Monday, February 6, 2023

Flight UA93

 I've been fretting about the details of UA93, the plane that went down near Shanksville PA when the hijackers abandoned their plan to crash into the US Capitol.

FIRST PROBLEM: although Todd Beamer and other passengers are legitimate heroes for their attacks on the hijackers, what did they think would happen if they killed all the hijackers ? None of the passengers were qualified to land that plane safely, so they were almost certain to crash in the end anyway.

SECOND PROBLEM: why did the hijackers take the plane down in open country? Surely a better option for them would be to land on a city and at least do Lockerbie-type damage. Probably much more since Pan am 103 was not guided into the ground.

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

I think the passengers knew that ithe hijackers had selected a target that would inflict maximum damage and chaos, and since they were all going to die shortly they decided why not go now and save other lives.

Tara Jordan said...

Happy new year. I am delighted to see you up and running, just between you and me, you got me worried. Jim Morrison was wrong, this is not the end..... Stay safe and healthy, old chap.

Anonymous said...

Yep. No ideas but welcome back anyway! You’re a bit of a warhorse! Xx

THE said...

The passengers were reacting to the action of the terrorists at the time and place of occurrence. There was no thinking about extenuating circumstances. Look how long it took you, Paterick.

THE said...

Although, on second thought, the Wikipedia page about this recounts some curious details. I know, anyone can edit Wikipedia, but generally it's a reasonably fair site to start, then check the citations for veracity.

Story goes, that immediately prior to crashing, lead hijacker and pilot, Ziad Samir Jarrah, kept yelling, "Give it to me!" Then the plane crashed upside-down.

Here's what bugs me about that. A friend of mine, a former NASA astronaut trainee, and P3 flight engineer, told me that the crash into the Pentagon could not have been an airliner for a number of reasons. One of which is that at the speed of the impact, a plane with wings that large produce too, much lift to hold position in such close relationship to the ground. Point being that an upside-down plane would have zero lift. Would Todd Beamer or any other passenger involved, have been aware of or considered that fact?

As an aside, the hole in the Pentagon was too, small to be an airliner, and there was insufficient rubble in remains.

Kibitzer said...

Would the terrorists have deliberately flown the plane upside-down, from so far away, in order to prevent lift from keeping them at too, high an altitude to hit the Capital Building? Was the pilot strapped into his seat, flying upside-down, or would he have been standing right side up, on the ceiling?

Jim Davis said...

...what did they think would happen if they killed all the hijackers ?

They would have thwarted the hijackers' plans. That's not the worst way to spend the last few minutes of your life. True, their chances of survival would only have improved from 0 to 0.1% but it was the only chance they had.

...why did the hijackers take the plane down in open country?

Because that's where they were when the passengers were about to break into the cockpit. If they couldn't crash into the Capitol they could at least kill everyone on board.

Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

The website Pittsburgh Live covered the missile shoot-down of the plane by an unmarked white military style jet at the time; the stories were gone and never to return within days.

2% said...

Hello again Expat,

Hope you're keeping well in these extraordinary times.

Not too sure about UA93, but didn't think there was an actual plane, (rather, the remains of one) at the supposed crash site.

On a closely related subject, a while back (since COVID ("666") perhaps?), I came to fully understand why the WTC buildings did not fall as the result of passenger jet plane impacts and/or fires.

It all comes down to one word: Freefall.

Once you really know and understand what freefall fully means, you'll know that the collapses could not have occurred as they did without some very real "help".

In the words of experts, they were controlled demolitions.

Bill D. said...

Here's something even more "interesting".

Does anyone TRULY believe that a woman's son would call her and leave a message that says, as Flight 93 passenger Mark Bingham supposedly did, introducing himself to his mother on the phone as, “This is your son, Mark Bingham,” like all good sons do.

I mean, EVERY TIME I call and leave a message for MY Mom, I ALWAYS use my FIRST AND LAST name. It's only polite, after all. It's not like she would recognize my voice, or speaking cadence, and I do have two brothers... although we do have the same last name -- and different first names.


That is SO beyond belief, and Beyond the Pale, that it defies minimal intelligence. It is basically a whistleblower event. (or one of the worst screw ups in the History of the World) But, of course, people just accept it and don't want to think about it.

There is absolutely NO WAY that 9/11, after all, could have been a False Flag event PERPetrated by nefarious people inside and outside of our government.


DD4SKYART said...

My recollection is there was a pilot among the passengers, he was however badly stabbed during the effort to break into the cockpit.

Alasdair said...
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expat said...

Alasdair: Your comment is disallowed as irrelevant