Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Open letter to Richard Hoagland, from a design engineer

This letter is from Derek Eunson, who comments here using the pseudonym binaryspellbook. Reproduced by permission.

Mr Hoagland,
You indicated that you would like someone to pay for you and your partner to go to the Baltic to make Torsion Field measurements emanating from the vicinity of the anomalous object being investigated by the Oceanx group.

Since you have stated on many occasions that water blocks torsion, and, in fact stated that very same thing on the same show later on with regard to a baby being shielded in the womb. Aren't you asking for money to do the impossible. Since you yourself state that water blocks torsion, how could you measure a torsion field emanating from something 80m under the surface.

You appear to be slipping up Richard. You are haemorrhaging disciples from facebook and anti-Hoagland pages are appearing everywhere. This is NOT because you are doing something right. Quite the opposite in fact. The big guns are lining up. And it really is big guns. Dr Farrell doesn't want anything more to do with you, Richard Dolan either. In fact you can be assured that more distance will be introduced in the coming months.

How can you call yourself a scientist when you have no scientific degrees of any kind, have not released a paper of any kind that could be called science, and make uncorroborated and often conflicting statements about your own theories.

Dr Derek Eunson
Senior Electronics Design Engineer
Scotland, UK

[ full postal address, telephone numbers and e-mail provided]


James Concannon said...

Very good. I would add that the pathetically inadequate data so far published by Hoagland derived from this spring's two astronomical events are a condemnation as clear as if he himself had admitted that this whole Accutron business is a fake. Considering that he claimed, more than two weeks ago, to have been "working round the clock for weeks" on this data, his fans are entitled to expect more. Much more.

Chris Lopes said...

Great work Dr. Eunson. Though I have to hang my head in shame on this one (talk about missing the obvious!), it's a terrific catch. You've got Hoagland sinking in a patch of quick-sand made of his own BS. Just perfect.

Binaryspellbook said...


The whole accutron nonsense really is nonsense. I agree completely. I am also very suspicious of Hoagland's "data." I know from experience that in science you are never guaranteed results. Far less "stunning results." Not so with Hoagland. Irrespective of where he is doing "research" with his old lappy and wristwatch. The congregation are guaranteed "stunning results." That in itself tells me something is badly wrong with his method and/or his integrity and honesty.


No shame in missing something Hoagland said. He scatterguns so many howlers that I'm sure many slip past people.

Binaryspellbook said...

I also brought Hoagland's latest flight of fantasy to the attention of Richard Dolan, who, like many of us is sickened by the pseudo scientific claptrap Hoagland spouts.

Hi Richie,

I heard you on radio last week, and as always you delivered. I did notice a little change in tact when you were taking a swipe at those people who have been pushing Obama as the disclosure president. I found this very refreshing. Of course both you and I know primarily who we are talking about.

I listened to C2C a few days ago. Hoagland was on and begging again for money. This time for someone to “pay for him and Robin” to go to the Baltic and interface with the OceanX group who are diving on this underwater anomaly. Of course Hoagland declared it to be a ship of some kind, and it is emitting a Torsion field which is messing up the OceanX group’s electronic equipment. He therefore wants to take his “Enterprise Accutron Torsion Sensing Equipment” (this is the latest name incarnation for his Laptop and 1965 Bulova watch set up.)

I was tempted to try and get a call in to C2C. Because Hoagland himself has stated that water blocks torsion fields. Therefore how could something 80m underwater be causing torsion interference on the team’s electronics. He then did something that most of his C2C congregation missed. He stated that a baby is prevented from having any torsion effects on its consciousness before birth, because it is surrounded by amniotic fluid in the womb. Clearly contradicting himself.

