Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ziggurat resources

        By far the most important addition to the Great Ziggy Zoo is this absolutely brilliant video by Stuart Robbins, a.k.a. Astroguy. I'd say Hoagland is definitively pwned, and in case you don't know, Stuart (that's DOCTOR Stuart to you) is a trained astronomer whose specialty is cratering. He knoweth whereof he speaketh and youtubeth, in other words.

        I predict that, if either Hoagland or Bara ever respond at all, they'll claim to have an earlier version of AS11-38-5564, and that NASA has since airbrushed out the ziggy. To which the swift answer would be Why then is there more noise on your version?

        Esteban Navarro Galán posted the link to Hoagland's FooBoo page (thanks, Esteban, we're blocked) with the comment "¿What´s up with this?" (love those spanish upside down ?s), getting, so far, not much reaction. I'll update as appropriate.

        On Sunday Mike Bara facebooked "Anybody have a recording of Coast to Coast AM from 7/20/2012 when Richard C Hoagland was on in the news segment talking about the Ziggurat on the Moon?" --explaining in a follow-up "just wanted to see if Richard mention "his" pyramid came from me lol." Somebody called Dil Smith posted the Astroguy video (thanks, Dil, whoever you are) with the comment "why would you want credit for an obviously photoshopped and fraudulent image? Dont you guys ever get tired of deceiving the public with your hoaxes?" Nothing yet in response. Stand by for the innuendo that Dil must be homosexual.

        CigaretteMan started a thread on Above Top Secret which  is at three pages as I write. Hoagland gets no support there.

        Lincoln started a thread on Keith Laney's Hidden Mission Forum  titled "Mike Bara: copyvio perp turned victim" (this refers to the probability that Mike will use some of Keith's copyrighted work in his next book.) That thread has not so far stretched beyond one page.

       Phil Plait tweeted "Heh. More from : a video tearing apart Hoagland's silliness."

        Wildcard (a reformed former Branch Hoaglandian) started a blog called The Tinfoil Hat Brigade and gave us some more exposure. I don't mind at all, Wildcard.

        Astroguy and I both had a bit of fun in the Coastgab forum, which exists to mock the hosts, guests and topics of Coast to Coast AM. 

        .....and speaking of which, here's the text of my protest to George Noory and Lisa Lyon (Exec. Prod.):
Hoagland's appearance July 20th was a disgraceful exercise in self-aggrandizing mendacity. That "ziggurat" has been around the anomalist web sites at least since February last year and probably since 2003. It was not his discovery, and it has now been shown to be  fraudulent.


He also said that his "studies" during the eclipse of May 20th proved that pyramids, and the core of the Moon, amplify torsion wave energy "enormously." The problem with that is that his so-called "studies" were actually done in a restaurant at Sandia Peak, NM, thousands of miles from the nearest pyramid and 240,000 miles from the core of the Moon. The expression "junk science" is hardly adequate as a description.

You see, he had begged his faithful fans on Facebook to send him cash to finance a trip to Egypt with Robin. Plenty did, but not enough, so he canceled the trip. So far he has not offered refunds.

No response so far. They really don't care. All readers are encouraged to send similar messages.

Mike Bara is wrong Mike Bara is wrong Mike Bara is wrong Mike Bara is wrong Mike Bara is wrong Mike Bara is wrong Mike Bara is wrong Mike Bara is wrong Mike Bara is wrong Mike Bara is wrong


Binaryspellbook said...


Please do something about this man. George Noory is allowing Hoagland to LIE on air.
Please review the evidence and respond.


Derek Eunson

Chris Lopes said...

Considering how badly Hoagland has been burned on this one, I would almost (but not quite) suspect it was deliberate. Suppose that Bara uncovered this fake while doing research on his book. Then further suppose he gets the idea of feeding it Hoagland (Hey Richard, look what I found!) just at the time that Hoagie needs something new to talk about. Predictably, Hoagland then goes running to George Noory (Hey George, look what I found!) with dreams of getting back into the game with this. The rest (Hoagland self-destructing on live radio) is as they say, history. Now Bara can go on with promoting his book (which he just finished) without having to share the stage with Hoagland. Yes, I realize the cleverness required by Bara for this theory to work stretches credulity, but it's fun to think about. :)

Binaryspellbook said...

