Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Richard Hoagland, Judy Wood, and Adam Parfrey

        Latest victim of Hoagland's contempt for copyright[1] appears to be Dr Judy Wood of Where Did the Towers Go? pseudo-fame.

        I don't propose to get into analysis of the startling case that Dr Wood has made and Hoagland has now latched onto, hoping to make a buck out of it. Others have already pointed out some absurdities.

Two planes not enough

        We all saw two fully loaded Boeing 767s fly into the World Trade Center on 11th September 2001. In a nutshell, Wood and Hoagland say that this was not what caused the towers to collapse. I can't help giggling over Hoagland stating, last night on Coast to Coast AM, that the WTC towers collapsed "at escape velocity" — but OK, let's assume that was just a slip of the tongue.

        Andrew Johnson, another fringe investigator, is pretty annoyed with Hoagland for hijacking Dr Wood's research, lecturing on the subject for a couple of hours, and preparing to sell an edited DVD of that lecture, all without having contacted Dr Wood. In my opinion, although it was outrageously unprofessional of Hoagland, in the end Wood will have little to complain of, since she's going to be invited to C2C-AM pretty soon. As we know, that sells books rather efficiently.

Dangerous and stingy

        It was the story of the publication of her book that got my attention. According to Johnson's page, Wood signed a publisher's contract in early 2009 and accepted "a small advance." Two years of acrimony then followed, with the publisher refusing to publish 540 pages and protesting that he couldn't afford color illustrations. Eventually Judy Wood bought out her contract and self-published.

        So who was this intransigent publisher? Step forward Adam Parfrey, Univ. Calif. dropout and possibly the most dangerous publisher in America according to a HuffPo piece from last December.

        Others have wondered if Parfrey is the stingiest publisher in the world, since he published Hoagland & Bara's Dark Mission without an index and with totally inadequate photo reproduction, despite making a very large pile of $$$ with the first edition (55,000 copies sold.)

        In comments on an Amazon user's review titled "Where Did the Book Go?" a few of Judy Wood's fans took Parfrey to task over his handling of the contract.

Kim Greenhouse wrote:

Let me tell you this: You have no interest in this book becoming known or in the 10 years of her courageous work being fulfilled. Your comments are totally inappropriate about how you desperately wanted the book published, about how you were working to get high resolution images, about how Dr. Wood was upset about the idea of this and that.

She left you people because you are unprofessional, you refused to publish the book and you air your issues in a way that stinks. Stop urinating on her book launch.

As for saying that the book was quite stressful for Dr. Wood, you are simply condescending and so out of touch with the nature of the project that if you had an ounce of class and professional decorum, you would take yourselves off of the amazon page falsely representing that you are her publisher, since you are not.

Parfrey replied:

The commentary here has no relation at all to the reality of the situation, which would not reflect well on Ms. Wood. That said, I willingly relinquished rights to Ms. Wood after she disappeared from communication with me for months at a time. I'm glad the book finally appeared.

False book promo

        I'm on Kim Greenhouse's side on the question of Parfrey's lack of professionalism. Even now, 18 months later, the Product Description of Dark Mission 2nd Edn on both Amazon and Borders includes this:

Authors Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara include a new chapter about the discoveries made by ex-Nazi scientist and NASA stalwart Wernher von Braun regarding what he termed "alternate gravitational solutions," or the rewriting of Newtonian physics into hyperdimensional spheres.

Buyers of the new edition will be provided a code that will enable them to log on to to download hundreds of images discussed within the book.

        The interesting thing about those two statements is that NEITHER IS TRUE. Adam Parfrey knows this, it has been brought to his attention, and he takes no action. It's even possible that commentary right here on The Emoluments of Mars in August 2008 was the reason the Von Braun chapter was killed.

        About the only good thing I can think of to say about Parfrey is that he refused to publish Mike Bara's God-awful book The Choice. Deo Gratias.


[1] Other notable victims are Keith Laney and Walter Myers.


Biological_Unit said...

We all saw two fully loaded Boeing 767s fly into the World Trade Center on 9th September 2001.

We did not, we saw this on Television. We saw the fragile aluminum plane disappear into the strong steel building. The tail of the plane did not SLOW DOWN or BREAK OFF. A crashing plane cannot continue at 500 mph INSIDE A BUILDING. This is impossible. This was a PIXEL CRASH designed to start a War.
Even if ONE TV network hosted fake images, the whole story should be trashed. I doubt that ANYONE was in the Towers and don't believe ANY planes even existed!

Biological_Unit said...

