Friday, June 20, 2014

Robert Morningstar misinforms the public again

        Robert Morningstar, the "civilian intelligence analyst" who doesn't spend enough time analyzing his own intelligence, popped up on internet woo-woo radio again last night, this time on Darkness Radio.

        His main motive was to promote his upcoming Secret Space Program conference, but in fact it was the usual performance, even including his ridiculous fantasy that Apollo astronauts weren't aware that the DSE (in the Command Module) and DSEA (in the Lunar Module) were recording their conversation when out of touch with Houston on the far side of the Moon.note 1

        Unchallenged by Darkness's host, he went through a buffet of the usual lunar anomalies. My face hit the desk when he stated that "NASA doesn't show" images of Ukert crater (at 7.8°N, 1.4°E) because there's a symbol in it "like the eye on the pyramid". My question to Morningstar is this: "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK THIS IS, INTELLIGENCE ANALYST GENIUS?"

photo credit: NASA/LRO image library

        Here's a permalink so any readers can zoom around and NOT see an eye on a pyramid.

        Ukert has been photographed by NASA many times. Here's a partial list.

Lunar Orbiter frame LO-IV-102H (the white dots are photo processing errors)
Apollo 10 frame AS10-32-4822
Grail image #MK12_03

Old, old, old stories
        Morningstar claims to have a "photographer's eye." Why, then, does he say that the lack of stars in the sky of Apollo photography is a mystery, no doubt done to deliberately obscure UFOs. The answer is so simple I can't even bear to write it.

        Again unchallenged by Darkness, he told us about the "mysterious object" that followed Apollo 11 during the first two days after trans-lunar injection. Everyone in the world except AM* knows that it was one of the four panels of the LM adapter shroud, discarded after LM extraction.

Truly this man is a danger to the truth.

1] Once again, here's the CM instrument panel with the DSE switches clearly labeled TAPE RECORDER in the bottom row of Panel C. Here's the LM instrument panel with RECORDER ON/OFF equally clearly labeled on Panel 12. DSE stands for Data Storage Equipment.

Here's page 3-83 of the Apollo 11 Flight Plan. It captures the moment when Armstrong and Aldrin are preparing  to leave Tranquility Base. GET 116:00-116:36.

A task for Mission Control is 'DUMP DSE'. This is in the Flight Plan. And Morningstar claims the astronauts weren't aware of it?????


expat said...

Updated with part of the Apollo 11 Flight Plan showing the instruction 'DUMP DSE'.

Anonymous said...

Robert Morningstar, Mike Bara, Richard Hoagland et al. represent salient proof of Albert Einstein's oft-quoted dictum...

“Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.”

Sadly, their ignorance and tone-deafness seem highly correlated.

Best, Jerry.

jourget said...

Then there's the time on Apollo 8 when the crew specifically decided to mention Borman's space sickness on the DSE and not on the air-to-ground to avoid making a big thing of it. They knew the ground would listen to it after the dump and it gave Borman's symptoms time to abate. Truly Morningstar just says stuff he made up or heard one time as though it must be true.

Unknown said...

I always thought the lack of stars was because they forgot to put them in while faking the Moon landings in Area 51.

Bart Siebel will have something to say about this (maybe he'll get Morningstar to swear on a bible).

expat said...

Ken Johnston swears he witnessed evil NASA drones blotting out the stars -- on the original camera negatives.

Considering that, on a negative, the sky would be transparent and the stars would be tiny black dots, it's hard to see how this could be achieved.

expat said...

Thanks for the link, Dee. The info is in good conformity with what I learned from a photography expert in Holland who I consulted when I was first blogging about this. My expert was fairly emphatic that doing this to hundreds of negs, with the media clamoring for the results, would be utterly impractical.

Doing it optically during the making of an interneg would make more sense. This would apply to the color Hasselblad film, which was reversal (the consumer version of this was known as slide film). But a mask would need to be made specially for each frame and I believe the pressure of time would probably rule that out as well.

I might mention that, in a few Apollo 14 shots, Venus is so bright that it's quite visible in the sky. If it wasn't Wimbledon fortnight I'd make time to find a link.

Andrew Johnson said...

The LRO interactive Map is interesting. Also, I have been studying some of the lunar anomalies myself. This one is quite interesting.

Looks like the Indian Space Agency photographed a couple in 2009 as well...

expat said...

Those links would be more interesting if you explained what you want us to see.