Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hyperdimensional FAIL

This just in: WISE is all done.

        The Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer mission ran out of LH2 last October, but was given a short non-cryogenic life-extension called NEOWISE. That, too, has now ended.

        Launched into polar orbit from Vandenburgh in December 2009, the telescope discovered 20 comets, more than 33,000 asteroids, and 134 near-Earth objects (NEOs.)

        It's the NEOs that interested—or at least, should have interested—Richard Hoagland, because the NEO that WISE didn't find is a specific requirement of his pet theory, Hyperdimensional Physics.

        Writing in chapter 2 of Dark Mission, Hoagland congratulated himself on spotting what he said was a linear relationship between the infrared emission of a planet (exactly the kind of emission WISE was looking for) and its angular momentum. He wrote:

When one graphs the total angular momentum of a set of objects, such as the radiating outer planets of this solar system (plus Earth and the sun) against the total amount of internal energy each object radiates to space, the results are striking [Fig 2.7].

        Well, figure 2.7 is reproduced below and it doesn't show what he says it shows. The y-axis is not the total energy each object radiates, but its specific luminosity—in other words, luminosity per unit mass. Likewise the x-axis is not total angular momentum but also angular momentum per unit mass.

The diagram is taken from The New Solar System by Sky Publishing. Undeterred as ever by copyright ownership, Hoagland slaps a © 1998 The Enterprise Mission on it. In fact, the diagram was created as long ago as 1990. Some 30 additional moons have been discovered since then, rendering the whole exercise moot.

        Hoagland apparently doesn't notice that his diagram doesn't show what he says it does, as he blunders on worrying about why the Sun isn't on the same straight line as the five planets. If the hyperdimensional model is correct, he writes, it ought to be. He continues:

The obvious answer to this dilemma is that that the hyperdimensional model is simply wrong. The less obvious conclusion is that we're missing something—like additional planets.
So the first implicit prediction of the hyperdimensional model was that eventually, observatories would find one massive planet in a prograde orbit, or two smaller solar system members in retrograde orbits.

        Well, "eventually" means RIGHT NOW, because if these massive planets existed at all, WISE would have found them. According to its wikipedia page, WISE could have detected a Jupiter-sized planet up to a light-year from the Sun. The 134 NEOs it did detect were assuredly not candidates for bashing Hoagland's Fig. 2.7 into line. They were all classified as asteroids or comets; Pluto-sized or smaller. So we're left with what he called "the obvious answer"—the hyperdimensional model is simply wrong.

        Take this together with the fact that none of the things Hoagland says are at 19.5° latitude actually are at that latitude, and it sure looks like thumbs down for HD physics.

        OH NO!!! First the so-called Ritual Alignment Model is falsified, and now this. Where next for Hoagland & Bara?


Biological_Unit said...

WISE could have detected a Jupiter-sized planet up to a light-year from the Sun.

That would be amazing, considering how little light from the Sun reaches it waay out there!
I suppose the planet would be seen by it's Infrared output.

Chris Lopes said...

The problem is that like every other Hoagland fail, it will be forgotten by him and his followers, until someone like James Concannon brings it up. In which case he'll be accused of nit picking. The fact that science is about the nit picking never occurs t either him or his believers.

Biological_Unit said...

RCH is sayin: Oooh, there's a lot of habitable planets out there!
We're nowhere near getting to 1/1000 of those distances!
And the riots of Egypt are Part of Disclosure!

expat said...

He certainly has a minor obsession with Egypt/NASA. Perhaps Farouk El-Baz snubbed him once.

Chris Lopes said...

How did I know he was going to connect the riots in Egypt to his mythology? Oh yeah, it's because he hasn't been able to let a major news story go by WITHOUT doing that. Apparently it's all about Richard. Epic fail indeed.

Biological_Unit said...

The H-D Revolution seems to be suppressed by a Non-H-D crackdown in Egypt.

Ra said...

Ha ha ha... The idea that NASA will be forthcoming in any scientifically proven data that HDP is correct is just simply naive. HDP leads to Scalar Weaponry! DARPA'S most valuable "Big Boy Toys" I'm sure they will be more than happy to report to the world that HDP - Maxwell's original theories were correct. You guys need to have a clue.

expat said...

Ra, thanks for your comment.

>>HDP leads to Scalar Weaponry!<<

That is not a fact. It's merely an assertion by Hoagland & Bara. When you try to ask them to support that assertion with evidence, they go all fuzzy, and mostly have no answer at all.

I think you're confused about Maxwell. Nobody has ever said he was wrong -- his quaternion equations were simplified when vector arithmetic came along, that's all. If you doubt that the vectorized equations are correct, please go to the nearest radio, television, or networked computer and turn it on. Does it work? Good -- you have the vector equations to thank for that.

Ra said...

...with all due respect, Sir. The reason why Quantum Physics, Relativistic Physics, and String Theory are not compatible with each other is because the scalar component is not present; since all electromagnetic formulas since the idiot of “Heaviside” removed them from the original Maxwell equations. Due to the unfortunate reality that Einstein was not aware of Heaviside dismantling of the original equations he progress his work with out the scalar component. That is the reason he suspected that all the theories were simply subsets of a more fundamental theory which he called the Unified Field Theory.
Also, all the electromagnetic radiation that you mentioned is based on theories without the scalar component. Equipment manufacture for the catering of such emanations. With respect to scalar weaponry, Hoagland et al do not even speak about such maters. It has been widely known that “DARPA” Defense Advance Project Agency has been working on such maters since the early 80’s

Ra said...
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