Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mike Bara deliberately misquotes himself....

...but still gets it wrong.

        The Kindle edition of Ancient Aliens on the Moon is already out, and a freebie preview of the first 10 pages or so is available. Mike writes this, in the Intro:

"As I put it in my previous book The Choice .... Without the Moon's calming influence,the Earth would spin so fast that the winds caused by the centrifugal force would most likely flatten us all like pancakes." [emph. added]

        That's NOT an accurate quote from The Choice, as faithful students of the Bara oeuvre (like me, ha-ha) will immediately recognize. The underlined words have been deceptively added in order to obfuscate one of the biggest howling errors in that error-filled work. This is the quote about which Bara wrote on FooBoo "Show me the quote asshole. It doesn't say that. And it was a misprint anyway." As Catriona pointed out, that puts Mike in the interesting position of simultaneously knowing and not knowing what the citation is, and of saying that it does and also does not say what is patently wrong.

        The game of peek-a-boo he now wishes to play with the words "winds caused by the" is, of course, intended to cover up his gaffe. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. It's still just as wrong.


astroguy said...

Yup, I was reading the preview you Skyped me. I was wondering if you'd been misquoting him or if he faked the quote. But it's still wrong.

Along with most of the things he states about the moon. It's like a parody of something. I could read it thinking that this was a bad report by a middle school student - high school student for grammar - but ... wow ... I stopped counting after a dozen factual mistakes.

Jiminy Oddbird said...
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Jiminy Oddbird said...

Pintos don't have a trunk. It's a hatch back.

Mike Bara said...

Wat ya talken abut I duz al the riting n stuf meseff n that.

I am Mike Bara STAR!

I use da term STAR as in I am greet an not in the big hot blobby thang ups in that black spacey place.

Is dat Moon an old star? I dunt reed sceince n stuf. But their es Aliens on it I saw em me and Jose Escamilla dun that in his movie Moon rising chek it orut man we dun good for sure

Luv n light MB xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I have a question. Lets assume for interests sake that for what ever reason the earth did increase its rate of rotation. Would the effect of gravity be partially nullified by increase in centrifugal force resulting from the increase in spin rate? Or would the force gravity exerts be unaffected?

expat said...

The attraction of everything toward the center of the planet, due to gravity, would be unaffected AS SUCH, but there would be an increase in the centrifugal force acting in the opposite direction.

The centrifugal force is many orders of magnitude less than gravity. Consider this: There is no centrifugal force at the North and South poles. The force acts maximally on a person at the equator. Does this mean that you weigh less at the equator? Actually, yes, you do, but the difference is very very small.

expat said...

Inward acceleration due to gravity = 9.81 m sec^-2

Outward acceleration due to centrifugal force at the equator = 0.0336 m sec^-2

291 times weaker