If there are Thousands of Victims, why aren't the folks at being SUED?
They allege NO ONE died on 911!

Someone please get the balls to Sue these people. Surely the Vic-Sims (Simulated Victims) families can put some closure to this issue, and we can happily kill all the goddamn Sand-Niggers that sit on our Oil.

Andrew Johnson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Biological_Unit said...

The reason people don’t get what is happening is because they are expecting a logical explanation.

Andrew Johnson said...

Thanks for posting the link to my article.

Hopefully it will lead people to what is being covered up - the 9/11 evidence which proves that Dr Judy Wood is correct.

Please do the decent thing and approve this comment.

Google Hurricane Erin and 9/11 and read about that rather than the Hoagland/Parfery/Wood/Johnson (me) "soap opera".

Andrew Johnson said...

I wonder if Biological Unit is Simon Shack - if so, "hello Simon". Glad to see you're still trying to convince people the towers are still there :-)

They must be, right, as ALL the 9/11 video is fake!

Just how much mud can be placed in a bucket of water, do you think?

Chris Lopes said...

Any word on Dr. Wood and Coast to Coast yet?

expat said...

Andrew: This blog is not moderated. You and everyone else are welcome to post comments. Very occasionally I delete comments that are off topic and obviously designed to be offensive.

Bio Unit is not Simon Shack.

Biological_Unit said...

I don't agree with Simon Shack when he says the Towers "collapse" was faked on TV. I ain't him.
The Collapse - really EXPLOSION - was real. My explanation of the obvious disappearance of 90% of two Million-Ton towers is that they were consumed from below by the only force known to do this - a relatively "clean" Hydrogen Thermonuclear Fusion bomb set underneath the Twins AND Building 7.
I can even tell you what hit the Pentagon - a Russian "Granit" missile that luckily did not detonate it's bomb load.
Google "Dimitri Khalezov".

Atareye said...

My thoughts on you Sir Expat,

You spend allot of time obsessing over Hoagland. Which is unhealthy considering men such as Hoagland give people a glimpse of hope. False or not its emotional. Of course allot of his work is silly and unrealistic but never the less it inspires and HEALS. And frankly if you have so much truth to offer then why aren't you on C2C or radio at all?

Because C2C is silly and unrealistic as well?

It is story telling and fantasy. But lets just cliche and say 'truth is stranger then fiction' and lets just say that people want excitement and thrills out of life not boring Grey facts ALL the time. Science can have beauty and trills yes. But sometimes 'getting there' is sloppy and obtuse. But facts and speculations are a part of each other. When truth is exposed its more enjoyable after oppression and strife.

I hope that he and others inspire eventual truth by getting people to talk and demand.

Breaking eggs to make a new paradigm?

Lighten up and get a life.

expat said...

Thanks for your contribution Jon. Your comments are welcome.

>>You spend allot of time obsessing over Hoagland.<<

Oh, don't forget Bara. Hoagland is merely wrong all the time. Bara is both clueless and comically rebarbative.

>>men such as Hoagland give people a glimpse of hope. False or not its emotional. Of course allot of his work is silly and unrealistic but never the less it inspires and HEALS.<<

If he said "I give people a glimpse of hope but it's unrealistic" I'd leave him alone. But he doesn't. He says he's a scientist. His arrogance is such that he wrote recently of his "decades-long, demonstrated scientific competence." If you're a scientist you're not really allowed to continue making false predictions for very long.

>>And frankly if you have so much truth to offer then why aren't you on C2C or radio at all?<<

I often ask myself the same. I stay close to the phone in case it's Lisa Lyon (Exec Prod of C2C.)

>>Lighten up and get a life.<<

I have a life, Jon, believe me. Not only of professional satisfaction but of leisure too. Writing this blog takes roughly 2 hours a week.

Chris Lopes said...

Expat, in case you missed this, here is Hoagland in all his ego driven and delusional glory. I'd advise you not to read the thread on a full stomach.

expat said...

Thanks -- I'll try and find time to blog on that tomorrow.

Chris Lopes said...

You are welcome. I look forward to reading that blog entry.

Biological_Unit said...

We all saw two fully loaded Boeing 767s fly into the World Trade Center on 9th September 2001

Sept. 11 not 9!

Start with an emotional outburst. I'm going to cry now for the helpless, hopeless USA.
It's your business, of course, but allegedly stupid people are often hired by idiot bosses who want a non-threatening employee who makes them "look good".

expat said...

Thanks. I corrected the date.

Chris Lopes said...

Is it true that your essay is being sent along with each copy of Dr. Wood's book?

