Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sean David Morton, sociopath?

Some of the classic symptoms of sociopathy are:
  1. Superficial charm and good intelligence
  2. Untruthfulness and insincerity
  3. Poor judgment and failure to learn by experience 
  4. Lack of conscience
  5. Pathological egocentricity
        I'm no psychiatrist, but even I can see that SDM checks all those boxes You only have to take a short look at that "interview" with Kerry Cassidy from 12th June to see more than sufficient confirmation of #1 and #2. #3 is illustrated by the fact that, having been successfully sued for civil securities fraud  by the SEC in March 2010, he nevertheless continued to attempt fraud on the US Government in the belief that he would never be caught--or, if caught, that he had a cast-iron defense. The fact that he is now on the lam having failed to appear for sentencing in US District Court yesterday makes a sad joke of that self-analysis.

        #4 is easily covered by  his willingness to invite investors to give him money which he then (allegedly) spent instead of investing. Even friends, such as Kerry Cassidy, were bled by this scam.

        As for that pathological egocentricity--how about this for a transcript of part of the video covering the 2016 Conspira-Sea cruise. Morton is sitting at a dining table being interviewed by Annie Georgia Greenberg, an attractive blonde who's pretty much the host of this video.

06:16 SDM: "Hello, I'm Dr Sean David Morton, I went to Oxford, and Stanford, and USC. My Ph.D. is in psychology--I'm a best-selling author. I've been a screen writer... I'm a legal scholar, I'm a pioneer of the system we call remote viewing.  I also host the Number One radio show on the internet--Strange Universe Radio."note 1
        At that, Annie made a gesture more eloquent than mere words. She blew out her cheeks in frank disbelief and looked away. Brilliant.

        Curiously enough, another checkbox for sociopathy is "absence of delusions." That doesn't quite jive with other excerpts from the Conspira-Sea video. Morton is with Annie again, a day later.
SDM: "They don't want you to know we have anti-gravity.
"They don't want you to know we have unlimited power.
"They don't want you to know that we have bases on the Moon and possibly bases on Mars.
"They don't want you to know they're using HAARP to control the weather.
"They don't want you to know what's in Area 51.
"They don't want you to know  that there's a small cartel of about 750 people that own everything."
AGG: "And who are 'they' in this case?"
SDM: "We're talking about an extraterrestrial species called the Nephilim--the sons of God. Somehow they inter-mate with human beings, and their sons and daughters became the kings and queens--which is the aristocracy, which is the government."
AGG: "Sooo... what does your T-shirt say?"
SDM: "It says 'To save time, let's just assume I know everything.'"
        Sean David Morton and his wife Melissa were arrested as they stepped off that cruise ship in San Pedro. Morton surrendered his passport and put up a $10,000 bond--which will now, of course, be forfeit.

The supreme court got my case, man
        To the symptoms of insincerity and delusion we should perhaps now add monumental hubris, as ufowatchdog reports that Morton actually delivered his internet radio show yesterday from his cell-phone, allegedly in a car roaming the L.A. freeways.
"Morton stated he filed an appeal with the United States Supreme Court earlier in the morning and intends to get a response from the Supreme Court [today], though even an emergency appeal could take weeks for the courts to consider.  The U.S. Attorney General's office appears unaware of any appeal and prosecutors are generally notified if an appeal in their case has been filed.
        I'd say that heat Morton is feeling is not merely the summer weather that has hit Southern California this week, but the Federal Marshals breathing down his neck.

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[1] I've been to Oxford too. I had a nice tea and went back to London on the 6:00 train.
If Morton means he was enrolled at the famous University, he's lying. It's also extremely hard to believe he's a "best-selling" author. His trilogy The Sands of Time is self-published, and it would be extraordinary for such books to be genuine best-sellers. As for "I'm a legal scholar," can I just say LOL?


astroguy said...


Two Percent said...

Hey, I went to Oxford too. No Lie!

In fact, I lived for 6 months in a town nearby, and went to Oxford a number of times. I even went to the University once or twice.

Never went to Stanford or USC myself, but never mind.

Morton may not be lying on that point!

But that's how liars usually operate. They try to avoid absolute lies, and try to get their victims to join the dots for them (as they intend them to be joined), without having to take responsibility for it. That's something I have learned about liars. They speak in half truths (leaving out the most important parts, like " ... in my own mind." Like, "... University." Like, "... in my imaginary world"). They suffer from a real gutlessness, probably as a result of bad parenting! Chances are, they told the truth a few times, and were so severely punished for it, that they decided / learned not to tell the truth any more. Sad.

And their response, when you see through their lies?

