Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In admiration of Gabrielle Giffords

          Who could possibly not admire Congresswoman Giffords? Vivacious, dedicated, quick-witted, obviously intelligent, not afraid to let the public see some of the ups and downs of what recovering from a bullet to the brain looks like. She has life lessons for us all.

          I'm no neurologist, but it seems very possible to me that this shining personality will one day achieve more miracles in life and in politics. The only thing that's definite is that she will not be Vice-President of the USA next year. You'd have to be mad to think that.

          So what is this small rumination doing in a blog that exists to monitor pseudo-science? Only that Richard Hoagland predicted, on Coast-to-Coast AM back in April, that Gabrielle Giffords would be President Obama's choice as running mate in 2012.

          As I say, you'd have to be mad.


Chris Lopes said...

I think it would be hard to argue that Giffords wouldn't be better than Joe "Hair Club for Men" Bidden, but the political reality is that Bidden isn't going anywhere. Presidents don't (without a really good reason) dump their VP's when they are running for reelection. Such a move would make t look like they thought the VP was a bad choice to begin with.

All of which I'm sure Hoagland was aware of when he made that prediction. It was only meant as an "oh wow" moment that fit in with the rest of the "symbolism" rant he was on. All part of his "life is a Dan Brown novel (with fewer plot holes)" meme. Really, we were all supposed to have forgotten it by now. Shame on you, Expat.

Biological_Unit said...

The Lone Nut Assassin just happened to have a three word name with Lee in it. Just an observation.

Biological_Unit said...

Let us hear from Jared "Lee" Loughner LONER?.
I haven't.
Let us hear from A.B Brevik, alleged Oslo and Utoya island mass murderer.
I haven't.