Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The 'The Choice' 2011 calendar, featuring "Wrong statement of the Month"

       I suggested this brilliant idea to Mike Bara today, and if it was a success I wouldn't even invoice him for the marketing consultancy.

       Since my suggestion is very likely to disappear from his blog quite soon, and it seems a shame to waste the ten minutes it took me to come up with 12 errors, I reproduce it here:

JANUARY (p.34) Mars and Earth would remain at the same distance from each other if Mars’ orbit were circular.
FEBRUARY (p.47) Mauna Kea is at 19.5°N.
MARCH (p.15) Scientists don’t realize that Newton & Einstein aren’t the whole picture.
APRIL (p.31) Astrology is a perfectly valid and defensible science.
MAY (p.32) The centrifugal force of Earth’s rotation tends to make us heavier.
JUNE (p.60) Newton’s laws of motion only work if the object being measured doesn’t rotate.
JULY (p.128) The International Space Station is really called Isis.
AUGUST (p.134) Gravity is only a local effect.
SEPTEMBER (p.139) Faraday cages are made of lead.
OCTOBER (p.202) The Brookings Report “detailed how best to inform the public in the event that NASA discovered extraterrestrial artifacts on the Moon or Mars.”
NOVEMBER (p.143) (appropriately) Sputnik was launched in November 1957.
DECEMBER (P.214) An annular eclipse occurs when the Moon is closer than usual to the Earth.


Chris Lopes said...

Since you seem to be the only person commenting on his blog, you are probably the only one really reading it. That makes you the closest thing Mike has to a blog-buddy. That's probably why your posts are still up. Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes. :)

expat said...

Surely at least some of his Vegas buddies read it? The strippers and porn starlets?

Chris Lopes said...

Expat, do you really think anyone who actually read his stuff would still want to hang out with him? ;)

Biological_Unit said...


Biological_Unit said...

Expat's comment was approved after moderation.
I suppose he has to prove that he's a victim of persecution, and not indifference ... because he sucks

epic fail ...

Biological_Unit said...

think anyone who actually read his stuff would still want to hang out with him?

Fucktards do not have friends. Not even other fucktards. This is blatantly evident to most everyone else, but as fucktardation prevents fucktards from ever interpreting social cues non-fucktardedly, no amount of explicitly voiced contempt will ever register in a fucktard's mind as genuine disapproval.