The Revenge of the Intimidated - Hatred. It's all pretty logical really. Why hate?

Because exposure causes them to feel something they really don't like - fear - that you might punish them, now that you know the truth.

So, of course, he is going to hate all those responsible for bringing him to justice. Is that a sociopath? I dunno either. Deluded, definitely! Delusions of Grandeur, apparently.

Two Percent said...

P.S. What is "a best selling author" in his own mind? Not the author of a best selling book, I suspect. Maybe he sells "bests". That could be his secret abbreviation for "Best Tees" (as in the video). No Lie! (Note, he doesn't indicate a hyphen in his usage!)

Of course, he's (lately) a legal scholar! Yep, 'e bin studyin' the law in order to try to extricate himself from it.

It may be the archaic meaning, but here it is all the same:

"a person who is highly educated OR has an aptitude for study (My emphases.)

Poor Bugger! Just a little too much to be quite believable.

M. Scott Peck wrote a good book on liars.

Erickson said...

Not being a psychologist I have usually identified Morton in simpler terms - like being a pathological liar (as documented at UFOWatchDog) or having very poor judgment (his court filings) coupled with greed and egocentricity. But your post fills in the blanks . . and allows people to draw their own conclusions.

I have been checking the US Supreme Court docket that records all matters filed in that court even if the petition is ultimately denied and the matter was never heard. So far Sean is not turning up. It is possible that it is in the mail or did not get past the clerks for one reason or the other, but nothing was filed and there was no response today.

expat said...


Yes, another case of missing words is probably "The Number One internet radio show." The missing words are "...of its kind."

Two Percent said...

Indeed! ;-)

Which leads me to the following question:

Have the Indians reported anything like this:

Earlier this month, the Indian Space Research Organisation's Mars Rover photographed what appeared to be a mushroom cloud ... blah, blah, blah ... X-37B?

Two Percent said...


Please scratch that Indian Mars nonsense. Old "news".

But surely, there is more interesting nonsense than SDM's failings, for us to debate?

expat said...

A lot of people are debating the curious mummy unearthed in Peru, but I'm not going there.

Trekker said...

How come he was allowed to run the risk of absconding in the first place? Why wasn't he immediately imprisoned after his trial, and the sentence reduced by number of days served, at his sentencing? Is that not common practice in the US?

expat said...

I don't know for sure, trekker, but I'd say that $10,000 bond was good for a get-out-of-jail card while awaiting sentence.

Erickson said...

Some of clients I have had have taken far less money than Sean, but perhaps under more unsavory circumstances so that retaining bail until sentencing was not an option. Its probably more common to be granted bail with fraud - although you might think such people have already indicated they are not to be trusted. As this case indicates there are consequences for both becoming a fugitive and harboring those who who have chosen to run (a maximum 10 year term) after deciding to evade sentencing for fraud so perhaps that often acts as a deterrent.

Under the circumstances, Sean will have a hard time getting booked for conferences or taking a conspira-sea cruise. Dylan once wrote that to live outside the law you must be honest, and I am not sure Sean is capable of that for the reasons outlined in this blog. So I do not expect for him to remain at large indefinitely even if he is not on the most wanted list. The more immediate question might be what will Melissa do when her sentencing hearing comes around?

expat said...

A suicide pact is on the cards, I'd say. But also, Morton is such an unprincipled asshole that he wouldn't think twice about walking away from Melissa.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet he has a fortune stashed offshore. Anyone who fathers a child of a Brazilian woman can't be extradited. I wonder, does adoption count?

Erickson said...

On June 28, the district court modified Melissa's bond to require that she has no contact with Sean, no weapons, and that she consent to a search of her residence. These conditions were ordered after the parties stipulated to them.

expat said...

VERY interesting, thanks a bunch. I hope you continue tracking this case.

Erickson said...

Her sentencing hearing was postponed until August 21, so there will be little to track until then unless Sean turns up or Melissa violates the terms of her release. But thanks for covering it here.

expat said...

Well I never... the day of the total solar eclipse. How momentous...

Anonymous said...

See, she's already made a plea deal tossing him under the bus. Now, he can go to Brazil with a clear conscience.

Trekker said...

erickson, What's to stop her using either a phone booth on the one hand, or an internet cafe computer, using a fake account, to contact him?

expat said...

Anon: This was not a plea deal. She had no choice.

G-Zeus said...

This Eclipse is the "All American Eclipse". That is kind of freaky.

expat said...

Ha-ha, guess who filled in for SDM as host of Strange Universe Radio yesterday... None other than the error-prone Robert Morningstar.