Tuesday, June 13, 2017

SDM explains himself to KLC

Basic facts: On 7 April 2017, Sean David Morton and his wife Melissa were found guilty in Federal District Court of one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States, two counts of filing false claims against the United States, and 26 counts of passing false or fictitious financial instruments. Morton is due for sentencing on 19th June, with the prosecution recommending 87 months in federal prison plus a restitution payment to the IRS of $480,322.55.

The Mortons are alleged to have defrauded around 100 customers of $6 million between 2006 and 2007. According to the SEC, only a fraction of the investments received by them went into foreign exchange trading accounts and the rest was placed in shell companies run by them for their own benefit.note 1


        Yesterday, SDM sat down for a nearly two-hour skype chat with Kerry Cassidy. Much of it was sheer bullshit about UFO bases in Antarctica, but Kerry did want an update on the legal situation--in the circumstances, who would not? Morton, of course, said that it was all the fault of everybody except he and Melissa. "The attacks on Melissa and I are just so outrageous," he said. Here's his explanation of the missing six million spondulicks.
50:51 SDM: "Eight years ago we were working with Alexander Adams. Alexander Adams was a CPA. And what we did is, we had a ... we were dealing with foreign exchange trading, and I had a trader that didn't do what I told him to do, and basically we turned about $525,000.. almost... almost $6 million, and the trader tanked the accounts... he just did the exact opposite of everything I told him to do, and, er... lost the money."note 2
        Well, what are we to make of that strange "$525,000.. almost $6 million"? Could that be a slip of the tongue, unintentionally revealing how much of the $6 million was actually invested in the market, leaving $5,475,000 to find its way into the pockets of the Mortons? If I had been Kerry Cassidy I'd have asked about that. I'd also have asked how either sum could have completely disappeared in currency trading. I mean, if you trade on the NYSE or NASDAQ there's always the possibility that you'll back a company that literally ceases to exist--but with currency, your assets may diminish because of bad luck or bad judgement, but it's hard to see how they could vanish outright. Unless some unbelievable nincompoop bought $525,000 worth of Zimbabwe dollars, I guess.

Kerry conned
        Kerry, however, let SDM completely off the hook. And that's the more strange since according to Bill Ryan (Kerry's ex) she personally lost $116,000 invested with Morton. This was money inherited from her mother, which she had intended to use to start Project Camelot. Ryan says he himself lost about $25,000.note 3 To me, it's a bit surprising that Kerry and Sean are even on speaking terms, let alone good friends.note4

        In yesterday's interview, Morton then launched into a 15-minute self-justifying tirade, accusing the IRS of entrapment and of violating the statute of limitations for tax crime. He explained that the core of the case is a tax refund of  $480,323 which was erroneously paid to the Mortons on their 2008 tax filing. He pleaded that he submitted bonds as repayment of the sum, and acted in good faith. What he didn't say, of course, was that the IRS says $480,323 was the amount the Mortons had fraudulently claimed as rebates due on non-existent overpayments. What Morton called an "IRS computer error" did not come out of the blue sky--it had to have been the result of a claim, didn't it?

        In a news release after the Mortons' conviction in April, Sandra R. Brown, Acting U.S. attorney, Central District of California, wrote this:note 5
"On the same day the refund was deposited into the Mortons’ joint bank account, the couple took immediate steps to conceal the money, which included opening two new accounts, transferring over $360,000 to the two new accounts, and withdrawing $70,000 in cash.
"When the IRS attempted to collect the erroneous refund from the Mortons, the Mortons presented to the IRS various “coupons” and “bonds” that purported to pay off their debt with the IRS. The Mortons created and submitted these bogus documents to the IRS, instructing the agency to draw upon funds with the United States Treasury to satisfy their debt"
They're out to get you
        At the end of this tirade, Kerry showed no sign of comprehending, instead complaining of legal troubles of her own (something about Youtube enabling piracy of her 600 videos and taking a cut itself.) Then, she connected this whole thing to her well-known theory that the gubbmint is out to get you.
1:06:02 KC: "I do want to say the real reason you're being targeted is because of the work you do. Had you not written [the] Sands of Time book, I think they would leave you alone. But as it is now, umm...it  being a best-seller and all of that, and also revealing quite a bit about the Secret Space Program... ehm... you know, this is... this is their issue, I guess they're trying to shut you up, basically."
        I have to laugh when I recall that Morton, on the 2016 Conspira-sea cruise, declared "I'm a legal scholar." Next Monday we'll know how long his scholarship is going to be available to a jail full of convicts---all of whom maintain, naturally, that they're innocent.

