Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our data indicates....

        Seemingly it's got to the point where Richard Hoagland makes use of ANY news story, not just off-beat astronomy announcements, to promote himself and his imaginary "inside information."

        Today somebody posted on his FB page "I heard the oil disaster was at the same latitude as the Giza Pyramids." Hoagland agreed "within ~2 degrees," and opined that it was a hyperdimensional event
"Because-- It also took place EXACTLY 120 degreres [sic] from Giza - -ONE "tetrahedron vertex" over (west) And ... our data indicates that it was SABATOGED [sic]...."
        Oh please. The latitude/longitude data is correct, but a "tetrahedron vertex" (he means an imaginary tetrahedron inscribed within the planet) would be nowhere near 28° 44' N. And then, SO WHAT IF IT WAS??

        Such is the hypnotic effect he apparently has on his disciples that not one of them enquired "WHAT data, Richard??"

        Hoagland's "data" proved how reliable it was when, just a few weeks ago, his "data" showed that President Obama would declare a national commitment to a manned Mars mission. Yeah, right.

        You've got to love that royal "we," too. The so-called "Enterprise Mission" is Hoagland, his wife and a part-time PA.


Biological_Unit said...

RCH is on the air, LYING.
Humans aren't going to Mars.
Humans aren't going to the Moon.
Phobos is a Natural Object. A Builder would create a CYLINDER, a CUBE, a SPHERE ?
He's a Nutty Goofball only tolerated because Night-Time Radio is a vast wasteland.

Biological_Unit said...

The tetrahedron is the only Platonic solid that is not mapped to itself by point inversion.

The tetrahedron shape is seen in nature in covalent bonds of molecules.

If each edge of a tetrahedron were to be replaced by a one ohm resistor, the resistance between any two vertices would be 1/2 ohm.

Chris Lopes said...

The any news story is evidence he is right meme is getting VERY old. I admit to finding Hoagland amusing at times, but this is just plain stupid.

Chris Lopes said...

Biological Unit, He's tolerated because he has the unfortunate (for science) ability to be interesting even when he's talking nonsense (which is pretty much whenever he opens his mouth). The radio dudes book people who can keep'm listening.

expat said...

Absolutely right, Christopher. I'd love to know if he's actually paid a consultancy fee as "science[sic] adviser" to C2C-AM. The show doesn't normally pay guests -- correctly reasoning that promotion of their books/videos/web sites is reward enough -- but it's easy enough to imagine Hoagland making a special case for himself.

Certainly he has them fooled -- I have evidence of that. Earlier this year I e-mailed George Noory (cc: Lisa Lyon, producer) protesting that he had mistakenly introduced Hoagland one evening as "consultant to NASA during the Apollo program." Noory replied that his intro was correct -- "It's right here in his résumé." Of course, that's NOT what Hoagland's résumé says at all, but it's written in such a way that a casual reader might easily make that mis-connection.

The truth is that a very young Hoagland was contracted to CBS-TV during Apollo and could not possibly have also been a NASA consultant. The whole claim of NASA consultancy is dubious -- see an earlier post on this blog.

Chris Lopes said...

expat, I'm still shaking my head over the idea that CBS actually hired him, let alone that NASA might have. One theory I've heard in CBS's defense is that they were looking for someone young who would contrast with Cronkite's age. Maybe, but he still seems rather under qualified, even by television standards.

NASA on the other hand, would have no such reason to hire him, certainly not in a scientific capacity. He has no credentials or expertise outside of the public relations area, so unless he was doing contract work for the press office, I don't see him legitimately working there.

Hoagland CO is obviously an invention of Richard himself. The executive board meetings no doubt taking place in his bathroom. That doesn't mean it couldn't have existed as a legal entity also, a place where NASA could send the checks. Since I can't think of a reason they would need him though, I'm going with it not getting beyond the bathroom stage.