Atareye said...

Expat - Hoagland is interesting. People gravitate to him cause hes charismatic and sounds like he knows allot. Which he probably does. Anyone who spends time apologizing for his/her wrongs would probably be wasting there time anyways. How good was apologizing in regards Bill Clinton? What good came from OJ Simpson admitting those murders? Do Americans want truth? Or do they just want to relate to something? People don't care about boring apologies. You shit the bed, you clean up and you move on.

People want creativity.

People want tabloids. Like Bio Unit said, 'people don't want a logical explanation.'

Richard attempts NOT thinking simple(and has his masters in bullshitology.) Perhaps he believes in synchronicity or something cult. Perhaps hes trying to blend science with spirit. You can't tell me there is nothing to the hexagon on Saturn being related to some of the geometry he has attempted to understand. Its called THROWING out ideas. Some of them catch and if he makes money off them then of course hes going to try and make more. As I sense anyone would do especially if they had care for responsibilities and was effected by these hard economic times.

We can't deny that we're all slaves to something that affects as as a whole. There MUST be hidden knowledge. And Richard yelling 'LOOK!' could be a first step. The spotlight is on him. The truth will be unveiled and there will always be exaggerated periods in history based on cataclyse and or man made disatster.

But we should try and figure out free energy. We should try and fix our cursed humanity. And the internet has the potential to be the vessel of unification. With all the answers at our fingers there is no time for bullshit anymore. And we now expose bullshit at a faster and faster rate cause of the web.

I guess what I'm trying to say is rather then cutting him down, why not try and find out what hes looking for? Is there something to his work? Is it ALL shite?

Tell me if its ALL shit.

Chris Lopes said...

If Hoagland were looking for the truth, would he be labeling all who question him "wannabees", "paid disinfo agents", and (the latest) "AI programs"? Does that sound like a truth seeker to you, or does it sound like a conman trying to keep the con going?

Biological_Unit said...

I have tried to steer inquiring minds to the Electric Universe theory. The Thunderbolt Rules the Heavens, the ancient sage Pliny wrote.
There is a section of Gravity-Only cosmologists who rely on / 0 fantasies who are holding back progress. I'll take a Robotic Mission to study PLASMA over another "looking at conditions just after the Big Bang" mission any day!

Biological_Unit said...

Only an AI Program would know about AI Programs ...

expat said...

>>You can't tell me there is nothing to the hexagon on Saturn being related to some of the geometry he has attempted to understand. <<

Sure I can. Hexagons and tetrahedrons have nothing in common, geometrically.

It really is all shit.

Biological_Unit said...

Hexagons and tetrahedrons :: 3

Biological_Unit said...

In physics, a standing wave – also known as a stationary wave – is a wave that remains in a constant position.

This phenomenon can occur because the medium is moving in the opposite direction to the wave, or it can arise in a stationary medium as a result of interference between two waves traveling in opposite directions. In the second case, for waves of equal amplitude traveling in opposing directions, there is on average no net propagation of energy.

There is no "SURFACE" beneath the Clouds of Saturn. STORMS WILL CHURN FOREVER - AS LONG AS SATURN ROTATES!

Andrew Johnson said...

Hi there,

To respond and answer a couple of questions.

1) Dr Wood has been currently scheduled for an appearance on C2C on 3rd/4th May - so we'll see what transpires.

2) Thanks to Bio_Unit for confirming he is not Simon Shack!

3) Sorry about suggesting comments were deleted / censored - I think I must've screwed up posting the first one - not sure (but it did say "comment saved" and it didn't appear for some odd reason (slow server maybe...)

4) I sent precisely 3 copies of the Hoagland Article I wrote (in booklet form) with 3 books I posted in the UK - this was my decision and my decision alone - it certainly confused 1 person...

Those wondering why I might go to the trouble to do such a thing could do worse than to download my free e-book:

and see if they agree that there is a "pattern" here...

expat said...

Thanks Andrew, I'm going to be out of town that night but I'll hear it eventually.

Unknown said...

Neither one of those jets attributed to have flown into the towers, were fully loaded with fuel nor passengers. Another blatant lie being constantly promoted. Nor was the jet which we're told flew into a field near Shanksville, PA. Nor was the jet which we're told was flown into the Pentagon. None of those jets were full of fuel or passengers.

Good grief, get your lies straight.

expat said...

So I suppose the mangled remains of flight attendant Karen Martin and passenger Peter Hanson got into the collapsed towers by magic, eh?

The passengers and crews have not returned to their homes. Where are they?