Wednesday, January 22, 2014

First lunar panorama from Chang'e-3

        The Chang'e-3 lunar lander touched down in Mare Imbrium (at 19.5°W  longitude, remember?) on 14th December.

        This week CNSA released enough imagery for photostitch enthusiasts to create a panorama.

image credit: CNSA/Chinanews/Universe Today

        A rather lovely interactive 360° rendering by Andrew Bodrov is here.

        Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara must have spat coffee all over their computer screens when they saw this, the poor dears. Not only are there no glass towers, condos, or satellite dishes in sight, but -- DAMMIT!!! -- the wily Chinese have toed the NASA party line and depicted the lunar surface as dull brownish gray.

        When Mike Bara put up that disastrous video on Youtube showing how the red stripe on 'Data's Head' was made, he said this:

"...the actual real colors of the Moon are significantly brighter, significantly more contrasty, significantly more interesting than NASA would have you believe."

He showed us what he meant:

image credit: NASA, corrupted by Mike Bara

        That was also included as artwork in his horrible book Ancient Aliens on the Moon. The giveaways are the wheelguards on the Lunar Rover. They're nothing like that bright scarlet in reality.

        So what are Hoagland & Bara going to say now? Anything other than "Sorry, we were wrong," judging on past performance. It'll either be "CNSA is in cahoots with NASA to lie about lunar colors" or "Just because that one particular place is colorless, doesn't mean the whole Moon is."

What fools.


Binaryspellbook said...

Clearly those sneaky Chinese are "in the know" and therefore part of the NASA cover up. As always Dick & Mick will default to this stance. Contradictory evidence further reinforces their case. 'Cause we'll all go mental if alien life is found. Brookings said THERE!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Expat; Don't you get it? NASA,Russians the ESA and now the Chinese are all in this cover up. The glass domes et al were removed by a joint space agency secret mission to remove them and any evidence they existed in the first place. Also removed weere the rain forests, lagoons, Wal-Marts and apartment blocks. Only the wilfully dim don't know that: The enlightened ones such as Bara and Hoagland know the truth, and their extensive, astonishing, and in-depth research proves and confirms this...There.


Graham said...

You might be interested to know that Bara is stating contradictory things about UFOs on different cable networks.

James Concannon said...

Yes, there's definitely something risible about that. Something both risible and emetic about Bara being described as an aeronautical engineer. What nonsense.

I remember taking Hoagland to task over his inconsistency -- that was in the day when he was a real presence on Farcebook. He was contriving his string of Elenin 19.5s dishonestly, by using GMT for one event and Sri Lanka time (Arthur Clarke time, see?) for another. He posted "Have you ever heard the expression 'consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds'?"

To which the only answer, I supose, is "No, Richard, I have not."

Chris Lopes said...

Hoagland has developed such a huge archive of crap that not even he can keep track of all of it. Add to that his belief that his fans are just a bunch of rubes anyway (a belief based on years of experience) and you have a guy who is not too concerned with consistency. In fact (as you demonstrated) consistency is very much his enemy.