Thursday, September 21, 2017

Jimmy Church slams Sean David Morton

        Jimmy Church is a four-days-a-week podcaster, and a fairly frequent relief host of Coast-to-Coast AM. As I've written before, I think he's pretty good. His show is called Fade To Black, and many of his guests are the standard pseudoscience mob that this blog exists to mock, and I guess that's who he means when he talks about "our community." Last Monday, he gave his audience a quick update on the fate of Sean David Morton (sentenced that very day to six years in the slammer,) and then editorialized as follows:

18:31: "No matter what you feel about the government, or the IRS—the IRS may be the most evil thing in the history of the known world—and I get that, I understand.. um, but no matter what your feelings are about the feds, and the IRS, if you have a check in your hand for half a million dollars, and you know it ain't your money, you don't cash it. We all know right from wrong. We do. We really, really... if we don't know right from wrong then we shouldn't be out in public. But, if we do know right from wrong, and we have our faculties about us, holding a check for half a million dollars in your hand that you know is not yours—don't cash it. And if you do, that is a decision that you make as an adult. Nobody is forcing you—you make the decision on your own. And he made that decision. The... the complications with the case, and how many charges were there, and... you know, the bottom line is, you don't cash the check. [..?..] Anyway, he got caught. OK? And he and his wife were found guilty. [..?..] He tried to hide the funds—they split it up, and took out $7,000 in cash, kept that, split up the rest of the money, put it in a bunch of different accounts, and [..?..] when the IRS asked for the money back, they said NO. The IRS literally said "we want the money back," and they said "No. come and get us." Well, OK. They did. [...] The bottom line is that they were officially sentenced today and that's it, they're going to prison."

"But, I have been silent on this whole thing. [...] I don't wish prison on anybody—this is a non-violent crime. It's a non-violent crime. And prison sucks. It absolutely sucks. So, I don't wish it on anybody. All I'm saying in this case, is sometimes you bring things onto yourself. You go and cash a check for $500,000 hoping to get away with it, and you don't, well you get caught [and] that's the end of the story. There's a couple of other things about Sean that... that kind of need to be said here. OK, today I went and watched a video on the ConspiraSea Cruise,note 1 actually an excellent video by the way. Ahhm... and well presented. But in this video ..ahhm, Sean is sitting there, and this is what he says publicly out of his own mouth. He says that he went to Stanford, that he went to Oxford, and that he was a doctor. [...] And then he says that he's an award-winning director, and a screen writer. And so, I stopped right there and I did just a little personal investigation on the web, just to check the record, the IMDB things. There's no "award-winning director" of anything anywhere, there's no screenwriting credits of anything. ..... So anyway, but then he said this, in this video that he has the largest internet radio station in the world. Now, hold on a minute here. He's in prison, but you can't say things like that ... Ok, fine, I can't change what people think, but me, I'm a black-and-white numbers guy. ... So it's very easy to go and check out a few things. Where is his web site ranking, for his web site? If it is the No. 1 radio show in the world that means it's quite simply that you have revenue that is God-like. You must have in your driveway seven different color Lamborghinis, one for each day of the week. ... That's what that means, and when he says something like that, that is a crazy thing. So you go and you look up... it's easy to check, go look at his web site, go look at the ranking. I don't know what it is. I don't remember—it's something like 12 million. Know what 12 million ranking world-wide is? It means you have maybe one person a day going to that web site. One. The largest internet radio broadcast in the world. Go and look—who's the network, who's the syndication? It's gotta be somebody BIG. It's got to be a household name. .... You must have 5 million,10 million ... All of the things that he has said about himself—and he's turned around and defrauded the government and then convicted of that—what do we depend on here? And what upsets me with all of this is our community is represented by a guy like that ... claiming screen credits, and the largest show in the world, and it's all B.S. And so for us, [..?..] that's what makes me upset, he's never been a guest on this show, so I have that going for me. But it's everybody else.  And it allows them to go 'Look. This is why that community is crazy, because they're represented by this. It's all ficticious, it's not true.'"

