Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mike Bara: The ignorance continues

        Mike Bara, the world-famous aeronautical engineer, is dead set against the environmental protection movement. I have a theory that, to him, nurturing the environment is too "feminine" an idea for the all-American boy to accept. It perhaps goes along with his evident fear of homosexuality.

Case in point: Back in January 2011, Mike wrote this:
"7 astronauts were killed on the Columbia space shuttle because NASA switched to "green" insulating foam on the external fuel tank. The original foam never broke off. It only started after they went to "green" insulating foam and 7 people lost their lives."
        As this blog reported at the time, the statement is false in two important ways. First, there were at least nine documented cases of foam shedding prior to the first use of the Freon-free foam insulation on 19 November 1997. Second, the foam component that caused the death of Columbia was the left bipod ramp — and the bipod ramps were exempt from the environmentally-friendly change. In other words, the killer ramp was made of the original BX250 formula. Wrong, Mike. Totally wrong.

Food contamination
        Case in point: Reacting to the e. coli contamination problem that caused the recent closure of 43 Chipotle restaurants in Washington and Oregon, Mike tweeted this on 1 November:
"So Chipotle goes all organic and poisons its customers with E.Coli. See, this is why farmers use pesticides & fertilizers."
        Anybody want to hazard a guess as to what the fuck the connection is between pesticides and e. coli contamination? My guess is NONE WHATEVER.

       This blog wonders what Mike will now have to say about the news, just a day later, that no less than 167,000 lb of ground beef has been recalled because of—you guessed it—e.coli. Too feminine an approach to cattle butchery, perhaps?

Update, 4 November
"This doesn't "defy the Laws of physics." Relativity and Einstein are simply wrong."
        Thus Mike Bara today, tweeting about the EM drive. What Mike doesn't grasp is that it's Newtonian physics that the device violates, not relativity. The ignorance not only continues but gets worse.


Dee said...

Mike thinks like a girl. And certainly fights like one. And loves attention like one.

With apologies to girls everywhere as I used the word here in terms of the Bara universe.

It's a universe where all "manly" activities are geared to hiding the fact that there's none. No man, no fact and really not much activity either. There's not much more to understand about the psychology really -- all his words and actions aim for this one goal but at the same time makes it look all the more obvious. Silence as the gold he forgot to pick up at the rainbow's ass.

Obviously we should talk about data, methods and facts only. Not to attack the person and his possible motives. But it's really the only thing left with him, the one riddle of interest to solve: why doing it? Why saying it? Addressing it can also help to understand the crowd of followers and all the drunk mini-bara's out there crowding the hotel lobbies and convention halls or unreason.

Dr. S. Dee.

gfp2216 said...

This is not meant to be disparaging against anyone's sexuality, but whenever I hear Bara my first impression is that I am listening to an effeminate man. He has famously lashed out against women, accused his critics of being gay as though it is a horrible insult, and posted a picture of himself posing with an actress (probably at some meet and greet) to imply he has beautiful women falling all over him. I think Bara has a lot of repressed feelings he is compensating for and we seem to be the benefactors of his journey. Hopefully he will find his destination soon.

Anonymous said...

:-) I fully agree with the aforementioned comments...in order to sort this character Mike "Cartman" Bara out...I suggest the mother of Leonard Hofstadter should have a go at him :-) what entertainment that would yield :-) Mike really makes a continuous effort to put the BARA in embarrassment :-)


Binaryspellbook said...

+19.5 all of the above. 😀