Back to Obama. It seems like Hoagland is backing off from his Obama is Horus shite. In fact he was almost rude talking about Obama. Not as rude as an irate Scotsman can get, but very un-Hoaglandlike. So I guess Barry isn’t a member of the shem su hor sent here to deliver a new age of enlightenment and disclosure. I won’t wait for a retraction or an admission of being mistaken. Hoagland has never, to my knowledge admitted to being wrong about anything. Ever. And in my Grandfather’s definition of what it means to be a man, Hoagland can be no man. Since a real man can admit to and will apologise for any mistakes he has made.

Cheers mate

Esteban Navarro said...

Bravo, Derek!!

Trekker said...

Expat, could you correct the typo "waster" in the first line of the second paragraph. It takes the impact away from an otherwise excellent point!

expat said...

I left it in because I never correct Hoagland's (many) typos and it didn't seem quite fair to correct Derek's. But since you asked directly, I fixed it.

Binaryspellbook said...

Mike Bara at his usual. Throw insults and don't address the issue.

expat said...

Christ, he can't even get his insults straight. WTF has J. Travolting got to do with anything????

jourget said...

Well done. Good point on the "stunning results" without fail. Interestingly, despite the fact that RCH gets overwhelming confirmation of his theories every time, it still takes an astonishing amount of time (if ever) before he "publishes" his conclusions. You'd think if the findings were so exciting, it would be exceedingly simple to publish some brief quick-look results.

Incidentally, as a barometer of his influence, prestige, and the extent to which his work is making true disclosure imminent, here is the Facebook "likes" count RCH likes to trumpet about, compared with a few other pages:

Richard C. Hoagland: 33,008
James Clerk Maxwell: 6,979
Edgar Rice Burroughs: 15,413
Coast to Coast AM: 137,092
Stephen Hawking: 208,392
Alex Jones: 290,950
Mitt Romney: 2,215,253
Charlie Sheen: 2,695,551
Tyler Perry: 7,685,975
Barack Obama: 27,220,657
Adam Sandler: 32,657,459

Clearly we are living in a new age. Hoagland's army of truth must be the most silent silent majority that has ever existed. Kinda funny that Dark Mission sold about 30,000 copies, too.

Trekker said...

Thanks. Yes, I can see the point of leaving Hoagland's typos intact - it just gives weight to the sloppy thinking behind his ideas, but it detracted from the excellent and otherwise well-written post of Binary's.

Binaryspellbook said...


I think Bara was calling me gay. Something to do with John Travolta "fiddling" with his visiting male masseurs.

Typical Bara. Schoolboy insults is all he can muster. Simply because he has been caught bullshitting for money.


Hoagland is now citing 40k as the number of "followers" he has on facebook. He obviously miscalculated just how many of his "followers" are daft enough to send him money. Hence the non event at Giza.

I wonder just where Hoagland gets his income from. Noory said on C2C that Hoagland isn't paid for his appearances. Royalties for his books must be well spent. So where the heck does he get money from. Apart from behaving on air like a tedious mendicant.

Chris Lopes said...

Bara is who Bara is. He's never been able to offer any intellectual defense for his nonsense and doesn't even try. He's a man who is all too well aware of his limitations, so he goes for they insult hoping the person he's dealing with will just go away mad. The idea that being insulted by a total stranger with a limited mental capacity might not phase most mature adults never occurs to him.

As to where Hoagland gets his money, given the amount of time he's spent begging these days, he might be asking the same question. His usual method involved coming up with some wacko idea to stir up the fan base, parley that into a 3 hour stint on C2C, then use that to get money for appearances at various "conferences". The conferences don't seem to be inviting him much these days, so maybe he's really working on that book he keeps talking about.

expat said...

I agree, I think Hoagland & Falkov might be genuinely hard up. Remember this?

jourget said...

Is it possible that Hoagland maintains a day job somewhere in the Albuquerque area that no one knows about (library/bookstore worker, Wal-Mart greeter, medicine wagon, etc.)? I can't imagine he gets recognized that often, and mentioning such a job in his writings or on Coast to Coast wouldn't be in keeping with the Great Man image he's trying to maintain. Or maybe they've got an inheritance from a wealthy dead relative socked away. Otherwise, it would be really difficult to live any kind of normal life when one is trying to make dinner money stretch to the next space headline.

