Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cicero's complaint

        On Richard Hoagland's FB page, James Concannon posts a justified rant originally posted by 'Cicero' on 22nd August last year:

"Richard, what would you call a person who beat all those people out of their money, people who mailed money to you, in good faith, promised a year’s subscription, ...but left holding the bag when told something like:

“Something Very, VERY Important has come up and it is delaying the next newsletter coming out… but, “STAY TUNED!”

What would you call that type of person who would do that, Richard C. Hoagland?

You beat those people out of a lot of money, Richard C. Hoagland.

You beat me out of my money.

I’m still sore about it.
You USE people. You manipulate people. You make promises and then break them, with one of your most worn excuses – “something REELY important has come up and I’ve had to drop this whatever for a while, but I promise I’ll get back to you and “stay tuned, now!”… blaaahhhha!"

        'Cicero' is Tim Redd, just one of many victims of the Hoagland bait-and switch. He added:

"I’ve stayed in awareness of your “mission” for going on 25 years and have thought on occasion that you showed flashes of brilliance in your thinking, or in your ability to communicate a complex idea… but lately I have had to Re-Evaluate your whole trip and the conclusion I’ve come to is that going to the core of who you are - you are really little more than a Hustler and a Cult Leader™."

        It's really shameful that Hoagland failed to respond, either then or now (as far as we know—there is a possibility that he responded privately, of course.)

        The best we can hope for publicly, based on past performance, is a counter-accusation that Cicero is a paid disinformation agent. Which he is not, and neither am I.


Chris Lopes said...

Where did James post that exactly? I know Cicero has mentioned this issue before (last week in a response to me as it happens), but I can't find James' post on the FB page.

Of course that shouldn't be too surprising, Hoagland has a habit of deleting posts and whole threads that he deems dangerous to his credibility. For example, any thread that mentions the inconvenient fact that even phantom hackers couldn't have stopped him from publishing his "papers" if said "papers" really existed does not last long.

expat said...

I can't answer that. James sent me a direct link. I believe that, due to the utter incompetence of the FB code hackers, links can still point to deleted material.

Chris Lopes said...

Yes that's true. FB also sends you email on responses that have been deleted too. Mark Zuckerberg should have spent a little more time at Harvard, where he would have been introduced to the concept of software engineering.

Biological_Unit said...

Mike Bara is having health problems, he can't go on the Cruise into 2012.

Perhaps his weight-loss is due to various illegal stimulants. I'm making an observation, not "judging".

Chris Lopes said...

Sorry to hear that Mike isn't feeling well. I guess all that magical new age stuff he wrote about doesn't work very well in real life. Who'd have thunk it?

expat said...

Yep, I'm also sorry to hear it -- I'll try and lay off criticizing him until he's back in circulation.

Hoagland is sick, too -- in the head.