Monday, November 29, 2010

Even Hoagland's own procrastination, it seems, is a "stunning confirmation...."

Today's comedy routine.

        Three days ago Richard Hoagland called an end to his two-week absence from his Facebook page (during which the Branch Hoaglandians had flagrant separation anxiety) in order to plug the "Cruise into 2012" which he's participating in as a guest speaker. He's been engaged to talk nonsense on a ship for eight straight hours.

        OK, that last part was an exaggeration — but perhaps not much. He promised that This multi-hour, multi-media Enterprise Mission Presentation will address the stunning, rapidly unfolding "consc-iousness changes" now demonstrably occurring worldwide. Whatever that means. And no, I'm damned if I'll put in a link to the cruise details. He can do his own plugging.

        Anyway, yesterday a few commenters expressed some impatience that they'd be forced to wait until next Spring and/or fork out $1200 in order to receive the next dose of wisdom from The Great Hoagland-Master. They wondered if a little preview might be in order.

Hoagland replied:

"Now" is not the time to present this developing information; it will not be "ready for Prime Time" until next Spring ....

"Make no wine before its time." :)

...and then, you could almost hear his brain clicking into auto-mode: HOW TO END THIS IN A WAY THAT AFFIRMS HYPERDIMENSIONAL PHYSICS???

...then it was "Ah, got it!"

"Timing" is a KEY component of Hyperdimensional Physics -- because of the constantly changing astronomical alignments.

        It remains to be seen whether this will satisfy the throngs of disciples. It sounds suspiciously like another nod to astrology to me.


Chris Lopes said...

The astrology connection leaped out at me too. You'd think that they would have figured it out by now, with the missing Gulf oil spill paper, the missing paper on asteroids = spaceships, and the ESA September meeting big fail. Apparently though, Richard can indeed keep stringing them along. By the time spring rolls around, he'll have some other list of nothingness to distract them with, promising even more "revelations" in a paper he'll never get around to writing. Very sad.

Biological_Unit said...

stunning, rapidly unfolding "consc-iousness changes

I've been hearing this for so long ... Guess what? 2010 feels like 1997.

Chris Lopes said...

As long as that line keeps ringing the cash register, you'll be hearing it again and again. At this point, I think that's all Hoagland has left anyway. Other people have taken his original thesis and are now competing with him for followers, so he has to go further out on the pseudo-science limb to stay relevant. That's what all this silly (as in the Hoagland of yester-year would have dismissed it without a second thought) new age nonsense is now part of his routine.

Biological_Unit said...

NASA Will Talk About Astrobiology Discovery And The Search For Alien Life On Thursday

just gossiping ...

Chris Lopes said...

Interesting find. Hoagland should be on C2C tonight, to give the lucky masses his take on the press conference. On the one hand, it goes with his "drip drip drip disclosure" meme. On the other hand, the science involved (never Hoagie's best subject) is a bit deep to come up with something pithy and cleaver to wow the C2C audience with. Also, he's more likely to make mistakes the "dis-info agents" will pick up on if he tries to get too technical. So he'll probably keep it shallow, as fitting his knowledge base.

expat said...

Bob Zimmerman will handle the science. He'll make Hoagland look like the amateur he is.

Chris Lopes said...

Hoagland isn't even mentioned on the C2C website. Zimmerman will (as you mentioned) handle the actual science part while Linda Moulton Howe will handle (I presume) the pseudo-science end of it. I wonder why Hoagland wasn't invited to this party.