Chris Lopes said...

I know you meant the medicine wagon reference as a joke, but the fair Robin does have a website that sells homeopathic cures. I don't know how much business she really does, but it might be enough to pay the phone bill at least. Aside from that, I've always figured they lived from conference appearance to conference appearance, with what little Hoagland used to be able to pull out of DVD sales (which has been killed by YouTube).

That's why I'm thinking he may really be trying to finish the book after all. He could certainly use the money, and another book might buy him some of the credibility he burned through during the Elenin/YU55 disaster. That he can use it as an excuse not to talk to his tribe is just another bonus.

Tara Jordan said...

Expat said " Is it possible that Hoagland maintains a day job somewhere...."
Something like Insurance salesman?

Tara Jordan said...

My guess, Hoagland is living off his "partner", the so called "Dr" Robin Falkov
P.O. Box 22008 Albuquerque, NM 87154 505-332-1164 fax.
Doctor Robin Falkov is specialized in "Oriental Medicine"( fraudulent or unproven medical practices & related Quakerism)

FlightSuit said...

Gee wiz, there is so much here! Mike Bara thinks that calling somebody a homosexual constitutes insulting them. Noted.

Robin is a homeopath. Also noted.

expat said...

That's right -- one homophobe and one homeopath.

Chris Lopes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris Lopes said...

The homeopath is also a dangerous quack. She advises people against vaccinations and other "conventional" (as in it actually works) medicine. That's the kind of thing that can get people killed.

One of the things I really hate about Hoagland is how he is always trying to send his fans with medical problems to her. These are real people with real issues who need real medical help. All she can offer them is "magic water" and pills derived from this "magic water". Trying to sell BS books and DVDs about Martian cities is one thing, playing with the health of people who are gullible enough to see you as an authority figure is another.

Binaryspellbook said...

Chris. Once again you nail an important point. "Dr"Falkov is on record as saying "measles doesn't kill." Something that will come as a hyperdimensional exocet to those parents who have lost children to measles. I listened to a radio interview with the good "doctor" a few months ago. At the beginning of what turned out to be a fairycake tale of glittering things and majik the host asked Robin about her academic qualifications. Robin replied that she had done "an accelerated course." She added for the benefit of those less capable that, "the accelerated course" was not something she would recommend. I felt so gratified.

Anonymous said...

How can you guys be so supportive of this post when there is no reference to the show where Hoagland supposedly made the statements? Without a reference, there is no way to verify this information, so it's bunk.

Also, I recall learning the scientific method in pretty good depth in 7th grade science class, so anyone who paid attention in grade school is qualified to do scientific work.

expat said...

Thanks for taking an interest, Anon. There is a way of verifying the information. Read this:

You can even verify Hoagland's exact words. Be my guest...

expat said...

DISCLAIMER: This blog cannot accept responsibility for nausea induced by listening to Mr Hoagland's arrogance and lack of scientific rigor.

Esteban Navarro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I coined the title emoluments of mars on finishing the book in chicago late 2001 - on various boards including tem if it was still running and free back then. Why am I telling you this?

I'm a Brit, it's always been a hobby of mine to play on words, emoluments is hardly a well-known word.

Where do you say you got it from?

On TEM my name was sceptical, real name is Trevor.

expat said...

Hiya Trev. I'm a writer and crossword champion. I once developed a computer program to assist compilers of double acrostics. I called it CROSTICAID. I love words too.

I was never on the TEM "conference." If I'd known about it when it was free I probably would have put in a few zingers. Thanks for reading my blog.

Unknown said...

Hmm, well I reckon you stole my term and used it to make zillions, of which 100% is rightfully mine - don't you know who I am?

Why I oughtta...............