Wednesday, May 4, 2011


        Dr Judy Wood delivered her performance on Coast to Coast AM last night, eagerly awaited by the Branch Hoaglandians because it was her work that Richard Hoagland ripped off for his recent conference presentation.

        Dr Wood spent some time educating the audience about the importance of real forensic evidence as opposed to speculation, then almost immediately broke her own rules by making an ENORMOUS leap of conjecture. The twin towers were dustified, she announced, by a directed energy weapon. When George Noory asked her where she thought the actual weapon itself was situated, she dismissed that as unimportant.

        I really have neither the time or the skill to analyze Wood's data—in any case, others have already done that quite well. I thought, however, I might provide an additional data point by estimating the total mass of drywall in the North Tower. As anyone with any construction experience can tell you, sheetrock dustifies very nicely, often when you wish it wouldn't. It's just loose chalk between sheets of paper, really. Was the dust cloud that drifted over Lower Manhattan mostly gypsum? Let's see....

The North Tower was 1,368 ft tall, cross-section 208 x 208 ft. If you imagine the entire building clad in drywall, the area would be:

1368 x 208 x 4 = 1,138,176 sq ft
assuming drywall mass 1.6 lb/sq ft, total wall mass is almost 1000 tons (US).

As for ceilings, from the total ceiling area of 208 x 208 = 43,264 sq ft we need to subtract 80 x 138 = 11,040 sq ft for the elevator well.

So ceiling area = 32,224 x 110 floors = 3,544,640 sq ft or 2,836 tons.

        Now, I make no pretense that this is in any way an accurate measure. It's just a little better than pulling a random figure out of my ass. It's "in the ballpark," as the sports fans say. I'm just saying that around 1000 tons of drywall would have dustified immediately as the tower collapsed, and over 500,000 cubic feet of air would have been pumped out of each floor as it pancaked, helping to form the white dust cloud. It's a lot harder to estimate how much of the 2,836 tons of ceiling would also have crumbled, but very likely some of it.

        Judy Wood appears to think that the cloud contained most of the structural steel, too. Put me down as a sceptic on that.


Biological_Unit said...

The Towers were not collapsed due to fire. What happened to all that STEEL? IT'S NOT PILED UP IN A GREAT HEAP BECAUSE A LARGE MAJORITY OF IT WAS ATOMIZED!
It was a basement Nuclear demolition.
Some first-responder folks wore full Hazmat Suits. Other Darwin-Award first responder "heroes" were too stupid to run away from an obvious Nuking.
Hiroshima was quickly rebuilt, so don't do the "radiation would never stop" nonsense.

expat said...

George, the towers were not designed to support the weight of a fully-loaded 767 on a upper floor. It's fairly amazing that they did, nevertheless, support one for a few hours until the heat weakened the structural members.

Your nuclear theory is just as nutty as Judy Wood's directed energy weapon. Neither is needed to explain observed phenomena.

Biological_Unit said...

That sure was easy to explain!

The heavy Jet crushed and dustified the building in 10 seconds. And a little bit of debris crushed Building 7.

Biological_Unit said...

Ground Zero is still ALWAYS referring to Nuclear Detonations of some kind.

Let X=X

Biological_Unit said...

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Thank you for your interest in defending humanity's senses!

In your spare time, could you just Sue the people who wrote this? k thnx bye

Biological_Unit said...

I'm just saying that around 1000 tons of drywall would have dustified immediately as the tower collapsed

Towers just collapse with ground hugging pyroclastic flows every time a buried Nuclear device is exploded, also calling it Ground Zero just as if everybody knows it would be! I know!

Biological_Unit said...

Judy Wood appears to think that the cloud contained most of the structural steel, too. Put me down as a sceptic on that.

Yes, it's interesting to note that you don't describe all that wonderful recycled steel that was sold to no one knows and that's good enough for me I want the whaaaaambulance

Chris Lopes said...

I admit I'm a little perplexed at what might actually be motivating Dr. Wood. I mean Hoagland's motivation is easy. He doesn't have the background or credentials to be a real science/technology writer, so pseudo-science is his only option. Dr. Wood though, was a real scientist with a real job. She had other options. So it is either pure ego driving her to this (the I'm right and everyone else is wrong thing), or she is really believes all this and is just plain crazy. Tough choice.

Anonymous said...

Ignore Biological Unit, Expat. He'll go away. Unfortunately his poor mental health needs tending to. I hope he/she gets help.