I wonder how long that photograph in it's current form has really been in their possession. Hoagland's talking as if it's just a few days. Yet Bara claims it as his. Are they still in cahoots ? Was Bara privvy to this "stunning new discovery ?"

It's all very curious. Especially since the photograph is so obviously a fake as shown brilliantly on Stuart's video. Yet Hoagland takes "days" to study it and decide it's real. He's no stranger to photoshop himself, so, I wonder if he thinks so little of his audience that they will buy this lunacy ? Sadly, probably yes.

expat said...

I agree, it's mysterious. The filename, AS11-38-5564-Mike-oirginal-enhanced3.jpg (apart from demonstrating once more RCH's illiteracy) really suggests he got it from Mike and played with it -- three times.

So then George Noory phones him up and says "Hey, Richard, Apollo 11 anniversary coming up -- want a spot?" What the HELL made him think dragging up a hoax from several years back was appropriate for the occasion? I'm baffled.

jourget said...

At first look, I think it might just be because he knows his audience. To a legion of people fed stories about world-spanning secret plans and ancient forbidden knowledge every week, another plug for an upcoming book and mentioning how he's got incredible data that he's still writing up might not result in any significant donations. From his comments in his recent posts and letters, he's still gunning for an Egyptian trip for him and the ozone merchant, whether or not it coincides with a major astronomical event. Even though he's mentioned a trip to the pyramids in his interviews for years, he's got to realize the clock is ticking, both for a window of political stability and his own physical stamina for such a journey.

In short, I think money is the name of the game, and without a real space news item to hang the request on, he's desperate for anything. As we transition through the shuttle gap for the next few years, it may be lean times for Hoagland. Hell, maybe he's been able to delude himself into thinking his requests for bucks are analogous to grant applications by real researchers.

astroguy said...

Hi all, just wanted to say that Version 2 of my video has been released. I'm not uploading to YouTube. I've released it to my podcast's RSS feed and website -- the shownotes (and transcript) and link is at http://podcast.sjrdesign.net/shownotes_B01.php . This one is an extra minute and 4 seconds, and it includes the latest LRO photos of the region.

FlightSuit said...

OK, which one of you "haters" has been messaging all the hot chicks on Mike Bara's friends list? And in case you weren't quite sure which hot chicks to stalk next, Bara was kind enough to paint targets on their foreheads by mentioning and tagging them in this post:

"BTW, I understand that one of my haters has been sending messages to my FB friends claiming I said or wrote things that I never said or wrote. Of course, he's picking the hottest ones first, so Shana Eva, Sara Shanae, Shamron Moore, Neena Dolwani and Dawn Anderson can expect messages from him soon, LOL. Please just block the asshole. And no, I am not still beating my wife... LOL"

Do be sure to view the screen shot so you can see the brilliant replies. I'm especially entertained that somebody thought he was paying Bara a compliment by comparing him to rabid anti-Semite and holocaust denier Jeff Rense.

Screen shot here:


Biological_Unit said...

I'm against sucking up to wealthy ethnic groups. They own everything because they're oppressed by a vast conspiracy.

Esteban Navarro said...

Ha ha ha haa .... I borrowed that phrase from a SNL scketch!:http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xf23sc_what-s-up-with-that_fun

(BTW, be worth as an emotional tribute to great Actor Ernest Borgnine)

Trekker said...

Seems one of the fans, Greg Ahrens, has received an e-mail from Hoagland. Greg posts the text on Hoagland's FB page:

Working to finish the Eclipse Paper (which will blow everyone's minds), so this "ziggurat herfuffle" comes as a bit of a distraction in the middle of that; however, it seemed appropriate to remind everyone -- on the 43rd Apollo 11 Anniversary -- how MUCH NASA has been hiding, all these years ....

And, you can quote me (until I can get back to Facebook and explain things more fully myself ... )

I find it fascinating the amount of vitriol my posting this simple image on "Coast" seems to have caused.

"Hit a nerve," perhaps ....?


James Concannon said...

Oh please! That "hit a nerve" cliché is totally meaningless in the context. No, Hoagland, you didn't hit a nerve, you went on a radio show and told lies. Not quite the same thing.

Thanks Astroguy for brilliant work.

Binaryspellbook said...

This particular hater has been emailing Stuart's excellent video all over the place. I admit it.