Wednesday, June 4, 2014

This just in: Robert Morningstar to file a complaint against Expat with FBI

From our Facebore correspondent James Concannon

        In a Fartboo message, Robert AM* informed me that he plans to file a complaint with the Computer Crimes Division of the FBI. The complaint will allege harassment of Chris Holly and Randy Maugans, "personalities" of internet woo-woo radio.

I wonder if his complaint will look approximately like this:

Suggested attachments to the complaint:

e-mail from expat to Chris Holly, 5/30/14

You might be interested in this review of the recent laugh-a-thon with Morningstar"

e-mail from Chris Holly to expat, 5/30/14
"nasty bastards like this are a dime a dozen on the net and in life. Robert Morningstar is an extremely smart man who is very accomplished and educated something obviously this man who spends his days in hatred is not   but thanks for another look at the dark side of mankind"

e-mail from Chris Holly to expat, 5/30/14
"how can anyone who does not know the on record statements of Bigelows space station be taken seriously . I stand as I first replied and want nothing to do with whoever this expat jerk is and do find him a hate filled arrogant fool who really thinks he knows what he is talking about but is very mis informed.  Expat needs a name and a punch in his nasty mouth   .  I doubt he has any personal experience at all in any of these subjects much less information that is not soaked in mean spirited rejection of things he knows nothing about due to the fact those things may frighten him poop less. I do not like his manner, his black heart or his insult to me or my peers. Expat is a walking talking nasty ass of a small closed not as educated as he may believe himself to be ass . As I said , a dime a dozen. "

e-mail from expat to Chris Holly, 5/31/14
"How can a BIGELOWS experimental habitat also be part of a SECRET space program??? How can an orbiter with a volume of only 11.5 cubic metres, which cannot possibly be crewed, be classified as a space station???
Please think more clearly before you respond with your ad hominem accusations."

e-mail from Chris Holly to expat, 5/31/14
"Look Expat , go get a life and do not annoy me with your hate and denail of things you can not deal with. How about this , man to woman, get lost I think your a jerk and a loser who I want no part of and do not care about at all what you think, do , go  none of it. I am busy and have no time for you, dime a dozen downers... lets just call you not in my life so  end it now and leave me alone please, I  have a big life with lots going on and really think you should think what you want, and I will do things my way.  Your a NASA bleiver which is hilarious , I bet you love your government and think our fighting men are fools, go away please."

comment to this blog from Chris Holly, 6/1/14 12:18pm
"I think you are rather insane James or Martin or whatever name you like to use for what ever purpose you need however I really am glad you post all your private emails and make constant personal attacks towards people who do not know you do not want to know you. You do not have one nice quality at all about you. It does not matter if you or your small amount of readers agree with you or me , it amazes me that after seeing how you stalk and name call and attack people they return to feed your sick twisted mind. You are a small little no one who hides behind fake names and computers because you do not have the brains or courage to attack people face to face. I bet you have few friends in life and without question no family to speak of as you are a cruel black hear ted angry man . You and those who feed your ill ways; As I said before men like you that hide and bully and stalk on the net are a dime a dozen. Swim on fool in your little pond big fish world but know in the real world you would be swallowed in seconds. BTW your credentials are not much compared to those of the people you attack. A big fish in his little pond or kiddie pool full of hate and anger. Sort of funny even if it is sad. Write all you want little boy, it is now old and tiresome. Maybe Robert Morinngstar can suggest a good therapist to help you with your hate and stalking issues"

comment to this blog from Chris Holly, 6/1/14 12:14pm
"    Of course , it is clear ,after I stopped and gave this fool two seconds of time to think for a second and realize that this man and his little blog are paid debunkers as it is obvious with the manner this guy is going after Moringstar, and me that we must have touched closely on something that someone else wants to debunk . Sadly they hire clowns like this one to do stabbing attacks when for whatever reason it may be people get too close to truth. That is what is going on here clearly, otherwise why would some dupe get his panties in such a twist over what someone thinks or bleieves.

    By the way I NEVER HAD AN EMAIL EXCHANGE WITH ANYONE CALLED EXPAT OR ANYONE CLAIMING TO BE FROM THIS LITTLE BLOG. How is it that a private email exchange I had with a man who identified himself as Martin Blaise shows up and is claimed by expat to be between me and him???? I never EVER had any emials or exchages with expat???

    I know expat also goes by the name James Concaonnon which proves pretty much he is simply paid to discredit those who get too close to real issues by throwing tantrums that he is right and everyone else in the world wrong.

    What a fake phoney fraud unethical lying dog this man is , ooooh I feel dirty being on his site but just wanted all 8 or his readers to know what a low life your expat pal really is."

Comment in response by Expat, 6/1/14 8:07pm
"Your invective is quite impressive, but I do wish you'd address the ISSUES. By way of encouraging you, here's a simplified list.

1. There is no second, HUGE, space station in Earth orbit.
2. There is no US Army base on the Moon. Even a small one would be visible.
3. Clark McClelland's story about a giant alien in the Shuttle cargo bay is a fantasy.
4. There is no possibility that Jupiter and Saturn were once stars. Three stars in such close proximity would merge into one.
5. Felisa Wolfe-Simon never claimed that GFAJ-1 was evidence of extraterrestrial life.
6. She was "slapped down" because Rosie Redfield and others proved that arsenic was not in fact incorporated in the DNA structure.
7. The layout of Tharsis Montes is not identical with the Giza pyramids.
8. Cairo does not translate as Mars."


Trekker said...

And he's going to present Chris Holly's illiterate screeds as evidence.....of what, exactly?

expat said...

He says, as evidence that I harassed her and her mate Randy. *shrug*

Dee said...

Obviously serious mental confusion like this does not know any boundaries. It extents to a whole pattern of behaviour and language. As if some basic logic engine is broken underneath it all. More likely it's just obscured by some strong emotion, some hatred against a certain, well, type. A parent? A teacher? A know-it-all uncle? This is a particular swamp you don't want to swim in, Expat. It's inhabited by many sewer creatures who will ultimately band together and cause you more annoyance than you'd prefer. For that reason: sting like a bee and, perhaps like a butterfly, advance to the next flower :-)

expat said...

Good advice, I feel.

Binaryspellbook said...

So people who expose egregious lies, deceit and money pilfering are to be arrested. Brilliant. Just effing brilliant.

These people need a right dose of science and common sense slapped into them.

astroguy said...

Similar to when I was threatened with a lawsuit by an astrologer. And then another astrologer. FYI, I have not yet actually been sued, it was all bluster in one case and the lawyer told them (I think) in another case that she actually harassed me.