[Examples of real research done by the "alternative" community]

"You know, and I do my best every single day to make sure that we... we have fun with this show, that we're honest with this show—anybody can go and check our numbers. When we say something... Go and check, the numbers are all public, they're all there for the world to see. I am proud of what we have done here. ... And that's our community, and it just kills me that this went down. It's unfortunate that he got caught and he went to prison. Melissa got taken down for the count. I doubt that she would have done any of this if it wasn't for his influence, and now she's spending two years in the federal pen. And if they could go back and do it all differently I'm sure that they would. Now they've got time to go and quite frankly think about this, and how they represented all of us. They lied to us and the rest of the world. And that's it—I've held back from speaking about this, but our community just needs everything that it can to be represented correctly."
        It beats me how Jimmy can protest that Morton was giving his "community" a bad rep for saying things that are totally wrong, when at the same time one of his pet guests is Mike Bara. Bara gets everything wrong.

       From the report on ufowatchdog, what made me giggle was that this "Legal scholar," at his sentencing hearing, declared that he had been mistaken in representing himself at trial, and now requested legal representation. Denied. If he behaves himself (unlikely) we may be seeing SDM again in four years or so. Jimmy Church is dead right about one thing—prison sucks.

Thanks to Stuart Robbins for the audio

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[1] ''One Week on a Cruise for Conspiracy Theorists - ConspiraSea'' --Youtube. Morton (at 06:16) "I'm a legal scholar.. I host the Number #1 radio show on the Internet"


Anonymous said...

What an idiot. He ought to have been quick to get the money offshore and moved to Brazil, before the shit hit the fan.

Trekker said...

I'm puzzled by his sentence. There was talk of multiple lifetimes, of 87 months, of extra time for going on the lam. Yet he got 72 months. What gives?

expat said...

Yeah, beats me too.

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

A judge has the authority to reduce a sentence or overturn a guilty verdict, but can't impose a greater sentence or reverse a verdict of innocent. A convict might receive a life sentence for each count charged against him. These sentences can be ordered to be served either consecutively or concurrently.

Anonymous said...

if you have a check in your hand for half a million dollars, and you know it ain't your money, you don't cash it.

More to the point, Mr. Church, if you are not eligible for a tax refund, don't file a claim for one. That way, you will never have to face the temptation of having a cheque in your hands for a sum of money you know is not yours.

Expat, I realise that your blog post contained only a partial transcript (that's not a knock, by the way; I know how tedious transcription work can be, having done a fair bit of it myself). However, on the face of things, at least, it sounds an awful lot like J. Church is a member of the exclusive club* that actually believes all that bollocks SDM told Kerry Cassidy about how an "IRS computer error" caused a cheque for a half-million dollars to show up unbidden.

Do you recall offhand if Church said anything during the "quick update" you mentioned that would turn this mere inference into something more substantial?


*A club so exclusive that Kerry Cassidy appears to be the only confirmed member to date (in M. Bara's case, I am convinced he is suffering from willful ignorance rather than Cassidy-class gullibility, rendering him ineligible for membership.)

expat said...

Thanks for the comment. No, it's a dead cert that Church didn't truly understand how that check for (actually $480,323) mysteriously appeared in the Mortons' mailbox.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment. No, it's a dead cert that Church didn't truly understand how that check for (actually $480,323) mysteriously appeared in the Mortons' mailbox.

Crikey! If someone I knew had a cheque for $480,323 materialise in his mailbox, I would be all questions as to how it got there. I would think such incuriosity ill befits a chat show host.

Of course, if he's on Coast to Coast AM regularly, that would explain the incuriosity, as uncritical acceptance of anything a guest says, however ludicrous, seems to be a prerequisite for working there.

It would also explain why Church was off by $63,000* when he said Morton, "took out $7,000 in cash," poor fact-checking being another CtC deficiency. Morton did, in fact, take out $70,000 and used it to purchase a new BMW automobile if I recall rightly.

Anyhow, thank you for the clarification.


*Unless that was an error in the transcription, which can happen to the best of us.

Bruce Ross said...

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