Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mike Bara and the JFK timeline

        On his blog, Mike Bara just posted a piece about the recently declassified memo from JFK to the CIA Director, John McCone, on the subject of "unknowns"—assumed to refer to UFOs. The memo was the subject of a prominent article in the London Daily Mail, among other media.

        Bara repeated what he had said during a brief spot on Coast to Coast AM, and on this he is perfectly correct (in content if not exactly in grammar):

The Daily Mail as well as other news sources citing this story have unfortunately mischaracterized the content of the memos. They have been presented it as if Kennedy was asking about UFO’s – or “unknowns” as he called them—and implying that alone may have gotten him killed. In fact, it’s clear from the memos that Kennedy already was well briefed on the “unknowns,” at least enough to know that there were “high threat cases” which needed to be included in the information sharing with the Soviets.

        It's in extending that idea to a motive for assassination that he let his imagination run away. He continues:

What we have argued, and which now seems validated, is that it was the putting into motion of his plan to share not only our technology, but what would be discovered on the Moon that got him killed. If the Moon actually held the secrets of a long dead and highly advanced civilization, then protecting those secrets from a nation that most perceived to be our arch enemy would have been justification enough to kill Kennedy 10 days later in Dallas.

        So, let's see... this plot was hatched and Lee Harvey Oswald was recruited and trained in 10 days?

        Slight problem, here... Oswald started work at the Book Depository on 16th October, nearly a month earlier. Oops...

        Of course, there's also the problem that there's no such thing as "the secrets of a long dead and highly advanced civilization" on the Moon. But nobody's going to convince Mike or his former co-author of that. It's their cash cow.


Anonymous said...

He forgets another little detail.

We weren't even probing the Moon in 1963.

(At least not in enough detail to see shards, temples, crystal palaces, gambling casinos or anything else.)

Then again, I'm sure that Brookings Report was keeping JFK up at night.

Biological_Unit said...

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expat said...

Anonymous: Hoagland has that one covered. He has a story that one of DoD's Keyhole spy-sats was actually aimed at the Moon, and revealed the ruins, robots, cities, bla bla...

Chris Lopes said...

Yes indeed he does. I loved the whole story behind that one too. Apparently sometime during the secret space program conference he had with Steven Greer (a guy the Hoagland of a decade or so ago would have avoided like the plague) someone came up to him mentioning he had the film. Hoagland then relates how he had an associate meet with the guy (at night in a parking lot, like Deepthroat :) ) a little later and the associate said the material looked genuine. As of last mention (back in October I think) they were supposedly working on a way to present the material while protecting their "source". All very dramatic and very Hoagland. :)

Anonymous said...

You know, the fact that Hoagie and Mike are not only still alive, but able to enter the Washington press club and give anti-Nasa presentations (instead of being locked up in Guantanamo or hiding in Cuba or Venezuela) is proof Nasa doesn't give a rat's ass about them.

Chris Lopes said...

It's funny how that particular fact escapes both Hoagland and his followers. In the real world, the bad guys don't play games.