Update 15th June
        Today ufowatchdog reports that Morton filed an appeal with the 9th Circuit Court claiming he had not been given a fair trial.  Morton's motion was again denied and the court also ordered all future motions filed by Morton would be considered "moot" and "No further filings will be entertained in this closed case." Looks like the technique of motion-flooding the court simply gets them pissed off.

Update 19th June
        Morton did a bunk and made himself unavailable for sentencing today. When the feds catch him--as they surely will--I imagine that'll be good for a few extra years on his jail time. I also imagine the marshals will be knocking on Kerry Cassidy's door any minute now...

Check ufowatchdog for many more deets, docs....

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[1] Psychic Sean David Morton scammed $6M convincing people he could predict stocks' fortune, SEC claims --New York Daily News, 5 March 2010

[2] The trader was Daryl Weber, who Morton described in the prospectus for Delphi Associates as "A mathematical genius, FX trader, statistical analyst, and computer software engineer."

[3]  Project Avalon Forum, 7 February 2010

[4] In the same Project Avalon forum, Bill Ryan wrote this: "Astonishingly for me, as an aside that really does say something about Kerry, she has completely let that go and appears to bear Sean no ill-will of any kind. I don't know many people who could do that, and I have been unable to do that myself. "

[5] Hermosa Beach Couple Found Guilty in Tax Scam and Passing Fraudulent Financial Instruments to Pay Off Debts --US Attorney's Office, Central District of California, 7 April 2017


Anonymous said...

To me, it's a bit surprising that Kerry and Sean are even on speaking terms, let alone good friends.

It isn't at all surprising when you take into account all the other rubbish that mind-bogglingly gullible woman believes. Compared with UFOs, Bigfoot, and "surfactant wellness blends," SDM's line about an IRS "computer error" seems completely credible.

For a real surprise, scroll down the page at the PC link you gave and you'll see notices that Kerry will be speaking in the UK in June and Ireland in July. The fact that people are still willing to pay to hear this person spout her wildly improbable stories in 2017 is something I find quite surprising indeed (though given her unrelentingly anti-government narrative, perhaps I shouldn't be so surprised).

Erickson said...

Sean appears to be taking his legal status and recycled Antarctica claims on the road - at least as much road as he can get in before sentencing. The live revelations stream on Saturday promises to "disclose the TRUTH about Antarctica that you have NEVER HEARD BEFORE. Mind blowing information will be REVEALED." (ANTARCTIC REVELATIONS). Since this statement appears above a graphic for the Kerry Cassidy material on the same subject, I am not sure whether to believe it. And since the claims have often been discussed and disproven, I am not sure how much my mind will be blown.

In any event, someone forwarded an email to me explaining that although the stream cast is free, they are hoping for donations: "A thousand people donating $20 would raise enough to pay for good council. Almost all proceeds will go to the Morton's defense fund."

[As a side note, the stream is being organized by Conscious Community Events which proudly proclaims its interest in "all things fringe" while its head also serves as the local (to me) MUFON meeting director.]

And about his defense, Sean appears to have heeded Zeeka's advice to question jurisdiction by filing a California Republic Writ of Discovery in federal court as part of a motion to stay sentencing. "As it stands now, no authority to sentence me is on the record and the court cannotproceed until jurisdiction is on the record."

Among the questions Sean asks are "What is the nature of the charges? . . . Is Stephen V. Wilson or anyone claiming the right to stop me from rescinding my plea in the absence of my understanding the nature, and also rescinded because of mistake, fraud and duress? . . . What is the nature of the defendant? Is it a flesh and blood being such as myself or what is the nature of the defendant? . . . Is the criminal case against me in a private court and not constitutionally authorized?"

Perhaps Sean will still be wondering when he is sentenced.

Affidavit of Fact and Writ of Discovery

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing Sean CC'd (page 4):

Honorable President Donald J. Trump

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

United States Department of State

International Criminal Court

International Court of Justice

United States Justice Department



Otherwise, he would have looked ridiculous.


