Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fourth anniversary of Hoagland's barefaced lie

        It's been four years since the devastating mag 7 Port-au-Prince earthquake. It caused 150,000 deaths and destroyed 250,000 houses. The coordinates of the epicenter were 18°30'N, 72°38'W.

        A further, much more minor, casualty was the truth. Four years ago tonight, Richard Hoagland went on Coast to Coast AM and said the epicenter was at 19.5°N, thus dishonestly giving support to his crackpot idea that the 19.5° latitude is a major source of energy from "higher dimensions," whatever that means.

       Here's a link to my bloggery from four years ago, explaining the difference between geodetic and geocentric latitudes -- and also explaining that the latitude of Port-au-Prince is not 19.5° in either convention.  I have written to Hoagland suggesting that this might be a good moment to issue a retraction, if he has the guts to do so.

        His e-mail address is


Chris Lopes said...

Hoagie once said (on his FB page) that there is no such thing as an exact science. So what you call a lie, he calls a rough approximation. Hoagland will never admit he's wrong, even when the truth is hitting him in the ass.

Anonymous said...

You're right Chris. We both know though, that any correction (or as he might put it 're-evaluation') on his part would make the house of cards come crashing down; Instead he simply never mentions things again, it's easier that way. Re: Elenin, Apartments on Mars, broken watches etc...