Monday, April 18, 2011

True, Richard, but then the Red Cross are there to HELP

        An amazing exchange of opinion took place on Richard Hoagland's FB page over the weekend—or perhaps nauseating is a better adjective than amazing. Hoagland has been claiming that the seismic events off the coast of Japan are caused, not by simple plate tectonics, but by DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS in the hands of unspecified EVIL PEOPLE. Believe it or not, at one point he posted that the 7.1 quake about 3 weeks after the main 9.0 PROVED the point, because "What are the odds of ANOTHER major quake ...with an epicenter ... only a few miles different from the earlier, devestating[sic] 9.0 quake ... and all, by "acident?![sic]" (somebody replied "The odds are 100%, Richard. It's called an aftershock. Look it up".)

        Anyway, back to the thread that was generated over the weekend. Gavin James posted as follows:

There`s evidence for earthquakes since the dawn of time. I don`t know if you genuinely believe this crap Richard, but as someone whose family has strong Japanese links, I find your use of this humanitarian tragedy to sell your crank theories to desperate people quite sickening. Shame on you.

Hoagland replied:

Are you upset when the police, or the rescue workers, or the Red Cross ... or the media ... show up for a disaster?

And, if not ... why NOT!?--

After all, they're being PAID!

They LIVE off "disaster and human misery," do they not?

        The thread continued for over 160 posts, although if you discount a torrent of utter rubbish from someone called 'Ed BordSoHere' it'd come down to about half that.

        It quickly became obvious that Hoagland's main motivation was, indeed, marketing. He repeatedly reminded the faithful followers that this is all part of the SEEKRIT SPACE WAR that Judy Wood DEFINED, that he lectured about 15 days ago, and that will be the subject of A DVD -- COMING SHORTLY. He stopped just short of posting an 800 number.

        Gavin James stayed with it, keeping his cool. Another of his rejoinders was:

Yes people need to be prosecuted for 9-11, the JFK case needs to be reopened etc, but by putting out these wild theories first we condemn the movement to an existence of inactivity. The establishment don`t need to worry about putting out misinfo, when there are attention seakers and charlatans who crawl out of the wood work, and claim to have been to Mars, room shared with Elvis in the 90`s, that they`re Marilyn Monroe etc etc etc.


        Thanks to Chris Lopes for bringing this to my attention. The full nauseating thread is here.

Update: The sub-title on Hoagland's FB page used to identify him as a "Public Figure." Suddenly it's changed to "Aerospace/Defense." It figures that his elephantine arrogance would have wanted the "Public Figure" label. Maybe FB slapped his wrist?


Chris Lopes said...

The thing that got me about Gavin is that deep down, you could tell he is a believer of sorts. It's just that in this instance, Richard was talking about a situation he knew about that involved people he cared about deeply. Instead of being empathetic, Hoagland took it as an affront to all that is good and true. Of course the faithful were there to protect their deity, with Richard basking in his own self importance. All in all, a very telling display.

Biological_Unit said...

Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs Zahi Hawass has been sentenced to one year in jail on Sunday for refusing to fulfill a court ruling over a land dispute.

I thought he was an important Space Nazi or something ...

Chris Lopes said...

Apparently, Richard even has his own sense of time. :)

Biological_Unit said...

And, if not ... why NOT!?--

After all, they're being PAID!

They LIVE off "disaster and human misery," do they not?

Don't know where he's going with that. I think he's got a goofy New Age Spirituality thing going on.
If those Red Cross workers were to buy a few more Disclosure DVD's their Karma would be a lot better off, Murrica derpa derp.

expat said...

Look who else is into Goofy New Age Spirituality.


Chris Lopes said...

Well Bara is actually quite harmless. His only ambition seems to be to make money and impress the strippers and porn stars he dates. Hoagland on the other hand, is TRYING TO SAVE THE WORLD!!! Under other circumstances he (Richard) might be considered dangerous in his delusions. Fortunately for all of us, Hoagland isn't really cut out for the real world of the cult leader.

Sure he has the capacity for delusion and the egomania for the job, but not the work ethic. You really need to be out there and have the ability to hold an audience for hours at a time for it to work. Hoagland (as both his performance in Amsterdam and his recent 2 hour C2C visit showed) doesn't really have that anymore. A younger Hoagland might have been able to do it, but the guy who hasn't been able to add anything to his own website in almost a year can't. So he'll have to settle for keeping the faithful happy on the Internet, where he can preach to the choir in his bathrobe. :)

Biological_Unit said...

Mike Bara sayeth:

A higher self, I guess you'd call it. We are connected to these higher dimensions through a field of energy that exists all around us.

I thought he was Published because he's Jewish, and he knows Saul the publishing guy, and Morty his lawyer. Little did I know that a similar network exists in the Trailer Parks and Prisons where the Space Nazi's gather!!

Chris Lopes said...

BU, Bara just believes in "the force". Again, it's just BS he uses to chat up the strippers and porn stars. If it works, more power to him. :)

Biological_Unit said...

The Schwartz is strong in him!

Mister said...

Hi. It`s me, Gavin James! Thank you very much for the support. Yeah what a roller coaster of a day that was trying to handle that gang of idiots! The mind boggles.
Yes Chris, I am indeed a believer of sorts. I mean how many coincidences and discrepancies with official narratives can one take?

I however can`t stand the way goof balls like Hoagland and well, you know when the wolf is trying to escape Droopy? When he gets in the taxi, the boat, the airplane etc?

Glad someone with a brain noticed what was going on anyways.