Monday, February 2, 2009

Hoagland's GSFC identity badge

On Jan 31 Mike Bara posted this image of a temporary badge issued to Richard Hoagland by NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center some time in the 1970s. This was in support of Hoagland's claim that he once worked as a NASA contractor.

It certainly does seem to support that claim -- but I wondered about the authenticity of the company that the badge lists as the company that Hoagland represents: HOAGLAND CO. I requested more information in the following polite post:

Could we know a little more about the HOAGLAND CO. that the GSFC temporary badge declares that he represents?

Was it a public corporation? Where was it headquartered? Who were its principal officers? How many employees?

Thanks -- this is just to see if he actually was a contractor, or perhaps just a one-day visitor, admitted to give an invited talk to an employee interest group.

Mike Bara refused to answer. I find that suspicious.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Sir!

I just wanted to thank you for keeping your blog updated. I bought "Dark Mission" and found it entertaining, taking everything with a grain of salt and doing my own research on things that seemed iffy.(I submitted an Apollo photo label typo to the book's errata, too). A lot of the science stuff went over my head, but it's great to see someone pressing it. I enjoy conspiracy theories just as much as I enjoy the science to debunk them. I'm sorry Bara refuses to at least let your posts stand on the site, it's important to open dialogue, not kill it! I love seeing photo anomalies, and there certainly are some neat ones, but glass structures and robot heads make me wonder about their authenticity. Thanks for spending so much time on such a niche topic and providing a much needed alternative voice.