Saturday, August 8, 2020

Open letter to Sean David Morton

Dear Federal inmate 1708301081: 
         I'm responding to your two August blog posts, published by your friend Kerry Cassidy (who you swindled out of $116,000) .

        You complain that you were denied an attorney for the sentencing phase of your trial. Yes, the transcript confirms that. However, the following transcript from 4th April 2019 shows WHY you were.
«DEFENDANT: I knowing and unequivocally wish to represent myself.
THE COURT: I'm sure Ms. Cader has described to you the pitfalls of doing that, haven't you, Ms. Cader?
MS. CADER: Yes, Your Honor.
THE COURT: The case has more than the ordinary complexity for a criminal case. If you're not trained in the law, you'll be up against a prosecutor who is. There are Rules of Evidence that have to be observed, and you may find yourself unable to present your defense effectively because of your lack of knowledge and experience in laying a foundation and presenting evidence. Likewise, you may be at a lost [sic] to prevent evidence that shouldn't be admitted by the government. The trial is an exercise that requires experience and skill, and I can't tell you -- at least in my view -- how foolish your decision is. On the other hand, I can't prevent you from even making a foolish decision.
DEFENDANT: I understand all that, sir.
THE COURT: That is still your wish?
DEFENDANT: Yes, it is.»
        I remind you that your plea to be allowed to change your mind came at the very end of the sentencing hearing, when you finally realized what a bloody idiot you had been to decline counsel in the first place. The judge was absolutely correct in denying your late request, since counsel would not, at that point, have been able to do anything to forestall sentencing.

You wrote:
« [I] am convicted of a KLEIN CONSPIRACY, which means that I single handedly shut down the [sic] ALL of the working functions of the IRS and US FED GOV…»
      No, 1708301081, that is not what that means. It simply means that you conspired (with two tax preparers) to defraud the Federal Government.

You wrote:
« I have spent 3 years now in the federal gulag for having a CPA do my taxes, my getting a LEGAL AND LAWFUL RETURN, and then trying to HELP PEOPLE that were being crushed by the banks and the criminal debt system. »

        No,  1708301081, your tax returns for the years 2005-2008 were not LEGAL nor were they LAWFUL. Over a year ago prosecutors Hanna, Aull, Makarewicz and Hughes wrote this:
« In total, defendant submitted returns for the years 2005 through 2008 claiming refunds of $3,930,811 (2005 - $136,077; 2006 - $1,560,634; 2007 - $1,754,594; 2008 - $479,506). The tax returns were all completely false. ... [N]o withholding payments were ever made to the IRS on their behalf. The Forms 1099-OID submitted by defendants were also utter fabrications, and had never been issued to defendants by the listed financial institutions.
Of the five false tax returns submitted by defendants in March/April of 2009, four were caught by the IRS and identified as frivolous, thus resulting in the denial of defendants’ claimed refunds.  However, defendant’s 2008 income tax return slipped through the IRS review process and resulted in a refund.  On April 17, 2009, the IRS direct deposited $480,322.55 into a joint bank account held by defendants with Bank of America.»
        It avails you nothing to claim that the conspiracy was between your two tax preparers alone, and that you were no part of the conspiracy. Those documents carried your signature and you are legally responsible for them. By these actions and subsequent ones you were not trying to HELP PEOPLE. In fact, you were trying — and succeeding — to swindle people who invested with you. Six million dollars, wasn't it?

        Once again I suggest that you STFU, contemplate your own life of fraud, and serve your time.



Erickson said...

Although I doubt he will heed your advice, it seems he has little choice but to serve his time . . . followed by endless podcasts and media appearances upon his release.

Crutch Clargo said...

Well...not a peep out of Sean for 2 months, now that is a rarity. I do wonder if his self diagnosed cancer has overtaken him or if perhaps the BOP have curtailed his internet access? Maybe the BOP are put out a bit with SDM claims of BOP abuse?