Sunday, September 16, 2012

An open letter to Adrienne Loska from Neville Parchemin

Your client Mike Bara has once again made himself a laughing stock by writing this about images of Earth from space:

"the clouds are the highest in the atmosphere, meaning that they are reflecting more light back to the camera and at a faster rate. Since they are returning more light, the clouds are the lightest. The surface areas ... are darker, because they are a bit further away from the camera than the clouds and therefore the light has to travel further before it is reflected back. The deep blue oceans are therefore the darkest, because the light has to travel all the way to the ocean floor before it is reflected back to the camera."

Perhaps you should advise him to use his C2C appearance to retract that piece of editorial garbage.

Just in case you have no education either, that para is wrong in the following ways:
- The speed of light is a fixed quantity. It does not increase because it's showing us clouds rather than forests.
- Clouds are not "returning more light," they're returning white light.
- The surface areas are darker because they have far less albedo, it has nothing to do with the distance light travels.
- Light does not reach the ocean floor. The color of oceans seen from space is the color of the surface.

Neville Parchemin

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FlightSuit said...

A stunning confirmation, I say!

A stunning confirmation that if somebody put tape over Mike Bara's mouth and fingers so he couldn't say or type anything, they'd be doing him a favor.