Bill said...

I have read the above, and I have absolutely no idea what the Writ of Discovery is. I cannot understand a word of it. Is this SDM doing his best to pretend to know some legal language ? Bill

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

Morton placed himself in the martial jurisdiction of the IRS, thereby granting authority to them over him, by filing for a tax refund. Even if he had never applied for any government privileges before, such as getting a Social Security number, or a state driver's license, or registering to vote, filing a tax return and even paying prior taxes, would have made him their property.

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

See, Bill, what Morton is trying to do, is expose the prosecutors to be the fraudulent ones, who have violated their oath of office by acting on behalf of an illegitimate government agency. The IRS was never created by a proper quorum, and the standard oath of office for a government agent, is to support The Constitution Of The United States Of America. They could be found in a Court of Common Law to be guilty of a crime. Unfortunately for Morton, he will never get them into such a civilian court, and the fact that he has already acknowledged their authority over him, renders his efforts, moot.

Anonymous said...

Morton placed himself in the martial jurisdiction of the IRS, thereby granting authority to them over him, by filing for a tax refund.

As SDM's case shows us, there are a great many so-called "tax loopholes" that do not actually work.

Here is a list of some of them, along with the reasons they do not work:


As the page says, it is not offering legal advice. However, it does address many of the claims made by people who insist that the income tax does not apply to them.


THE Orbs Whiperer said...

The lowest common denominator of the list linked to Evans Legal, implicit if not explicit, is that ever since Lincoln's War, the US has been under, 'Martial Rule'; not to be confused with, 'Martial Law'. Government agencies aren't supposed to be making law, to begin with. That's the job for Congress. Legislative authority can't be transferred by Congress to non-elected, appointed bureaucrats, unless under bogus, veneer of colorable law. The authority of Martial Rule, is neither a Republic nor a Democracy; it's totalitarian. Our Draconian overlords, are just insecure enough, to want US to believe that the People are free, and the People are so far, comfortable in maintaining a state of denial.

The best approach to avoid tax liability is compartmentalization (see Five Flag Theory, below).

Erickson said...

Sean! Where are you?

Perhaps, like Kerry Cassidy you were the victim of a scalar attack. Perhaps, you met one too many super-soldiers at a UFO Con sponsored by the producer of your latest liverevelations streamcast. Perhaps you were abducted by a UFO on the way to the sentencing hearing.

Then again, maybe you finally foresaw all of your "constitutional" law expertise come crashing to the ground like the con that it is and you did what a sovereign would do when faced with such a prophetic certitude -- run. The money you raised through gofundme, or the money you have not repaid to the victims of your fraud, may be able keep you hidden for awhile. But . . . what about Melissa?

Erickson said...

There are reports that Sean has stated that the case was removed to the Supreme Court and that the district court simply had not been informed of it. While I have no doubt that Sean may have filed at least one motion to the United States Supreme Court, neither of these statements are true. His best option is to turn himself in, but this case keeps getting more interesting.

Anonymous said...

He could kill two birds with one stone. Venezuela has more Miss Universe winners than any other country, and no extradition with the United States.

Blobber said...

Yeah, but it's Venezuela. It's not exactly doing so well these days in light of the massive failings of the Chavez government. If a guy's got the money to survive there, he could certainly do better than Venezuela. Morton's still peddling his UFO junk to pay legal fees, and seeking donations, AND fighting a legal battle with the IRS. No, it's not because he's smart he can all three at once, it's because he's an imbecile for doingball three this late in the game. The time to move himself offshore to a safe haven has long passed.

Anonymous said...

Name one other place other than Brazil and Iran that doesn't extradite, and is funnier than Venezuela.

Anonymous said...

Name one other place other than Brazil and Iran that doesn't extradite, and is funnier than Venezuela.

Venezuela only seems funny if you're observing it from a safe distance.

(It's true that after 2-3 months on the Maduro Diet* you start to feel funny, but not the kind of funny you mean.)

When a country runs short of money, food, and medicine, it's time to relocate. Actually, now that you mention it, Venezuela would be ideal for SDM, but only if you don't like him very much.


*What Venezuelans call their involuntary weight loss due to lack of food.