at home, but he looked well settled-in to wherever he was, with the full A-V equipment needed to chat with Cassidy via Skype. However, he didn't look at ease at all-- squirming around in his chair and putting on very false-looking grins.

        I came late to the party, so may have missed important material, but my impression was that SDM was putting on the same old show. Blabbering away at top speed, self-justifying and making outrageous claims of prediction of past events that can never be checked. I honestly couldn't follow much of it (and it was chopped up by Kerry Cassidy's usual technical faults,) but I did get that, speaking of his legal problems, he said he was working on a constitutional law angle, and "all this will be over soon." As far as I heard he didn't have much to say about Melissa, who must be quite busy this week selling up the property in Hermosa Beach. She's up for sentencing on Monday morning and will probably be wearing orange for quite a while. Unless, of course, she "does a flitting" like her husband.

        I'm no legal expert but I'm guessing that Kerry Cassidy has put herself in jeopardy by putting on this show. She may not know exactly where SDM is, but she probably has some information that the District Court would like to get its hands on. If I were the federal marshals, I'd be calling on Kerry with a few questions.

Sean and Melissa were both re-arrested at a hotel in Desert Hot Springs, California on Monday 21st August.

On 18th September Sean was sentenced to 6 years in federal jail, Melissa got just 2. In my opinion Melissa got off lightly, considering that she quite clearly had no intention of appearing for sentencing on 21st August.


Erickson said...

I have been expecting him to make an appearance on the net - and Kerry seemed like the most likely choice. She seems to have an affinity with felons, having done at least six prison interviews with Mark Richards. She is probably safe enough, just a journalist in pursuit of truth (or something like that).

But as to Sean, has he found a safe house with a sovereign citizen in Idaho? Whoever took him in might be liable for harboring a fugitive. Or did he have enough psychic sense to realize that he had better take some of the money he obtaned through fraud and use it wisely for just this eventuality?

My prediction is that whatever constitutional angle he is thinking about will not prove any more successful than the ones he has tried in the past. My psychic abilities, however, fail with Melissa and whether she will appear for sentencing.

Anonymous said...

if he is settled in the place from where he is giving that interview its fairly trivial for nsa to retro trace the skype link IP's and boom done. these clowns clearly didnt take on board implications of ed snowden.

Anonymous said...

That will be interesting to see.
D'ya reckon he's THAT stupid/ignorant?

Anonymous said...

He is not stupid/ignorant. He is arrogant. He believes that is above everyone and if he says something it must be true. Of course on the other hand Kerry just dreams everything.

Bill said...

SDM :- Apparently NASA are going to explode the small nuclear device in Cassini as it goes into Saturn's atmosphere (30 mins in). . Shows how little he understands about a nuclear power source.....he thinks it has an atomic bomb on board!."....numpty

Anonymous said...

Melissa and Sean were arrested 8-23-17

Erickson said...

I guess Sean's psychic abilities failed him again - it does not appear that he saw his apprehension coming. I would be surprised if his constitutional law skills serves him any better.