Thursday, February 28, 2013

A case of mistaken identity

Hmmm, possession of paraphernalia..... An Accutron watch? (Just kidding)


Unknown said...

I just looked up Mike Bara's page on wikipedia and it's been deleted. Apparently he wasn't important enough.

FlightSuit said...

I'm listening to Hoagie on Coast-to-Coast AM right now. He just described Gene Roddenberry as "my friend," and claimed the two of them spent a lot of time locked in a room together, going over his Mars data.

Earlier, Hoagie implied that The Sequester is merely a ruse to distract us from The Real Story, which is the latest manufactured object which Curiosity Rover has photographed, but which NASA refuses to talk about.

The show's host tonight is John B. Wells, who I'm beginning to hate almost as much as I hate George Noory.

Before Hoagie came on the show, Wells was gloating about the fact that several members of Bill Gates' African vaccine mission have been shot and killed.

Seriously, I am not making this up.

Wells apparently thinks Bill Gates is evil for trying to get vaccines to Africans, so it serves him right that his people have been murdered.

Coast-to-Coast AM should not be on the air.

expat said...

Yes. Hoagland also called Craig Covault "my friend" even as he mispronounced 'Covault.'

I'm going to post about his fantasy connections to the Oscar telecast and the "Jedi mind-meld."

Chris Lopes said...

Does that mean Hoagie thinks the elite were sending each other secret messages (besides the usual "yes we are a bunch of useless pampered assholes") through the Oscar Awards?

expat said...

See the next post.

Ricky Poole said...

I don't know why it still does, but it continues to amaze me that so many people in the UFO/Paranormal/Conspiracy set will talk about "Truth", "Spirituality", and other lofty ideals from some imaginary moral high ground that allows for the gleeful celebration of the fall of their imagined enemies and their alleged sinister plots on one hand and the promotion of plainly incorrect and ill conceived pseudo-science, bad theology, liars, convicted frauds, and the rantings of borderline schizophrenics on the other. I have to say though, it is pretty dang amusing to listen to at times. The one thing that takes some of the fun out of it is the thought of the number of people who live in fear or at least fearfully, due to the fact they cannot tell these fantasies from the reality they actually wake up in every morning. Examples include evil vaccines, NWO plots, and an occult sinister NASA bent on performing masonic rituals on other planetary bodies. Good grief Charlie Brown.